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Booking information

The booking process

Making an enquiry

Planning your sailing holiday in Greece or further afield couldn't be easier. At Poseidon Charters we pride ourselves on our detailed advice and quality services. The easiest way to make an initial enquiry regarding a bareboat yacht charter, crewed yacht, flotilla, cabin charter or mini-cruise is to send us a booking enquiry.

What happens next?

Within 48 hours of receiving your details we will send a full quotation by email. If we need more information to quote on your request, we will contact you by phone or email to clarify.

Please respond within 24 hours of receiving our quotation to ensure that the quoted yacht or trip can be held for you at that price. When you confirm we will:

  • send you an invoice by email that you need to sign and return
  • require a 50% deposit within 10 days to secure your booking

Trip balance payments are indicated on your invoice and are due 8 weeks prior to departure. If we do not receive your balance payment we will send a reminder.

How to pay for your trip

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Bank wire transfer, available in USD$, CAD$ and Euro
  • Check in USD$ or CAD$
  • Credit cards: USD$ and CAD$ currencies for Visa and Mastercard (surcharge may apply)
  • American express USD$ and CAD$ (surcharge may apply)


Shortly after you have paid a deposit, you will be sent personalized trip documentation. Dependant on your booking this will include some or all of the following documents:

  • booking documents (travel voucher, boarding information, terms and conditions of third party operators) for cabin charters and mini-cruises
  • liability waiver – needs to be signed and returned*
  • sailing resume – needs to be completed and returned*
  • yacht charter contract - needs to be signed and returned
  • crew list - needs to be completed and returned*
  • provisioning information

*If you are booking our Aegean or Croatian trips, you will be able to complete these forms using our online documents.

Liability waiver

As a result of the adventurous nature of some of our trips, guests aboard Poseidon Charters cabin charters will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to departure.

Online documents

As part of your booking confirmation you will have been sent links to the following documents. Please refer to your confirmation documents to confirm which documents are required for the completion of your booking.

Complete by clicking the following:

Terms and conditions


Operator: owner or organisation responsible for the delivery of the sailing holiday or yacht/vessel

Agent: representative for a third party Operator who promotes and reserves services for the Customer

Customer: all persons named on a booking

Contract: Terms and Conditions accepted by the Customer upon confirmation of booking

Confirmation of Booking: signed invoice and/or signed Booking Documents and receipt of deposit from the Customer

Booking Documents: Third party yacht contracts and terms and conditions provided on behalf of a third party Owner/Operator of yacht or vessel/tour. 

Fit for purpose: deemed in safe, working order and operates as designed to do so

The Contract

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they are your Contract between Poseidon Charters and you the Customer.

Upon Confirmation of Booking, the Customer agrees and is bound to these Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions affect Customer rights as they outline limitations of liability, the cancellation policy, as well as other related trip details. Terms and Conditions govern the outcome of all complaints and disputes.

Travel cancellation and medical insurance

It is essential to purchase insurance to protect from unforseen events. It is the Customer's responsibility to purchase sufficient travel cancellation insurance for their trip to protect them from cancellation and/or changes that result but are not limited to, flight cancellation, trip interruption, lost luggage, sickness, accidents, deaths, emergencies and travel advisories. If Customers do not purchase insurance they are at risk and Poseidon Charters does not assume any liability and will not make any refund beyond its cancellation policy and no refunds will be offered for any reason, even in the case of a mandatory evacuation and/or inclement weather.  

It is essential to purchase medical travel insurance to protect from unforseen events.  It is the Customer's responsibility to purchase sufficient medical insurance for their trip to cover any medical expenses, for illness and accidents resulting in injury, disability or loss of life.  Hospitals and clinics in some countries have been known to refuse to treat patients who become ill or who have had an accident and who do not have adequate travel health insurance or the money to pay their bills. 

It is the Customer's responsibility to check the Travel Advice and Advisories twice, once when planning a trip and again shortly before leaving. If a Travel Advisory is issued for a destination, after travel arrangements are made but before or during a trip, it may affect travel insurance or trigger trip cancellation insurance. It is important for the Customer to understand any terms and conditions in the policy in regard to travel advice and advisories.

Some insurance companies will not honour medical claims made for injuries suffered in a country for which an official travel advisory is in place.  Coverage for injuries resulting from war may also be limited. Insurance policies often have exclusion clauses stipulating regions and/or activities that will not be covered.

Regardless of how travel insurance is obtained, it is very important that the Customer understands the eligibility requirements, terms and conditions, limitations, restrictions and exclusions of the policy.

Pricing and Payment

Prices are quoted in Euro, USD. Upon agreem but will be invoiced in CAD for Canadian customers, USD for customers from the United States. Prices are per person based on yacht rates or on cabin double or single occupancy rates unless otherwise stated. We accept payment by cheque, credit card and wire transfer for all sailing holidays in the currencies of CAD and USD. Poseidon Charters uses Western Union for currency conversion rates. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Website exchange rates are given as an example and current exchange rates will be converted on day of invoicing. Departure dates are subject to availability and advertised website rates may change at any time based upon the number of bookings received. Deposit payments are to be received by special offer end date as confirmation of booking at special pricing. A booking is confirmed when a deposit payment is received and at that time no further discounts will be offered. All cancellations are to be received in writing and are subject to Poseidon Charters cancellation policy below.


Customers should make reservations as early as possible to ensure availability. Bookings are accepted up to departure date if availability exists. Reservations are not considered as confirmed until deposit payment is received. 

Poseidon Charters' responsibility as the Agent

When Poseidon Charters is acting as the Agent for third party Operators such as ship owners and operators, hoteliers or contractors providing transportation, accommodation and other services; additional Booking Documents may be issued. In addition to Poseidon Charters payment terms, the Customer is bound by the Terms and Conditions or Contract of third party companies, operators, owners or contractors. Poseidon Charters shall not be held liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or any change arising from services provided by third party companies, operators, owners or contractors.

Poseidon Charters' responsibility as the Operator

Poseidon Charters as the Operator agrees to deliver its Aegean and Croatian and Adventure tours in line with the way they are advertised with respect to accommodation in either double or single cabin with private or shared washroom; provision of breakfast, lunch and beverages as well as trip guidance from crew. Poseidon Charters Adventure tours will be delivered on yachts that are Fit for Purpose, as defined in any online or printed marketing materials; have appropriately trained crew in line with local regulations and have the required marine safety equipment onboard. If a substantial part of a confirmed trip is changed when underway, for reasons other than Force Majeure, Poseidon Charters will provide comparable arrangements for the remainder of the trip. In the rare instance that comparable arrangements cannot be made within 48 hours and the trip has to be terminated, compensation will be calculated on a pro rata daily basis of the Customers specific tour cost. When booking, it is not possible to specify a particular yacht or crew and an alternative sailing vessel, cabin, crew or changes to the proposed itinerary do not constitute a substantial change to the contracted trip. Where substantial changes or cancellation occurs, which is beyond Poseidon Charters' control due to Force Majeure, or other similar circumstances, Poseidon Charters will not be held liable. 

Force Majeure

Poseidon Charters is not liable for failure to perform it's obligations as an Operator or Agent if such failure is as a result of Force Majeure which are considered as Acts of God including changes in weather, earthquake, fire, flood, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster; or non natural disasters including war, invasion, foreign hostilities, civil war, revolution, terrorist activities, government sanction, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service.

Risk liability

The Customer acknowledges that any form of travel aboard a vessel on the sea may involve personal risk. Poseidon Charters as the Operator guarantees that all yachts used in the delivery of it's Adventure tours are Fit for Purpose; have appropriately trained crew in line with local regulations; have the required marine safety equipment onboard and Customers receive safety information either in advance or upon boarding. Outside of these guarantees, the Customer accepts all potential risk and does hereby release Poseidon Charters from all liability and legal action associated with any and all damages, including but not limited to personal injury including physical and mental suffering or death which may occur during travel. Prior to trip commencement, the Customer may be asked to sign a waiver.

Poseidon Charters operating as the Agent does so in good faith entrusting third party Operators to provide the same Fit for Purpose vessels; appropriately trained crew and marine safety equipment, however Poseidon Charters cannot be held responsible should third party Operators fail to do so.

Payment terms

Poseidon Charters will issue an invoice to the Customer that the Customer must sign and return with a minimum of 50% deposit. Deposits are to be paid within 5 days to secure any booking.

Poseidon Charters requires 50% final balance payment 8 weeks prior to departure. If payment is not paid 8 weeks prior to departure, Poseidon Charters will send a reminder. Final payment dates may be in advance of third party Operator terms, this is to ensure that Poseidon Charters complies with third party operator payment policies.

If a booking is made within 8 weeks of departure, the full balance is required.

Accepted methods of payment and charges

  • Bank wire transfer, please contact us for our bank details
  • Check in USD or CAD $
  • Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard (surcharge may apply)
  • American express CAD$ only (surcharge may apply)

Customer Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation by the Customer, Poseidon Charters reserves the right to levy cancellation fees to the Customer as follows:

  • upon booking up to 121 days prior to embarkation - $300 administration fee
  • 120 to 61 days prior to embarkation date - 50%
  • 60 days and less prior to embarkation date - 100%
  • No show - 100%
  • If third party Operator Booking Documents such as Yacht Charter Contract have been supplied at time of reservation, Operator cancellation terms of contract plus the Poseidon Charters administration fee of $300 will be applied.
  • All cancellations must be made by the Customer in writing by email or fax and will only be considered as cancelled upon receipt of acknowledgement from Poseidon Charters.
  • If no notice of cancellation is received then the Customer will be subject to Poseidon Charters' Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation by Poseidon Charters as the Operator

Once a deposit is received your booking is a confirmed departure, however in the unlikely event of cancellation Poseidon Charters as the Operator of the Aegean and Croatian Adventures will not do so less than 60 days prior to departure except under Force Majeure or extraordinary circumstances outside its control.

When a trip is cancelled by Poseidon Charters prior to the contracted departure date for any reason other than Force Majeure, the Customer can either:

  • accept an equivalent trip if Poseidon Charters is able to offer an alternative
  • receive a full refund of the cost of the Customers specific tour cost

Poseidon Charters is not responsible for any additional expenses or losses that the Customer may incur as a result of the cancelled booking such as but not limited to, hotel fees, non refundable transportation costs, travel documentation, loss of salary, time or enjoyment and all other expenses pertaining to the Customer's trip.

Cancellation by Poseidon Charters as the Agent of third party Operators

The Customer is bound by the supplementary Yacht Charter Contract or Terms and Conditions of third party Operators. Poseidon Charters shall not be held liable for any cancellation or change by third party Operators.


Name and date changes are permitted subject to a $300 administration fee on all Poseidon Charters' operated trips. Any date changes are also subject to changes in cabin rates if changed departure date is not in the same departure year. Special offers will not be applied to a different departure year. A $300 administration fee will be charged for changes to third party Operator bookings, these changes are also subject to third party Operator Terms and Conditions.

Personal property

The Customer acknowledges that personal belongings are their own responsibility during travel. The Customer must ensure that personal property is stored safely in their cabin at all times. Should personal items remain in the social and public areas of the yacht, Poseidon Charters reserves the right to remove any property without prior permission. When participating in adventurous activities such as, but not limited to, sailing, land excursions and water sports activities the Customer assumes all responsibility for their personal belongings and hereby releases Poseidon Charters from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages to personal belongings.

The Customer must not bring on board the yacht any goods or articles of an inflammable or dangerous nature nor any controlled or prohibited substance.

Inappropriate behavior

The decisions of the Crew operating the trip will be final especially on matters related to the safety and peaceful enjoyment of all Customers on the trip. By booking an Adventure tour with Poseidon Charters, the Customer agrees to abide at all times to the authority of the Crew and not to undermine them or create mutinous conditions. If in the opinion of the Crew, the Customer's behavior is disrupting the peaceable enjoyment of the trip or causing danger, distress, or annoyance to Crew and/or other guests; such as but not limited to, excessive alcohol consumption, noisy or argumentative or abusive behavior or political, sexual, religious and racial slurs; Poseidon Charters may terminate the Customer's trip and the Customer will not be entitled to any refund nor contribution to costs incurred resulting from the termination of the trip. The Customer must at all times strictly comply with the local laws, customs and regulations of the country being visited and should be respectful of the environment in not causing pollution of any kind such as but not limited to rubbish pollution, noise pollution or light pollution when in small coves and bays.  Should the Customer commit any illegal offense when on the trip, Poseidon Charters may terminate the Customer's trip and the Customer will not be entitled to any refund nor contribution to costs incurred resulting from the termination of the trip. Third party Operators may have similar or alternative measures for dealing with Customers who display inappropriate behavior, Poseidon Charters is not liable or responsible for any refund nor contribution to costs incurred resulting from the termination of a third party operated trip because of inappropriate behaviour.

Local operators

Poseidon Charters may provide information to Customers regarding third party companies or suppliers of additional local services to enhance the Customer's trip. Such suppliers as but not limited to, operators of shore excursions, hotels, restaurants, shops, car/bike/motorbike hire companies, ferries, trains, doctors, hairdressers, masseuses, photographers or water sport providers. These services are provided directly to Customers and Poseidon Charters is not responsible for these goods or services provided to the Customer. Any Customer using such services or activities agrees and consents that any personal damage to the Customer or their property shall be the sole responsibility of the providers of these services or activities.

Living conditions

Living standards and practices at the destination and standards or conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in the Customers' home country. 

Medical conditions

The Customer's health and safety is paramount at all times. The Customer must inform Poseidon Charters in writing during the reservation process of any medical conditions, disabilities, pregnancy or any other physical or mental health conditions that may affect the safety or enjoyment of the Customer or other guests on the trip. Poseidon Charters may refuse to carry Customers with certain conditions and failure to notify Poseidon Charters may result in the Customer being denied travel upon arrival. Should Poseidon Charters not be aware of a medical condition and a trip has to be terminated, full cancellation fees will apply to the Customer. Some sailing trips or land excursions may be unsuitable for Customers due to physical limitations medical conditions or illness; it is the Customer's responsibility to check prior to booking and to ensure adequate medical and cancellation insurance is in place prior to departure. If physical limitations exist, the Crew are not responsible for providing additional assistance above and beyond that of the normal service levels of the tour. The standard of care and treatment at medical facilities varies in foreign countries. Poseidon Charters makes no guarantee nor is liable for any treatment or level of service Customers may receive at any overseas medical facility.

Special conditions

The Customer must notify Poseidon Charters in writing during the process of booking of any special conditions such as dietary, allergy or disability requiring special assistance. Poseidon Charters will not make any allowance for special conditions unless it is able to accommodate such conditions and has agreed to do so in advance. Poseidon Charters is not responsible if special conditions are not provided for but will do their utmost to accommodate such needs. Poseidon Charters acting as Agent will pass any special condition requests to third party Operators in advance of reservation to ensure that special conditions can be accommodated.

Cabin charter/mini-cruise itinerary changes

Poseidon Charters and it's third party Operators will endeavour to deliver all trips as per advertised program. The captain of any vessel is responsible for the ultimate safety and comfort of the vessel and its passengers. It is within the Captain's jurisdiction to change either prior to boarding or after departure the sequence of stops and ports if necessary due to inclement weather conditions, high or low water levels, dock and lock schedules, technical, logistical or scheduling reasons. The Captain has the right to remove unruly passengers, quarantine the ship in case of illness and similar circumstances.

Cabin charter/mini-cruise vessel changes

When booking a cabin, the Customer is booking a cabin only not a particular vessel. While every effort will be made to ensure the vessel as advertised will be the scheduled departure vessel, on rare occasions, an alternative cabin charter yacht or mini-cruise vessel may be used based upon the number of bookings, technical malfunction, or weather. The replacement vessel will be comparable in terms of year, fittings and services, but could be larger, or smaller with different interior layout and decor. Any change of vessel will be notified in advance of departure and is changeable at anytime prior to departure.   It is not possible to request a particular crew, vessel or cabin location when booking a 'cabin' aboard any sailing or mini-cruise vessel. Cabins are booked on a first come first served basis and allocation is at the discretion of Poseidon Charters or the third party Operator.

Travel advisory

When a government issues a Travel Advisory, Poseidon Charters, where possible, will update the Customer. The final responsibility however, lies with the Customer to be up to date with current Government Travel Advisories.

Travel documents and vaccinations

It is the responsibility of the Customer to have a valid passport (passport must be valid for 6 months after the return date of the trip), visas or any other documentation and vaccinations required by the laws of the countries prior to departure. Poseidon Charters will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any Customer not having the correct documentation or vaccinations. Poseidon Charters will make no refund for disruption or loss of travel days due to missing documentation.

Discounts and special offers

For promotional purposes Poseidon Charters may offer certain departure dates at a reduced price. All discounts, special offers and reduced pricing is offered at Poseidon Charters discretion and can be withdrawn or added at any time. Reduced pricing applies to new reservations only and any bookings with a deposit paid are confirmed at the invoiced rate with any outstanding balance payments due at the invoiced rate with no further discounts applied.

Use of photography for promotional use

During the course of a Customer's trip, photos or videos may be taken by other Customers and/or Poseidon Charters or third party Operator staff. Photos or videos, taken by or sent to Poseidon Charters, may contain images of Customers that can be used by Poseidon Charters on a lifetime royalty free basis. Such images and videos will be used specifically for the purpose of marketing and advertising Poseidon Charters in both printed materials and online.

Complaints procedure

If a customer is unhappy with services provided by the Operator and wishes to launch a complaint, then the Customer, in all instances, must notify the Operator or its Agent during the trip, thus allowing the Operator sufficient chance to put right any such complaint. If the Customer does not notify the Operator or it's Agent during the trip, any subsequent compensation from the trip will be declined. If a resolution is not obtained while on the trip, the Customer must notify Poseidon Charters in writing within 28 days of the end of the trip, failure to do so will result in dismissal of claim and any investigation of complaint.

Privacy Policy

Poseidon Charters will protect your personal information as outlined in the Poseidon Charters' Privacy Policy.

Amending of Terms and Conditions

Poseidon Charters has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at anytime. The onus is on the Customer to read and review any amended Terms and Conditions on the Poseidon Charters website.

Privacy Policy

Poseidon Charters knows how important it is to keep any information we collect about you safe. How we collect your information and what we use your information for is detailed in this Privacy Policy. When you use our website you agree to accept our Privacy Policy.

Personal information we collect from you

We acquire personal details from you in the following ways:

  • while completing our online booking enquiry you give us your name, email address, state and country
  • when you make a request to receive our newsletter you give us your name, email address, province, state and country
  • when you ask us to call you back you provide your telephone number
  • if you request a quote by email, you provide us with your email address
  • if you meet us at a show or presentation, you provide us with your email address if you want us to follow up with you
  • if you pay by credit card you provide your details to us over the phone 
  • we will ask for your passport number in order to be a passenger aboard any sailing, motor or cruise vessel
  • if you complete a sailing resume, you may provide your age and interests

How we use your information

  • we keep a record of your details to complete a booking with us
  • we will use your email address for marketing purposes of Poseidon Charters only

Sharing your information

We do not share your information with any third parties except in the instance where your trip is booked via a third party operator. The amount of information we share with the third party operator will be shared under a verbal agreement of confidentiality and will only be information that is deemed necessary to complete the booking of your trip. Your credit card information will not be shared with anyone.

Using your information for marketing

Poseidon Charters sends out a newsletter 4-5 times a year with information that may be of interest to you such as special offers, new sailing programs, upcoming events and news. When you provide us with your email address and you don't opt out when completing a booking enquiry, you are giving us permission to contact you in this way.

How often we will contact you for marketing

Our newsletter will be emailed no more than 10 times a year.

If you do not want to receive our newsletter anymore, or have decided it is not of interest to you, you can opt out at any time when you receive the newsletter. You can also let us know by email or mail that you wish to unsubscribe:

Poseidon Charters
1246 Bayview Drive, Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada, K0A 3M0.

How to find out what information we store about you

At anytime, you can ask to see the personal information we have on our records about you, including any correspondence we have had with you. To collect this information for you, we charge a nominal administration fee of $20.

You can request this information by writing to:

Poseidon Charters
1246 Bayview Drive, Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada, K0A 3M0.

How do we protect your information?

All personal information we store about you will be saved securely and retained only as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose of your booking and the length of time that we are legally required to store for accounting purposes. Any information supplied to us over the internet cannot be acknowledged by us as to be 100% safe so we request that you consider this when sending us personal information.

To comply with Canadian accounting polices, we will keep any booking information we hold about you for a period of seven years. After this period your information will be securely destroyed.

Credit card security

Poseidon Charters understands the obvious concerns you have about entering your credit card online. 

We will not use your credit card details for anything other than to fulfill payment of your trip. We store your credit card information only for as long as to complete the payment process. We will ensure that:

  • all information will be kept confidential
  • at your request, we will delete any credit card details we hold
  • all credit card details are taken over the telephone and not over the internet


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We use traffic log cookies to identify which pages are being used. This helps us analyse data about webpage traffic and improve our website in order to tailor it to customer needs. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed from the system.

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Contacting us

If you have any concerns about the Poseidon Charters Privacy Policy or feel that we are not adhering to the provisions set out here, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to:

Poseidon Charters
1246 Bayview Drive, Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada, K0A 3M0.

Alternatively you can email us at


We cannot be held responsible for any information you disclose in public areas of the Poseidon Charters website such as your email address on the feedback or news sections.

Changes to this privacy policy

To improve our Privacy Policy, we may amend it at any time.

General FAQs

You'll find more trip specific FAQs on trip pages.

Can I book online?

We pride ourselves on offering you a personalized service and 'tailor' make your trip from the many yachts and cabin cruises you see on our website. By talking to you and finding out your needs we can suggest the most suitable yacht and obtain the latest pricing from the many discounts available - an online one fits all system could not offer you this service. We are proud of our service committment and our advice is free! Our secure payment online will be live shortly. 

What will the weather be like?

On our destinations pages you can find general weather information for each of our destinations.

The Med
The Caribbean
The Pacfic
Southeast Asia

What shall I pack for my trip aboard a sailing yacht or mini-cruise?

All yachts and mini-cruise cabins have limited storage space so it is best to travel with bags that can fold flat. Sport bags with wheels or a good quality backpack are best for storage purposes aboard. Our comprehensive packing list will help with the essentials for traveling. 

Which currency do I pay in?

For North American customers, payments for our sailing holidays and mini-cruises can be made in USD $, CDN $, or will be converted to these currencies at current exchange rates at time of invoicing. For our customers in Europe, payment can be made in Euro by wire transfer.

What do I do about travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you have both cancellation and medical insurance when you travel. If you are from Canada, we can organize insurance for you at competitive prices.

Where can I get my visa?

For more information about required visas, call or visit the embassy or consulate of your intended travel destination.

I want to cancel my booking what do I need to do?

At the time of booking you will have been sent an invoice outlining the cancellation conditions of your trip. All cancellations need to be sent to us in writing by e-mail or fax. You can view our terms and conditions for more details.

How will you protect my personal information?

We take data protection very seriously and you can find full details by reading our privacy policy.

Is Poseidon Charters financially secure?

Yes. Poseidon Charters became a licensed travel agency in 1998 and has been a profitable company every year since. 

What happens to my money when I pay for my trip?

When Poseidon Charters receives payments for your trips funds are deposited into intrust accounts. In the unlikely event of Poseidon Charters ever going bankrupt, your money is safe and you would get it back in full if your trip could not be delivered. We are a licensed TICO travel Agency (Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and our clients are protected by the TICO indemnity fund in the case of an operator’s/service provider’s failure to deliver. 

Is Poseidon Charters regulated?

Yes. Poseidon Charters is a registered travel agency specializing in yacht charters, adventure sailing holidays and mini-cruise tours worldwide. The travel industry in the province of Ontario, Canada is strictly regulated by TICO. We are required by law to be licensed and keep client's funds in escro or intrust acccouts. We must renew our license each year and pay the required fees and taxes or face fines of $100,000 for offering travel services without a license. Our TICO registration number is: 50023285. 

Can I book my flight through Poseidon Charters?

No. We can recommend airlines and routes, but we do not book flights for any of our trips. Airlines offer the best rates by booking directly online. 

What emergency contact number do I leave behind at home?

We will always relay emergency messages to ground staff on any of our trips. You can therefore provide friends and family with our office number: (+1) 613 832 7245.

What funds do I need to bring with me?

It is safer to travel with an ATM card rather than lots of cash and the exchange rate is generally better than buying foreign currencies at home. Traveler's checks are rarely used now. Having $100-$200 cash is always good in an emergency and can be exchanged to local currency.

Do I need an international driver's license to hire a car in Greece?

If you hiring a car on the mainland then yes you do require an international driver's lience. Once in the islands this is usually not required. 

Need advice?
Our friendly team can help, call us on 1 888 372 7245 (Toll free North America)


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