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Quick Facts

Fijian and English
Time zone
Fiji$ FJD
Departure tax
100FJD usually included in ticket price
Cruising tax
20% tourism tax

Destination: Fiji


Average air temperatures

A tropical climate maintains even temperatures throughout the year, ranging from 28°C to 31°C during the day and 18°C to 23°C at night.

Average water temperatures

A tropical climate keeps the turquoise waters warm year-round. Ranging from 23°C in July to 28°C in January.

Best time to visit

Fiji can be enjoyed year round but the best time is in the dry season, from May to October, which offers less rainfall and humidity. As a result, these six months make up the high season where airfare and accommodation rise and peak in June and July. Fiji's wet season is from November to April, with the heaviest rain falling between December and mid April with increased chances of tropical storms and cyclones increase. The eastern side of the larger islands is more lush and forested and considered the wet sides. Prevailing easterly breezes bring moist sea air that rises over the mountains and creates precipitation.

Sailing conditions

The Pacific is a vast body of water and Fiji is just a very small part. Located in the middle of the South Pacific, 3000km east of Australia and 2000km south of the equator, lies the Fijian archipelago. The 322 islands and 522 islets are set in 194,000 square kilometres of sea offer unparalleled tropical splendour.

We do not currently offer  yacht charters in Fiji.

Sailing conditions


Fiji offers calm waters surrounded by a protective chain of barrier reefs and outer islands. Mini-cruise vessels are based at the two larger islands of Viti and Vanua Levu.


Wind and sea

Fiji has a warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 32°C (90°F) to 26°C (79°F) year round. Southeast trade winds allow for the best dry weather from March to November, while the rainy season is from December to April. Cyclone season is between November and April with January and February being the most common months for severe storms. On average there are 15 cyclones per decade. The best time to visit Fiji is late April through December.


There are few marinas and yacht clubs offering berths and services ashore. There are however many anchorages, but local customs must be adhered to as outer island villagers do not take kindly to yachtsman mooring on their fishing grounds without permission. For mini cruise guests the vessels already have permission from the local islanders, so there are no issues with where the boats drop anchor.

Pacific regions operate under region A of the international navigational system - red right leaving. 

Not to miss

Yasawa Islands

Are an archipelago of 20 islands on the western side of the Fiji group. This paradise on earth offers spectacular beaches, reefs and friendly local islanders. This was the film location of the Blue Lagoon - which captures the reality of the islands in the title.

Somo Somo Straights

Are the fast moving body of water between Fiji's second and third largest islands Vanua Levu and Taveuni. The tidal currents create a unique ecosystem rich in plankton and marine creatures all the way up the food chain, making this region feature among the top ten dive sites on earth. Dive in the clearest waters you can imagine, with dramatic underwater topography, stunning biodiversity and a dizzying array of creatures both great and small. 


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