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Private luxury charter yacht

Who books a luxury crewed yacht?

A crewed yacht is a private vessel with crew that live aboard. Crewed yachts offer the highest level of luxury and standards of service with attention to the smallest details. Let the crew take you ashore with an ice bucket of champagne in the Bahamas or spoil you with a 5-course meal under the stars in the Aegean. A crewed yacht charter with your friends, family or business associates is not simply a holiday… it's an opulent experience fit for the Gods! Crewed yachts are ideal for:

  • distinguished travellers who wish to travel aboard luxury yachts with the ability to go anywhere
  • two people for an unforgettable honeymoon
  • small groups of people for corporate events
  • families for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries

Charter costs explained

It can be confusing the first time you charter a yacht as there are lots of terms and costs associated with hiring your own boat. We've created this handy summary of terms to help you understand what each cost is for.

Pricing for a crewed yacht is for the vessel with the services of the crew. In addition to the yacht fee there is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA). Typically this is 30% of the charter fee and covers the extras for the charter such as fuel and food etc.  The crew are accountable by receipt and any unused monies will be refunded at the end of the charter. 

Example figures for a 7-night charter payable on invoice in advance of charter                         
Pricing for a crewed yacht is for the vessel with the services of the crew only 15000
APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) can be up to 30% of the charter fee and is paid in advance 4500
VAT tax varies per destination but using Greece as an example 11.5% 1725
One-way fees if you collect or drop off the yacht in two locations - this varies and can be a % of the yacht fee, or a fuel fee to return the yacht  800
Costs typically covered by APA 

Food and beverages (organized in advance of arrival)


Fuels and lubricants for the vessel and tender

Port, canal, customs fees and local taxes (dependent on country)  
Transfers to and from the airport to the marina  


Costs typically not covered by APA

Any meals taken off the yacht

Gratuity for the crew. However, if there are funds left remaining at the end of the charter then this can be taken from the APA.

Hotels pre and post the charter

Preference sheet

The crew will want to make your charter the best it can be and they will not wish to bother you with these details while you are onboard. When you book a luxury yacht charter, you will be asked to complete a preference sheet. 
When you complete a preference sheet, some of the things you will be asked to complete are:
  • Flight details and hotels reserved pre and post your charter
  • Any transfers you require
  • Passport details 
  • Any special occasions while you are onboard so the crew can prepare?
  • Food allergies
  • Food preferences for breakfast: Do you like simple fair or a hot breakfast?
  • Food preferences for lunch: Do you like a salads or a hot lunch?
  • Food preferences: Vegetarian/meat/Vegan/Gluten free/ etc
  • Drink preferences: How many bottles of wine/champage/beer do you require for the charter and what type, vintage etc
  • Itinerary: Do you have any special places you wish to visit and on what dates?
  • Itinerary: Do you want to see as much as possible, or travel at a slower pace?
  • Health: Do you have any health conditions that require the taking of medications that the crew should be aware of


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