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Greece cruise: Classical Greece mini-cruise


A spacious lounge with classy seating and an American Bar leads into a dining area decorated with warm colors. Both areas offer large windows providing the most beautiful views of all destinations. The 200 m2 sundeck offers a shaded outdoor area for all day dining and a bar as well as sun chairs and loungers. The swimming platform on allows for easy access to the ship and for a wide range of sea related activities.

Cruise vessel

  • motor yacht: 55m in length
  • beam: 8.2m
  • draft: 3m
  • launched: 2003 and rebuilt in 2009
  • 25 air-conditioned cabins with en-suite washroom on upper and main decks.
  • Cabins with twin beds x 17. Cabins with double beds x 6. Cabins Triples x 2 (depending on configuration)
  • viewing porthole or window in each cabin with either double, twin or triple beds
  • sun deck with shaded area equipped with sun beds
  • interior lounge area with bar
  • dining room to accommodate all guests in one single seating
  • mini-spa with a variety of massage, facial, hair and pedicure treatments
  • snorkeling equipment
  • swimming platform at stern
  • crew 16-18
  • cruising speed: 11 knots


Cabins are located on the upper and main decks and all of them are equipped with windows. The 25 classic cabins are finished with wood paneling, bright carpets and warm fabrics creating an upscale and comfortable atmosphere. Cabins feature twin or queen sizes beds, upper deck cabins feature flexible bed configuration, flat screen TVs, music channels, mini fridge, direct dial telephone (for internal use), safe deposit boxes, hair dryer. The en suite bathrooms are finished with corian and glass. 

Category C main deck: 1 double bed. Category C cabins are located on the main deck offering large windows, an en suite bathroom with shower and elegant Corian finishing on walls and floors. The cabins are equipped with flat screen TV sets, DVD players, mini fridges, hairdryers, individually controlled A/C and safe deposit boxes.

Category B main deck: 2 twin beds or 1 double bed. Category B cabins are located on the Main Deck offering large windows, an en suite bathroom with shower and elegant Corian finishing on walls and floors. The cabins are equipped with flat screen TV sets, DVD players, mini fridges, hairdryers, individually controlled A/C and safe deposit boxes.    
Category A upper deck: 2 twin beds or 1 double bed. Category A cabins are located on the upper deck offering large windows, an en suite bathroom with shower and elegant Corian finishing on walls and floors. The cabins are equipped with flat screen TV sets, DVD players, mini fridges, hairdryers, individually controlled A/C and safe deposit boxes.   

Category P upper deck: 2 twin beds or 1 double bed. Category P cabins are located on the upper deck offering a sofa, large windows, an en suite bathroom with shower and elegant Corian finishing on walls and floors. The cabins are equipped with flat screen TV sets, DVD players, mini fridges, hairdryers, individually controlled A/C and safe deposit boxes.  

Please note: Actual accommodation may vary from images shown. Due to technical or mechanical difficulties, on rare occasions an alternative vessel may be used.

Life aboard

Life aboard a mini-cruise will have passengers from all over the world onboard who want to relax and see a new destination. Mini-cruise vessels are typically not as luxurious as the giant cruise ships due to space limitations and the number of crew onboard, so you will not find a theatre with nightly shows, a midnight buffet or a beauty salon. What you will find on board are service oriented crew who will become your friends, cabins that are comfortable and clean with sufficient storage for your luggage and a group of like minded passengers who are sociable, adventurous and enjoy exploring.

The crew

The professional crew are responsible for all operations of the vessel, sailing, cooking, cleaning, and service of all meals, drinks and snacks on board. Crew offer a wealth of knowledge, great service and make the trip an unforgettable experience. The cruise director will ensure that you are briefed each day on any excursions or sites to see while on shore.  

What happens each day?

The emphasis is on relaxation onboard, which centres around the outdoor areas as well as water and beach activities. The itinerary is created to showcase each port and shore excursions are offered for shopping or places of interest (see the detailed itinerary for more details). Some excursions are included in the price of the cruise, others are payable on board (see the inclusions on the dates and rates pages for more details). For evening entertainment, you can sit on the deck play cards or just chill with your fellow cruise passengers or enjoy the local nightlife on shore after dinner. Quite often, cruise vessels are underway overnight to arrive at the port of call early the next day. Cruise directors will ensure that all guests onboard are aware of departure times.

Swimming and snorkelling

Most days there is a chance to swim and snorkel. The advantage over much larger vessels, is that mini-cruise ships have swimming ladders and platforms that allow you access straight to the sea. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy a coffee on the sun deck and take in the view while others enjoy a dip!


From the fully equipped kitchens the cruise chefs will prepare meals that will have a regional flavour from a diverse menu. Individual dietary requirements can be catered for on request.  Breakfast is generally hot buffet style and includes:

  • fresh filter coffee
  • fruit juices
  • milk and teas (freshly brewed black tea or herbal tea assortments)
  • an assortment of cheeses
  • bacon and/or sausage
  • fruit salad
  • yoghurts
  • eggs prepared to your liking
  • fresh breads and breakfast pastries
  • honey, jams, butter, toast
  • cereals
  • local specialities

 Lunch or dinner are a fantastic mixture of hot and cold foods and include:

  • soups
  • a large variety of salads
  • sauces and dips
  • grilled meats and fish
  • shell fish
  • pastas, rices and potatoes

Every chef will also add a few of their own personal flavours to the trip!


Regular filter coffee, tea and still mineral water are included all day.  All other beverages are to be purchased from the onboard bar.

Boarding location

Athens: Marina Zea

Your vessel will be available to board at 14:00.

Athens International airport is at Spata, a 40 minute taxi ride from the marina and central Athens. Marina Zea is situated to the side of Piraeus port, 10km (6.2 miles) away from Athens. The docking area is Plateia Alexandras (Pasaliman) and the closest street address is Akth Kountouriotou 1. 

By taxi
Airport to downtown: Yellow taxis can be found lined up at the airport. Taxis take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get downtown based on traffic. It costs approximately 50-60 Euros one-way per taxi.  They are smaller European vehicles and only have room for three passengers and baggage. Drivers may charge a baggage fee that is approx. Euro 3. Taxi from Athens city centre in order to reach Marina Zeas. 
Airport to Marina Zea: 
Taxis take approximately 1 hour and costs approximately 60-70 Euros one-way per taxi.  

By bus
Airport to downtown: Bus number X95 travels from the airport every 30 minutes making 8 stops (including the Hilton) and then terminates downtown at Syntagma/Constitution Square. It is air-conditioned and costs approx. 5 Euros. Syntagma Square is a short distance to most hotels but a taxi may be advisable at this point. Plaka hotels are within walking distance from Syntagma if you do not have too much baggage. 

Airport to Piraeus Port: Bus number X96 runs every 30 minutes south from Athens airport to Piraeus Port along the coast and costs approximately 5 Euros. Upon arrival at Piraeus you can take a taxi to Marina Zea or walk (approximatley 2km).

Mini-cruise FAQ's

Is a mini-cruise for me?

A mini-cruise is a great way to experience the culture of a country and see many coves, beaches and small harbors that larger vessels are unable to enter. You are onboard with up to 50 other passengers so they are more intimate than larger cruise vessels and offer less services than a larger cruise ship. 

How physically fit do I have to be? 

You are required to climb off and on the vessel by gangplank and down a ladder into the sea for swimming. The vessels do not have elevators and have stairs to access lower decks, this requires some dexterity but generally if you can walk unassisted then this is not an issue. 

What are the vessels like?

All mini-cruise ships vary depenent on if they are motor vessels or motor sailors. The one thing they have in common is that they have under 80 passengers. The vessels typically have two or three decks and have one main restaurant and a sun deck. 

Am I considered crew?

No...all the mini-cruises have crew onboard. 

I want luxury is a mini-cruise considered a luxury vacation?

Mini-cruises tend to have basic facilities with some creature comforts. They have private washrooms for each cabin and there is a daily cabin service. Meals are a mixture of self service buffet style and table service. There is a bar to order your drinks. To avoid any dissapointment when booking a cabin, it is best to think of any type of cabin charter vacation as an adventurous vacation rather than a high-end crewed yachting experience. 

Will I get seasick?

The larger yachts used for mini-cruise charters are very stable and sail in conditions that do not upset the vast majority of guests. If you are more prone to car motion sickness, we recommend that you bring your normal medication with you. 

Are mini-cruises just for couples?

No. You will find a mix of singles, couples, groups and families. 

Will I pay a single supplement?

Yes. Full details of single supplements are outlined with the dates and pricing for each mini-cruise.

Are there children on mini-cruises.

Children are allowed aboard some mini-cruises. Please check with our office at the time of booking your trip.

Will I be with people I don't know?

Yes, unless you are booking the entire vessel for your private group. Mini-cruises are a much more intimate experience than large cruise ship holidays and you will leave having made new friends. 

Who are my traveling companions?

These tours appeal to a wide range of international travelers, most of whom share an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience new destinations.

What language will be spoken onboard?

Cruise directors are multi-lingual so it is usual for them to speak in English, French, Spanish and German. 

What if another guest behaves inappropriately?

It is vitally important that all guests enjoy their time aboard. It is very rare but if a guest demonstrates inappropriate the Captain reserves the right to terminate their trip and ask them to disembark immediately or at the next port without any applicable refund or recourse.

Can I bring alcohol aboard?

No. Each of the mini-cruises has a stocked bar where you are expected to purchase alcohol.  

What type of luggage is best to bring?

There are closets in the mini-cruise cabins but these are not as large as hotel closets. Duffle bags with wheels that fold flat or small suitcases are ideal. 

What shall I do if I have specific dietary requirements?

For any specific dietary requirements you need to advise us in writing at the time of booking giving full details so your conditions can be accommodated by the kitchen staff.

Can I do my own thing for dinner in the evening?

Many mini-cruises have inclusive meals so dinner tends to be included onboard. If you do not wish to eat with the group and the vessel is not underway then you can choose to explore and find your own restaurant.

Can my medical situation or disability be accommodated aboard a yacht?

If you have a medical problem or disability which may affect your trip, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking giving full details. If we feel your health and safety or that of other guests could be in danger or we can't accommodate your particular needs aboard, we will let you know in prior to booking. In both the tropics and Greece and Croatia is is important to understand that their may not be medical facilities on each island and a transfer may be required should a serious medical condition arise. 

Will I be able to use my CPAP machine onboard?

Yes. You will need to bring your own power supply for your cabin.

Will refrigeration be available for medicines?

Yes. There is refrigeration aboard all of our cabin charter yachts. Please request the use of this when boarding.

Will I have internet access?

Mini-cruises tend to have wifi in public areas. In some instances they will charge for the access and in some instances it is free of charge.  

What food is included?

Each of the mini-cruies varies slightly on what is included. You will find full details of what is included on the dates and pricing section of each trip.

Will there be air-conditioning on the yacht?

Mini-cruise vessels do have air-conditioning. Air-conditioning is powered by generators and in some harbours after certain times in the evening it is not permitted to run generators meaning air-conditioning will not be ran after that time. 

Is there electricity on board, how will I charge my camera batteries?

All cabins have electricty sockets onboard.

How much shall we tip the crew?

The captain and crew will work very hard throughout the trip to provide excellent service. It is customary to tip the amounts detailed on any individual charter. Tips are generally given as cash. You can choose the proportions if you would like split your tip between crew members.


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