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Trip Summary

Price from
760 EUR to 1795 EUR
Up to 18
Turkish gulet
Arrival airport
Boarding day

Turkey gulet: Turkish gulet superior

Life aboard

Life aboard a Turkish gulet has an international flavour where groups of like-minded travelers come together to share the best experience possible. Excursions are arranged for individual interests, ensuring everyone gets to do exactly what they want.

The Gulets are designed to give ultimate in space, comfort and luxury. Accommodation is aboard one of four superior Turkish Gulets with a choice of master cabin with a king-size bed, cabin with a queen-size bed, or cabins with either double or twin beds. Cabins have their own sizeable bathroom and are large and airy; each equipped with reading lights, generous storage space, air-conditioning and a private bathroom with enclosed shower and sink with vanity. 

The clever interior layout with high ceilings and wide corridors creates a spacious salon that includes a stocked bar and a sumptuous cushioned seating area surrounding a large dining table.

Gulets have the following features:

  • Cabins have private washroom with flush toilet, generous closet space, reading lights above the beds, hot and cold water, marble sink
  • 100% fine cotton linen and fluffy towels
  • orthopedic beds & pillows
  • swimming ladder and outdoor shower
  • spacious decks with sun mattresses and shaded area
  • lounge with fully stocked bar
  • ice maker
  • indoor dining facilities
  • fully equipped galley
  • snorkel water-ski equipment for all ages: windsurf board, kayaks, flotation devices, and fishing equipment
  • television with DVD player, CD player with iPod connection, speakers below and on deck, backgammon, chess, playing cards and yoga mats. 
  • free wifi connection up to 4GB
  • electricity 12-24-220V
  • free wifi

Gulet 1

  • Turkish gulet length 110ft (33.5m)
  • Turkish gulet width 26ft (7.90m)
  • 8 cabins: 1 grand master cabin with king size bed, 3 master cabins with king size bed, 1 master cabin with a queen size bed, 1 cabin with a double and twin bed and 2 cabins with twin beds
  • Passengers: 18
  • Crew: 5

Gulet 2

  • Turkish gulet length 92ft (28m)
  • Turkish gulet width 23ft (7m)
  • 7 cabins: 1 master cabin with a king size bed, 4 cabins with queen-sized beds and 2 cabins with 2 twin beds 
  • Passengers: 14
  • Crew: 4

Gulet 3

  • Turkish gulet length 82ft (25m)
  • Turkish gulet width 23ft (7m)
  • 1 master cabin with king size bed, 4 cabin with queen or single-sized beds
  • Passengers: 10
  • Crew 3

Gulet 4

  • Turkish gulet length 69ft (21m)
  • Turkish gulet width 18.9ft (5.77m)
  • 3 cabins with queen-size beds and 1 master cabin with a king-size and single bed. 
  • Passengers: 8
  • Crew: 3

 *Cabin allocations are made just before boarding, so we are not able to provide specific yacht or crew names in advance.

The crew

The professional crew are responsible for all operations of the vessel, sailing, cooking, cleaning, and service of all meals, drinks and snacks on board. The crew have many years' experience and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, and impeccable service.

What happens each day?

The emphasis is on relaxation and enjoying the experience onboard. Shore excursions are fantastic opportunities to experience sights and sites otherwise not so easily accessed. Every day there will be a chance to explore, some trips require vehicles, while others are walks or optional hikes. Guides can also be booked or the captain will ably help you explore on your own. For evening entertainment, play board games, cards and there is a library of magazines and books to peruse. A DVD library and DVD player is also on board stocked with film classics, children’s, and foreign films. The stereo system has indoor and outdoor speakers and iPod connections for even more personalized listening pleasure. 

Swimming and snorkelling

Each day there is a chance to swim and snorkel. The Med is not tropical and therefore is not a diving destination as there is very little to see underwater. However snorkelling is a great way to explore the bays and the few brightly coloured fish. Additionally, you can water ski, snorkel, kayak, or fish. Other activities can also be arranged, such as parasailing, jet skiing, paragliding, plus numerous additional water sports (at extra cost). 


All meals are included throughout the week’s voyage. From the fully equipped galley your skilled chef, whose expertise ranges from haute cuisine to regional specialties, provides a diverse and mouthwatering menu. Individual dietary requirements can be catered for on request. Cuisine on board a gulet is delicious and imaginative. Seafood is served Mediterranean style, organically grown fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits of the season make even the simplest snack a treat. Breakfast generally includes:

  • fresh filter coffee
  • freshly squeezed orange juice or other fruit juices
  • milk and teas (freshly brewed black tea or herbal tea assortments)
  • an assortment of cheeses
  • eggs prepared to your liking
  • fresh bread
  • honey, jams, butter, toast
  • cereals
  • pancakes and pastries
  • local specialities

 Lunch and dinner is a fantastic mixture of hot and cold foods and includes:

  • soups
  • salads
  • sauces and dips
  • grilled meat and fish
  • shell fish
  • pastas, rices and potatoes

Soft beverages such as coffee, tea, mineral water, sodas, fresh juice are included as well as local beer. All other drinks are purchased from the fully stocked bar. A drinks menu can be provided in advance of boarding.

Boarding location


Your yacht will be available to board on Saturday at 17:00. 

Cabin charter FAQ's

Is a cabin charter for me?

A cabin charter sailing vacation is a great way to experience the culture of a country and see many coves, beaches and small harbors that larger vessels are unable to enter. A cabin charter is also a great way to make new friends - but it isn't for everyone. Factors to consider are your physical abilities and any medical conditions you may have and how well you enjoy the company of others, you are aboard a yacht which has smaller spaces than a large cruise ship.

How do I know which yacht I am on?

When you book a cabin charter, you are booking a cabin, not a specific yacht or crew. The price paid, includes a cabin on a yacht, meals and services of the crew. Information provided upon booking will detail the type of yacht, ie a monohull or a catamaran yacht and the approximate size of the yacht, ie 47-60ft catamaran. Some of the trips are aboard very large catamarans, if prior to departure, all the cabins do not get booked, then a smaller catamaran could be used in that size range. This will not affect the cabin type, meals, services or itinerary. 

How physically fit do I have to be? 

Sailing holidays do not require you to have a high level of physical fitness and are suitable for any age. However, a moving boat requires you to be steady on your feet and relatively agile. Some cabin charters require that you are able to climb off and on the yacht by ladder into the sea for swimming and to access the shore by dinghy. This requires some strength and dexterity.

What are the yachts like?

All yachts used for cabin charters offer private cabins, washrooms, indoor and outdoor common areas and access to shore via means of gangplank or tender/dinghy. The yacht is your accommodation and mode of transport while on your trip. The yacht can be either a monohull or a catamaran. Some yachts are more luxurious than others dependent on the destination. Singles may have to share a washroom or pay a 50-75% single supplement. Please refer to individual cabin charter details for details of yacht. 

Am I considered crew?

You will find two or three crew on every sailing cruise yacht. The crew consists of a skipper and a hostess or cook. The crew sleeps aboard the yacht in crew quarters. Skippers are experienced sailors and qualified to ensure your safety while aboard. They are happy to share their knowledge of the destinations and willing to help you hone your skills if you want to take a more active sailing role while aboard. Hostess' are responsible for provisioning and preparing wonderful meals aboard. Your hostess provides details of what there is to see and do on each island and in some cases will guide hikes ashore. In some instances they also manage the social aspect of your trip with sunset and happy hour activities and great restaurant reservations.

I want luxury is a cabin charter a luxury vacation on a yacht?

Yachts used for cabin charters tend to have basic facilities with some creature comforts. They have private washrooms for each cabin but this can't be considered an en-suite bathroom that you would get in a hotel. The galley is basic and if the yacht is moving any meals produced will generally be cold light meals such as sandwiches or basic salads. To avoid any dissapointment when booking a cabin charter, it is best to think of any type of cabin charter sailing vacation as an adventurous vactation rather than a high-end crewed yachting experience. 

Do I have to get my own group together for a cabin charter?

No. You charter by the cabin, if you have a large enough group then you will have the yacht to yourself, but if there are just two of you then you will be with other cabin charter guests.

Is a cabin charter aboard a sailing yacht like a cruise ship holiday?

No. A cabin charter holiday on a sailing yacht differs from a cruise ship experience, as the number of passengers is between 8-12, while cruise ships may have thousands. Yacht cabins are generally smaller and more streamlined and storage space is more limited. Cabin charters are guided by a captain and a crew/program director, so they are much more intimate cultural experiences than cruise ships. 

I have never been aboard a yacht and can't sail will this be a problem?

No. Cabin charter holidays are relaxing adventure vacations where you can participate as much or as little as you want with the actual sailing. There are crew members aboard the yacht who are responsible for sailing the yacht, your safety and preparing meals as outlined in your particular trip.

Will I get seasick?

The larger yachts used for cabin charters are very stable and sail in conditions that do not upset the vast majority of guests. If you are more prone to car motion sickness, we recommend that you bring your normal medication with you. Skippers and crew aboard all charters offer numerous methods to help alleviate the feeling of motion sickness including starting with short sails, so guests get their sea legs the first few days, which makes all the difference.

I want to learn how to sail, will I be able to get involved?

Skippers on our cabin charters in Greece and Croatia are happy to share their knowledge and willing to help you hone your skills if you want to take a more active sailing role while aboard. Aboard the larger catamarans and Turkish gulets there is less opportunity to be actively involved due to the size of the vessels. It is important to note, that cabin charter holidays are not sailing courses. If you would like to have a more formal sailing experience then sailing courses are a great option.

Are cabin charters just for couples?

No. Cabin charters are a mix of singles, couples, groups and families. At the time of booking you can ask about the group dynamic.

Will I pay a single supplement?

On some of our cabin charters single accommodation is available with no single supplement if you share a washroom. Where there are only double cabins aboard, you will pay a single supplement. Full details of single supplements are outlined with the dates and pricing for each cabin charter.

Are there children on a cabin charter holiday?

Children are allowed aboard some of our cabin charters but not all. Please check with our office at the time of booking your trip.

Is there an age restriction for a cabin charter sailing holiday?

No. As long as you are physically active we do not put an upper age limit on our trips. If you are under 18, you will need to be escorted by a parent or guardian.

Will I be with people I don't know?

Yes, unless you are booking the entire yacht for your private group. Crew members aboard all cabin charters are experienced at creating a good group dynamic and creating a relaxed and fun environment for everyone to feel comfortable aboard. Cabin charters are a much more intimate experience than cruise ship holidays and you will leave having made new friends. Where possible, passengers with similar interests and of similar age will be grouped together.

Who are my traveling companions?

For privacy reasons we cannot provide you with the names of your traveling companions. However, in some cases we can let you know the ages, interests, background and expectations of other cabin charter guests who fill in their resumé. These tours appeal to a wide range of travelers, most of whom share an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience new destinations.

What if another guest behaves inappropriately?

It is vitally important to us that all guests enjoy their time aboard. When booking a cabin charter, you are reserving a cabin aboard a yacht, not the whole yacht so there are a few guidelines that all guests are advised to follow.  It is very rare but if a guest demonstrates inappropriate behavior that goes against the guidelines provided and their behaviour is considered to disrespectful to any other guest, skipper or crew, the skipper reserves the right to terminate their trip and ask them to disembark immediately or at the next port without any applicable refund or recourse.

Can I bring alcohol aboard?

Each of the cabin charters vary with what alcohol they supply, some offer wine with dinner and others for welcome drinks only. Your invoice and boarding information will detail your chosen cabin charter. In general you purchase your own alcohol either from the stocked bar onboard or you can bring your own provisions onboard that you purchase.  

What type of luggage is best to bring?

Quite often bags need to be stored underneath the mattress in cabins so duffle bags with wheels that fold flat are ideal. 

What shall I do if I have specific dietary requirements?

For any specific dietary requirements you need to advise us in writing at the time of booking giving full details. We will try our best to accommodate your dietary requirements. If we are unable to properly accommodate your particular needs, we will let you know in advance. In general, in both the tropics and Greece and Croatia, gluten or lactose free products are quite limited. 

Can I do my own thing for dinner in the evening?

Many of our cabin charters include all inclusive meals so dinner tends to be included aboard. Cabin charters in the Mediterranean tend to arrange for dinner ashore at carefully selected local restaurants in order to try fantastic Mediterranean gastronomy. If you do not wish to eat with the group at these restaurants, you can choose to explore and find your own restaurant.

Can my medical situation or disability be accommodated aboard a yacht?

If you have a medical problem or disability which may affect your trip, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking giving full details. If we feel your health and safety or that of other guests could be in danger or we can't accommodate your particular needs aboard, we will let you know in prior to booking. In both the tropics and Greece and Croatia is is important to understand that their may not be medical facilities on each island and a transfer may be required shoudl a serious medical condition arise. 

Will I be able to use my CPAP machine onboard?

Yes. You will need to bring your own power supply for your cabin or alternatively ensure that you have a 12v (cigarette lighter) adaptor with a 10-12ft extension cord to access the 12v power from the navigation station of the vessels.

Will refrigeration be available for medicines?

Yes. There is refrigeration aboard all of our cabin charter yachts. Please request the use of this when boarding.

Will I have internet access?

Most yachts do not have their own internet access. In most cases coffee shops and restaurants on shore have internet access and will provide you with an access code if you buy a coffee or meal.  

What shall I pack?

All yachts have limited storage space so it is wise to travel light. Our comprehensive packing list will help with the essentials for traveling. See packing list.

Will there be a hot shower aboard?

Yes. All yachts used on our cabin charter sailing vacations will either have shore power, run the engine or generators to heat water. All washrooms have shower facilities. Fresh water showers are also available at the back of yachts for rinsing after swimming.

Do I need to bring linen and towels or a sleeping bag?

No. Yachts used for our cabin charters all have linen and towels provided.

What food is included?

Each of our cabin charters varies slightly on what is included. You will find full details of what is included on the dates and pricing section of each trip.

Will there be ice on board?

Some of our cabin charter yachts have icemakers onboard, on others ice can be purchased and stored in ice boxes. Ask your crew when you board if there are large quantities of ice always available.

How do the toilets flush on a sailing yacht?

Yachts will have either a standard marine head (manual pump handle attached to the pipes) or have a vacuum flush system (electric pump pressed by a button). Skippers will provide a briefing upon boarding to ensure that you know how to use the toilets correctly. Marine toilets only accept natural waste and anything else placed in the toilet will break the toilet.

Will there be air-conditioning on the yacht?

Some of the yachts do have air-conditioning; review the details of individual trips for more information. In European harbours in particular, generators are not allowed after 9pm so it is unlikely that air-conditioning will be ran after that time.  In the Caribbean, air-conditioning tends to run on the yachts from 8am-10pm but is turned off after that time. 

Is there electricity on board, how will I charge my devices?

All yachts have marine batteries to operate electrical equipment and most have cigarette lighter adapter for charging camera batteries and small accessories. Some yachts also have inverters, shore power cables and generators to provide electricity onboard. Most yachts will have electrical sockets in the cabin for use when the generator is on or connected to shore power.

Can I bring a hairdryer?

Skippers will accommodate the use generators for electrical sockets to be used where possible but this may not always be possible.

How much shall we tip the crew?

Your captain and crew will work very hard throughout the trip to provide excellent meals, snacks and drinks and offer great guidance - so it is customary to tip the amounts detailed on any individual charter. Tips are generally given as cash to crew. You can choose the proportions if you would like split your tip between crew members.

What are the terms and conditions of booking?

A booking is confirmed when a deposit payment is received and at that time no further discounts will be offered. Once a booking is confirmed, pricing will not change. Website pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Departure dates are subject to availability and any discounts may change based upon the number of bookings received. Deposit payments are to be received by special offer end date as confirmation of booking at special pricing. All cancellations are to be received in writing and are subject to Poseidon Charters cancellation policy.   Full terms and conditions of booking. 


Destination: Turkey

Title: Gulet in Turkey Jul 2016

Now that we are back in Scotland I just wanted to write to you to tell you what a lovely time we had on the boat and also to thank you for contacting us at the end of the cruise to check that we were OK after the coup in Turkey!

The cruise was absolutely fantastic – the food was lovely and the staff were attentive and pleasant throughout. We all enjoyed ourselves, and our teenage boy particularly enjoyed all the opportunities for swimming, the kayak, and the donut trip behind the speedboat (I am sure there is a more technical word for that). My husband didn’t enjoy that bit so much (!) but we were all agreed that it was a great holiday.


From: Sarah Pedersen

Location: Scotland

Destination: Turkey

Title: Turkish Gulet from Bodrum

Back from our Islands trip out of Bodrum. Overall it was really excellent voyage and apart from cold wind at start weather god smiled on us with cloudless skies.   Hemera was generally well maintained and cabins clean and well prepared on boarding.Crew were excellent – very friendly and helpful and checking on needs. Food was generally good standard and varied. For my taste more fish, or choice of, would have been better. Captain was very good in varying between bays for swimming R & R but also enough time in harbour for on island stuff. He checked reasonably with passengers what they wanted – we were fortunate that co-passengers were very relaxed and easy going- not always the case as I know from past. One point- while captain told us about life  jackets and there was card in cabin I feel from safety view point at least one drill in getting and putting on life jacket at start of voyage should be mandatory. So overall 9 out of 10.

From: Jack Helfenstein

Location: Switzerland

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