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Turkish Lira
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Destination: Turkey

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Average air temperatures

Temperatures in the spring months of April, May and June, range from 17-26°C. In the summer months of July, August and September you can expect temperatures to rise to 26-34°C.

Average water temperatures

Water temperatures are cooler in the spring months of April, May and June ranging from 15-24°C. In the hotter summer months of July, August and September the surface water reaches perfect swimming temperatures of 24-26°C.

Best time to visit

May through November are the warmer, drier months. May, June, July and September are the best months to visit with nice weather conditions while avoiding excessive heat and the high season crowds. The climate is hot and dry in the summers and mild to cool in the winters, which is the wet season.  Cooler and rainy times of year are between December and March. 

Sailing conditions

Turkey is a great yacht charter destination for beginner to experienced level sailors.  The best time to sail is May through October. A sailing license/certificate is required for bareboat and flotilla yacht charters. If you are on a skippered bareboat or cabin charter, you do not require any experience or certification to sail with a skipper.                                                      

Sailing conditions      
A nice cruising area with line of sight navigation and some longer passages. July through September there are larger seas and stronger northwesterly winds.      

Wind and sea

The Turkish Aegean sea is generally calm and offers wonderful light air sailing conditions May through October. However stronger winds of 20-40mph are not uncommon throughout the season with Meltem northerly winds during July, August and September.  A one-meter short chop is the typical wave height in this part of the Aegean, but three to four-meter swells can develop. Tides are minimal in the Mediterranean ranging between 20-60cm.


To allow for more yachts in the small Turkish ports, sailors do Mediterranean Mooring by dropping anchor and backing stern-to the wharf in the harbors. Some harbors feature lazy mooring lines - fixed underwater moorings with access lines on the wharf. Dropping anchor off shore may be done if it is not too deep to be safely anchored. A typical Turkish Mooring is to add a stern line to shore that prevents swinging. Read more about Med Mooring on our yacht charter information pages

Turkey operates under region A of the international navigational system - red right leaving.

Not to miss


Formerly called Constantinople, is the historic capitol of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and presently the 5th largest city in the world, with a population of 12.8 million. Known as the meeting point of east and west this vibrant center is famous for its industrial port, Grand Bazaar and famous mosques - the S?leymaniye Mosque and the six minaret Blue Mosque. There are also numerous spectacular palaces, built by successive Ottoman Sultans. The most notable is Topkapi Palace, which was the official home of the ruling Sultan and his large entourage of wives and servants. Many palaces are now tourist attractions open to the public and house priceless collections of porcelain, jewelry and religious relics such as a lock of Muhammad's hair and the hand of John the Baptist! Other sites include the Hippodrome where chariot races and circuses were held and the famous Hagia Sophia Basilica, built in 537AD, which was converted to a mosque in 1435 under Ottoman rule. Prior to any Turkish sailing adventure a few days exploring Istanbul is a must.


The highlight is the well-preserved castle of St Peter built between 1402-1520. Inside the castle, the Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum features items from ancient and medieval shipwrecks, most notably the Ulu Burun wreck - one of the oldest shipwrecks ever uncovered. Other interesting archaeological features are the remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. After visiting the museums, take the time to do some shopping in Bodrum's tented bazaar.

Koycegiz River mud baths

The baths are accessed by river boat from Ekincik bay. The river boats enter the fascinating Koycegiz river delta at a turtle refuge beach then follow winding channels lined with reed beds. Grey heron, king fishers, sand pipers and fresh water tortoise may be spotted along the way. Moving upriver, view numerous Lycian tombs carved out of the cliff face that date from 1200BC. The first stop on the tour is the settlement of Ancient Caunos. This site features a Greek amphitheater, Roman baths and a Crusader fort. Lunch and shopping can be enjoyed at the quaint riverside town of Dalyan. The highlight of the day however, is to immerse yourself in the sulfuric mud baths further up the river. The cool gooey mud that smells like rotten eggs is apparently therapeutic for the skin. Once you have lathered it on, the trick is to lay in the sun and let the mud dry. Large shower areas allow you to rinse off leaving your skin silky smooth for days.

Suggested sailing itinerary


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Yacht charter itinerary Turkey 14-nights: Bodrum to Gocek
Day 1

Day 1

Saturday: Bodrum

Boarding at 17:00 hrs and The first night is normally a sleep over in the marina.

Day 2

Day 2

Sunday: Bodrum | Yedi Adalari

Distances and sailing conditions: 30 miles – 5 hours. There is often a westerly blowing into the Gulf so it is a nice broad reach.

Highlights: A lovely day sailing southwest into the Gulf of Gökova Körfezi to explore the remote area known as the Yedi Adalari - a group of seven islands. Swim and explore the islands.


Day 3

Day 3  

Monday: Yedi Adalari | Amazon Creek

Distances and sailing conditions: 5 miles - 1 hour. Motor-sail east around the headland.

Highlights: After anchoring with a stern line to a tree (Turkish mooring), explore the creek by dingy which extends 1 km inland spending the afternoon ashore at the Amazon Creek campground. This off the beaten course, bohemian spot has a swimming pool and you can indulge in a stress relieving Turkish massage.

Day 4

Day 4

Tuesday: Amazon Creek | Knidos

Distances and sailing conditions: 40 miles - 6 hours. Motor sail out of the Gulf early as the wind comes up from the west by noon.

Highlights: Round the peninsula at Cape Krio arriving at ancient Knidos and drop anchor in the bay or tie up to the wooden quay. After swimming, visit the vast ruins of this ancient Greek seafaring city where excavations are on-going. Knidos was renowned in antiquity for Aphrodite, the first naked female sculpture, which scandalized the Hellenistic world. Later in the day, explore two amphitheatres, several temples, the agora or marketplace, city walls, gates and the ancient harbor.

Day 5

Day 5  

Wednesday: Knidos | Symi

Distances and sailing conditions: 23 miles – 3.5 hours. Spirited close reach with northwesterly winds.

Highlights: After a refreshing swim, lift anchor and set sail to the enchanting Greek island of Symi and moor stern-to in the narrow picturesque harbor. Turkish registered yachts must check in with port authorities and pay port fees at Symi. Festive Symi, is one of the most charming of all Greek harbor towns and has an active arts scene.

Day 6

Day 6

Thursday: Symi | Buzuk Buku | Marmaris

Distances and sailing conditions: 8 miles then 24 miles – 5.5 hours total, tacking in north Westerly winds around the headland at Karaburun.

Highlights: Arriving at this fantastic bay, hike to the impressive Crusaders citadel running across the top of the hill. There is good shopping from boat sellers who arrive with sea sponges among other traditional items. After a swim and lunch sail back to civilization stopping for some shopping, dining and nightlife in busy Marmaris.

Day 7

Day 7

Friday: Marmaris | Ekincik

Distances and sailing conditions: 18 miles – 2.5 hours close reach with north westerly winds catching the morning breeze.

Highlights: Arriving in the forested bay of Ekinçik, board a river-boat for the fascinating Koycegiz river tour. The river-boats enter the delta at a turtle refuge beach, then follow winding channels lined with reed beds – watch out for grey heron, kingfishers, sand pipers and fresh water tortoise. Stopping at the settlement of Ancient Caunos, visit a Greek amphitheater, Roman baths and a Crusader fort. Moving upriver view numerous Lycian tombs carved out of the cliff face. Eat lunch followed by shopping at the town of Dalyan and in the afternoon immerse yourself in the sulfuric mud baths – this highlight is therapeutic for both the skin and the soul.

Day 8

Day 8

Saturday: Ekincik | Wreck Bay

Distances and sailing conditions: 28 miles – 4.5 hours broad reach with north westerly winds.

Highlights: Heading for the fabulous islands and bays of the gulf of Skopea Liman, enjoy exhilarating sailing on flat water due to the area being protected by islands to the east and mainland to the west. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling on the sunken ruins of an ancient village in Wreck bay.

Day 9

Day 9

Sunday: Wreck Bay | Fethiye

Distances and sailing conditions: 12 miles – 2 hours, beam reach in northerlies on flat water.

Highlights: A lazy day spent exploring some of the picturesque inlets and bays. Wall Bay, Kapi Creek, Deep Bay, Tomb Bay, Tersane Bay and 22 Fathom Creek are all options for a lunch stop. Sailing across to Fetiye town, anchor in time to explore this larger centre.

Day 10

Day 10

Monday: Fethiye | Kalkan

Distances and sailing conditions: 38 miles – 5.5 hours, beam reach in northerly winds.

Highlights: Sailing passed Olü Deniz, stop for lunch at an 18km beach, then sail on to Kalkan town. Take a taxi or rental car and visit Patara, which has the distinction of being the birthplace of St Nicholas (western Santa Claus). Then discover the historic site of Xanthos, the ancient Lycian capitol which contains Greek, Lycian, Roman and Byzantine ruins.

Day 11

Day 11

Tuesday: Kalkan | Kas

Distances and sailing conditions: 15 miles – 2.5 hours, broad reach in northerlies.

Highlights: After sailing to Kas, see the famous amphitheater and Lycian rock-cut tombs set in the cliffs above town. Enjoy great shopping for Turkish handicrafts, woven items and souvenirs. The mountains surrounding Kas are over 3000 meters in height making this a very dramatic stop.

Day 12

Day 12

Wednesday: Kas

Spend the morning, relaxing on a beach or exploring more of Kas town. In the afternoon, visit the church and tomb of St Nicholas in the town of Myra 20 miles away by rental car or taxi.

Day 13

Day 13

Thursday: Kas | Ulu Deniz

Distances and sailing conditions: 40 miles – 6 hours, motor-sail in northerly winds.

Highlights: An early motor-sail back towards Ulu Deniz will avoid opposing winds and chop that can come up in the afternoon. Cool off with a swim stop at the northwest end of 18km beach, arriving later in the afternoon at Ulu Deniz.

Day 14

Day 14

Friday: Ulu Deniz | Gocek

Distances and sailing conditions: 20 miles – 3 hours, motor-sail in northerlies.

Highlights: Swim and walk the sandbar of Ulu Deniz in the morning, surrounded by the towering cliffs. Sail across to lush Boynuz Buku bay for lunch, then spend the afternoon exploring interesting shops in Gocek looking for bargain carpets, clothing, jewelry or souvenirs.

Day 15

Day 15


Disembark: 09:00hrs

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