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Bareboat: Sail yourself

Charter a yacht in Greece, Croatia or French Polynesia and explore at your own pace. We have sailed in all our saliing destinations so we can not only offer the right yacht, but advise on the perfect itinerary too.

Skippered charter: Book the boat and hire a professional skipper

For a relaxing sailing vacation, hire a professional skipper to be onboard with you on any of the yachts in any destination. 

Catamaran or monohull?

A catamaran has two hulls with cabins in the side hulls or pontoons. The hulls are joined together by a central large area in the middle, an exterior seated area at the back and in some cases netted trampoline areas at the front. Catamaran's are great for the fun social space but they don't sail as well and can be a little bouncy in heavier conditions. 


A monohull has one wide hull with cabins accessed from a main salon area below deck, the cabins tend to fill the front and the back of the space. Monohulls are made for great sailing and have a deep heavy keel under the water so are very stable even when healing over.

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