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Why visit Tahiti?

Why visit Tahiti?

Ia orana...expect to hear this enchanting phrase every day on a trip to French Polynesia - never has a simple 'hello' sounded so soothing! There are many reasons to visit the French Polynesian islands of Bora Bora, Raiatea and Tahiti - to name just a few.  Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the islands are remote, but definitely worth the travel time as it's a tropical paradise. What awaits you are picturesque islands with soaring volcanic peaks, remote beaches with turquoise waters inside protected lagoons brimming with a kaleidascope of fish and colourful coral.

When to visit?

There are two main seasons in French Polynesia,  the 'hi-season' which is the cooler, dryer months of April to the end of October and the 'low season' which is the hotter, wetter months of November to the end of March. You will pay more for flights, rooms or boats in the hi-season and considerably less in low season. In low season, expect to have a few heavy downpours each day but it's a great time to visit with lower costs - just remember to take a rain jacket!  The annual average temperature in Tahiti is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, or 28 degrees Celsius but the difference between the coolest, driest months and the hottest wettest months is only about 5 degrees. 

How to get there?

Flights leave LA daily and it's an 8-hour flight with the very comfortable Air Tahiti Nui airline.  Arriving in the capital of French Polynesia, Papeete, you'll be greeted with a colourful garland of fresh smelling flowers and your first Ia orana of the trip - there is no better way to arrive at a holiday destination. For most people, Papette will be just a short airport visit before taking a smaller inter-island flight over the breathtaking lagoons to arrive at your island destination.

What to see when you get there?

Bora Bora: The legends and romance associated with Bora Bora bring an almost mystical presence to the island. Part of the allure, are the towering black peaks that dominate the center of this volcanic archipelago. The emerald waters of the lagoon and the surrounding barrier reef offer a kaleidoscope of colorful fish and living corals. You will be enchanted in this majestic place and by the friendly Polynesian people in this world-class destination. Make sure to stop off at the Bora Bora yacht club or the famous restaurant of Bloody Mary's.

Raiatea: The island is located 193 km north-west from Tahiti. The island has an authentic charm thanks to its historical prosperity, its legends and sacral mountain Mount Temehani at 772 metres high. To the south of Raiatea there are beautiful waterfalls and the Faaroa river, that offers the possibility of kayaking to enjoy the unspoiled nature of this mystic island.

Huahine: Huahine is the wildest and most secretive island of the Society Islands it is composed by two islands: Huahine Nui (big Huahine) in the North and Huahine Iti (small Huahine) in the South separated by a narrow channel. Both offer a luxuriant vegetation, white sandy beaches, small coves hidden from the eyes, coral desert islets, a lagoon with turquoise colours and much diversified food and fruit-producing cultivation. A real haven of peace for recharging the batteries!

The best way to see the islands?

Being a remote island nation, French Polynesia is not the cheapest place to visit. Getting between the islands typically requires a short flight and as stunning as the views are down below, it does eat into travel time getting to and from island airports. Outside of flights, meals in restaurants can be a bit pricey due to produce imports from France but you will enjoy some of the freshest catches of the day! Having toured many of the islands, in our view the only way to explore these beautiful waters is by boat. You can always add a few nights staying at a bungalow over the water at the beginning or end of your trip. 

We love French Polynesia and we'd happily share our knowledge with you, so to find out more about boats, tours and itineraries please get in touch.

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Poseidon Charters latest newsletter

Poseidon Charters latest newsletter

Every few months we'll get in touch with Poseidon News with details of latest offers, our sailing stories from Greece and of course the sailing question/answer. Here's our latest issue and remember to sign up if you want to receive Poseidon News in the future. Click here.



Let the Greek sailing season begin

Let the Greek sailing season begin

It doesn't seem 5 minutes since we said goodbye to the 2017 sailing season and here we are already gearing up to 2018. Many yachts are already booked from many bases so that means there are great deals to be had on yachts that need to get back to their home bases in time for their next charter. When this happens, boats can be discounted up to to 30%. We've just got our first round of these boats ripe for the spring picking! Click here to view the yachts.


Pacific Sail and Power boat show

Pacific Sail and Power boat show

After 25 years in business we've sailed Greece with people from just about every State in the US, and none more so than California. Over the years we've welcomed 100's from the Golden State so we've decided to say hi in person! We'll be at the Pacific Sail and Power boat show from 19-22nd April 2018 and we're really looking forward to chatting to sailors and non-sailors alike about Greece, Croatia and French Polynesia - our top sailing destinations. Watch out for more updates soon on seminar dates. Full details of the show at this link


Please come back...Cabin charters in the BVI's are open for business

Please come back...Cabin charters in the BVI

I'ts been a tough few months for the British Virgin Islands but we are pleased to report that marinas are once again taking shape and supermarkets are back to normal with fully stocked shelves for everything you need while in the islands. Charters are getting back to normal and our partners in BVI are once again back to work with cabin charters fully operational. We've got some great last minute discounts for boarding in February and March 2018 so if the recent freezing temperatures, ice and snow have got you down then perhaps it's time to snap up one of these great deals.

20% OFF per person
Dates: 3 Mar 2018, 10 Mar 2018,  17 Mar 2018 
Standard double WAS USD2106. NOW USD1685 per person.

5% early bird discount per person.
Dates: All standard rates for bookings at least 3 months in advance. 

10% early bird discount per person.
Dates: All standard rates for bookings made at least 6 months in advance. 

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Toronto Boat Show 12-21 January 2018

Toronto Boat Show 12-21 January 2018

Being a Canadian company we never miss our chance to meet fellow Canadians as well as our close neighbours from the United States. From 12th January, we'll be at the Toronto Boat Show. The show runs from 2pm Friday 12th January to 6pm Sunday 22nd January.  We'd love you to stop by and say hi or stay a bit longer and find what our top sailing destinations have to offer. 

Whether you're planning a yacht charter, flotilla, crewed yacht or cabin charter you might want to plan your visit around the seminars.  Our very own Captain Steven Parry will talk about the highlights of sailing Greece, Croatia and French Polynesia and the different options available.  

Saturday Jan 13th @ 3:00pm (Presentation Theatre).
Saturday Jan 20th @ 12:30pm (Salon 107).

Click here to visit the show website. 


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