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French Polynesia
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Destination: Tahiti

Sailing conditions

The Pacific is a vast body of water and French Polynesia just a very small part. French Polynesia is a great yacht charter destination for beginner to experienced level sailors. A sailing license/certificate is not required for bareboat charter but you will be asked to provide a sailing resume. If you are on a skippered bareboat or cabin charter, you do not require any experience or certification to sail with a skipper.

Sailing conditions

French Polynesia

French Polynesia offers smooth seas, and line of sight navigation. Care is needed to navigate through the many reefs an channel markers.

Wind and sea

Tahiti and Bora Bora: Has prevailing warm trade winds that are easterly between 15-20mph throughout the year, guaranteeing nice sailing on calm seas within the lagoons and spirited sails on the open-water passages. Inside the lagoons navigation is line of sight, but care is needed for shallow reefs. The tidal range is insignificant at less than a half meter.


French Polynesia provides well-organized marinas offering berths and services ashore. There are many anchorages - in order to protect the marine environment from anchors, in some areas there are mooring balls provided by the local authorities designed for different sized yachts. Sailors can tie off to the mooring ball and make payment to a local representative. In other cases, private charter companies have installed mooring balls for their charter guests.

Pacific regions operate under region A of the international navigational system - red right leaving.

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