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Beaufort wind scale

The Beaufort wind force scale was devised in 1805 by British Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort. Initially the scale did not reference wind speed numbers but related to effects on the sails. After many years of evolution the scale is now an excellent visual guide of the wind conditions.



Probable sea state

1 1-3 Ripples
2 4-6 Small wavelets 
3 7-10 Crests begin to break 
4 11-16 Waves becoming larger, frequent white crests
5 17-21 Moderate waves, many white crests, some spray 
6 22-27 Large waves, extensive white crests and some streaks between waves
7 28-33 Sea heaps up, waves breaking white foam blown in streaks
8 34-40 Moderately high waves, crests break into spindrift, white foam
9 41-47 High waves, crests topple spray affects visibility 
10 48-55 Very high breaking waves, dense foram streaks 
11 56-63 Exceptionally high waves, large patches of foam, large amounts of spray, reduced visibility 
12 64+ Huge waves, sea is completely white with foam and spray, greatly reduced visibility 
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