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Departure tax
Cruising tax
€ 1-2 per day per person

Destination: Croatia

Yacht charter bases

Split area (Split ACI, Kastela, Zenta, Trogir ACI marinas)

Split International airport, is only 23 km away from Split town. The Split airport is actually closer to Trogir town than Split town. Saturday is best spent visiting Split town or Trogir sites before taking a short taxi ride to the marina for boarding. If you arrive early at the marina on boarding day, bags can be left with the owner/operator but you will not officially be able to board until 17:00. Upon arrival at allocated marina, report to your yacht operator's office. 

By taxi
Airport to Split town:Taxis can be found lined up at the airport and take about 30 minutes to get to Split town It costs approximately 40 Euros one-way per taxi. 

By bus 
Airport to Split town or Trogir: 
Upon arrival at Split airport exit the building where shuttle buses are available for either Trogir or Split town. Split ACI Marina, Kastela Marina and Marina Zenta are a short taxi ride from Split town. 



Boarding in Dubrovnik ACI Marina

ACI Marina Dubrovnik lies near Komolac, about 2 km from the entrance to the port of Gruž and 6 km from the old city. 

By taxi
Taxis can be found lined up at the airport and take about 45 minutes to get to Dubrovnik ACI Marina town. It costs approximately 50 Euros one-way per taxi.

By bus
Airport to Old Town Dubrovnik: Upon arrival at Dubrovnik airport exit the building and the airport shuttle bus is parked alongside the building. Tickets are bought on the bus and the cost of the airport transfer is approximately 5 Euros. The shuttle stops at Pile Gate in front of Old Town Dubrovnik where you want to disembark.

Old Town Dubrovnik to ACI Dubrovnik Marina: Just outside of Pile Gate you can purchase tickets for bus numbers 1A or 1B and get off at stop in Komolac (just after the INA gas pump).

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