Destination: The Mediterranean

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed they received the Mediterranean as a gift from the Gods. The Mediterranean was named the sea in the middle of land - medi  terra.  It is a salty sea at 3.8% and a cooler one as most of it lies between 35-40 degrees north of the equator. As a result is not as rich in marine life as the oceans and is therefore not the best scuba diving destination. There are no large tropical coral formations, however smaller encrustations, sponges and invertebrates that can be wonderfully colorful can be seen.  Marine life includes several types of dolphins and whales, sea turtles, sardines, mackerel, swordfish and rays may also be seen. The seas of the Mediterranean have no dangerous sharks, few harmful jellyfish or other hazards except possibly stepping on a spiny sea urchin.

Mediterranean seafood is prized around the world for its flavor. The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and is famous for its olives and capers, feta cheese, lamb, seafood and a huge range of fruit.

Croatia and Greece offer dry temperate climates, gentle landscapes filled with olive and fruit orchards and a sparkling salty sea. It is hard to resist the lure of the Mediterranean and all that this famous region has to offer. For the historian, nowhere else on earth is there such a density of archaeological and religious sites. If you prefer a more hedonistic vacation, the Mediterranean offers thousands of islands with sun drenched beaches, warm waters, famous gastronomy, shopping and nightlife.

Discover the Mediterranean and find your Garden of Eden!


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