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Destination: Croatia


Croatia has become the most sought after yacht charter destination in Europe with its 3,000 miles of spectacular Adriatic coastline and 1185 island jewels - all set right in the heart of Europe. Explore UNESCO heritage towns and wander through enchanting medieval architecture, visit pristine national parks, dine on superb seafood and celebrate some of Europe's best nightlife. See what the entire travel buzz is about…experience a sailing holiday in Croatia.

International airport

The main international airports for Croatia are in Zagreb (also known as Pleso Airport) Split (also known as Resnik Airport) and Dubrovnik (also known as Čilipi Airport).

How to get to Croatia from North America

Star Alliance partners fly from North America to Europe, Air Canada and American Airlines have regular scheduled departures. There are currently no direct flights from North America but there are good connectionns from London, Frankfurt or Munich with Air Croatia.

How to get to Croatia from Europe

If you are flying from destinations in Europe then Air Croatia or Easy Jet offer direct flights to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik from many European destinations. If flying to Zagreb connecting flights with Air Croatia operate from Zagreb to Split or Dubrovnik and vice versa many times daily.

Tourist information

Tourism information is available at airports when you arrive and by contacting the Croatian Tourism Organization prior to travel.


The crime rate is very low in Croatia but be aware of pickpockets especially in crowded subway trains or city buses. 

Travel visa, vaccinations, insurance and health

There are no travel visas or vaccinations required by North American or European visitors to Croatia. Guests traveling from outside North America or Europe or not holding valid US, Canadian or European passports, must check with their nearest Croatian Embassy/Consulate to find out if they require a visa to enter Croatia. It is advisable to check that your tetanus shot is up to date.

It is advisable to purchase medical and cancellation/interruption insurance when traveling abroad on adventurous holidays. 

Time zone

GMT +1


The Kuna and €uro are the currencies used in Croatia and it is better to get Kuna and Euro in Croatia than at home. Traveler’s checks are no longer used. The most convenient way to get Kuna funds is by using your debit card at the ATM machines located as you exit the airport, or from exchange offices at the airport. ATM cash machines are available at most stops. Credit cards can be used for shopping at most islands but are not always accepted at restaurants. The most well known are MasterCard (EuroCard) and Visa. American Express is lesser known. Services and goods can be purchased in Euro or Kuna but change will generally be given in Kuna.

Voltage aboard/ashore

Voltage on shore in Croatia is 220V, 2-pin European plug so adapters and power converters (110 ~ 220) may be required for your electronic devices. Many cameras and telephones are 110-220V compatible but check your device.  Blow dryers and hair curlers are not recommended but can be used at some ports where there is shore power.The best way to charge cell phones, electric razors and video camera batteries is in local cafes and restaurants on shore and it is a very common practice in Croatia.

Provisions, ice, laundry and showers

Provisions can be purchased at supermarkets on most all islands. Ice cubes can be found at island supermarkets and ice cream shops. Laundry service is available on some islands - it is done by the kilo and can be expensive. There are nice shore shower /washroom services for yachtsmen at the marinas of ACI Split, ACI Trogir and ACI Dubrovnik.

Telephone and internet services

There is digital phone service on all islands and calling cards are available at cigarette kiosks for between €3-20. These cards allow calling home directly from phone booths by following the prompted instructions. Wireless internet services are now available at almost all islands in restaurants and coffee shops.

Restaurant customs and gratuity

When eating in Croatia, explore very reasonable priced Italian influenced pasta and pizzeria restaurants. For large groups order the Peka or Under the Bell, these are large tender meats and fish cooked slowly with potatoes and vegetables. Seafood such as Kalamari, octopus and swordfish is inexpensive but larger white meat fish like grouper and snapper is sold by weight and can be pricey.  Ask for the exact price/weight of the fish before ordering to avoid surprises. Meals average around Euro 20–40/person but can be more depending on the order and quantity of alcohol! 


Restaurants & cafes: If not included, tip guideline is 10%-15% of the check depending on service quality (restaurants in Croatia generally include a service charge, but it is common to leave a tip).
Taxis: Tip up to 10% of the fare (recommended you book a taxi via your hotel reception and pre-negotiate taxi fares in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the journey). Tips are also given to chamber maids, hairdressers, beauticians etc. 

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