Fully Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters

Destination: Greece

Title: Luxury yacht Buena Suerte Greece 9-16 Sep 2017

Incredible sites, magnificent food, perfect weather, but nothing compared to how great it was to sail with Spiros and Christina. They made our time special. It was amazing in every way possible. As one of our friends said, “when I thought today was going to be the best day, the next day became best.” There is no doubt that the team of Spiros + Christiana this trip wouldn’t have been nearly as magical. We ate like kings, saw dolphins, turtles, we sat in hot springs, drank Tsipuro, hiked mountains, caught fish, policed the ports, sailed and did what we wanted. Christiana may be the kindest soul I have encountered and Spiros the greatest philosopher. Thank you for everything, we hope to see you again. 

It was the best possible way to celebrate my 40th birthday! Great friends, gorgeous scenery, wonderful food and truly the best crew imaginable Spiros and Christian are absolutely delightful, and we loved having them as part of this unforgetable trip. Christina is the best hostess, anticipating every request and responding with the sweetest “of course” –and she’s a great cook. The perfect package! Spiros is obviously an amazing captain – we watched a few mishaps with other boats, and realized we have the best there is guiding our boat. The Buena Suerte made a lovely floating home for this magical trip, and we are so thankful we got to experience the beauty of this country and the hospitality of Spiros and Christiana.

From: The Crane family and friends

Location: United States

Destination: Greece

Title: Crewed luxury yacht Greece on IDEA! Jun 25th 2016

We had an wonderful trip!!!!!!!  We have only good comments on the Captain and his help.... the cooking was outstanding!!!!!! The choice of the islands and the navigation time was Perfect!  The only things that could be improve is a duo-tang that included all info on each island : restaurants, things to do on the island, etc. Paper toilets not to be throw in the toilet that for us... a bit of à turn off! As for the food and alcool that we paid for.. with the fact that it is not refundable : if we knew that before: we wouldn't not order that much!!! But other wise everthing was perfect and we would re-consider to do it in a near future!!!  Either the rest of the Greek Islands, the Amafi coast or Bora Bora.... Thank you so much for this great experience

From: Sylvio Grifo

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Luxury yacht vacation aboard IDEA! June 2016.

Overall, exceptional services for an outstanding trip.  It was a trip we will remember the rest of our lives.  Alex and Konstantina, the crew were excellent as well.  Everything went as planned. THANK YOU!

From: Roland Sanchez-Medina

Location: Florida, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Luxury yacht charter July 2014

I write to express to you my sincere appreciation to you and your colleagues for the key role you played in making my quick and brief trip to the Greek Islands last July a resounding success for me and my family. 
As you recall, it was on fairly short notice that I advsied you of my need for a six-day charter so I could attend my nephew's July wedding on the Isle of Tinos in comfort and style and, at the same time, enjoy the sun and sea of the Cycaldes and get some well-deserved rest. I had been referred to you by a Canadian friend who spoke very highly of Poseidon Charters.
Once I explained to you my ideas and requirements, you and your colleagues, both here and in Greece, were quick to "get the picture" and you presented me with several interesting and appropriate options and alternatives. We decided upon a new luxury motor yacht, the Sunseeker 62 MY St George with a crew of three, perfect luxury and accommodations for my party of four, two couples in two fine luxury cabins.
The price was reasonable, you and your people did what you promised, and the Captain, sailor and cook were affable, competent and great fun to be with. They became our close friends almost overnight following our noon arival at the dock near Piraeus and there ensued a delightful odyssey of cruising, anchoring, swimming, eating, drinking and relaxing. At all times, the St George was clean and in perfect "ship shpe" and most seaworthy and comfortable. Captain Yiannis and his two able-bodied assistants could not do enough to make us happy and cater to our every whim.
Your agents in Greece were in like manner "on the ball", courteous, obliging and reliable. We found them to be people we would be very happy to deal with again. We will be back for more in the near future. 

From: David

Location: Montreal

Destination: Greece

Title: Crewed yacht Moonlight review Oct 2014

We came to Moonlight from three different States in the US (California, Texas and Oklahoma) for a cousin's reunion first discussed 30 years ago! Planning began in earnest a year and a half ago. We knew it would be a dream vacation, but we didn't anticipate how absolutely amazing it would truly be. First of all, the boat itself is remarkable from individual showers and TV's to a fully equipped kitchen, it has been beyond our wildest dreams! But even more remarkable has been the wonderful crew, Dimitris and Mary. You have been gracious, attentive and so eager to please. Thank you so much for everything, for the many, many delicious meals, we loved the night sail, dinghy excursions and chocolate souffle. We are very grateful. This has been an unforgettable adventure, and we appreciate so much everything you've done to make it so. Opa

From: Susan Tate

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Crewed yacht Annassa June 2014

We loved the Anassa.  Beautiful, beautiful boat! We loved the crew.  The captain Stelios is a deeply good man.  Very interesting.  He connected with us, looked out for us, made superb selections when the uncharacteristic wind and waves arose on a few occasions on the trip.  I would recommend he and the team strongly to anyone.  They could not have been better.  Vaya is an amazing cook.  Impossible what she is able to do in that kitchen.  Her cooking is inspired, and she really cares.  A lovely spirit.  Young Stelios is kind and very eager to please and assist.  Truly a great team. We loved the different islands we visited.  Each different, each special in their own way.  The final day could not have gone smoothly because the wind and waves made docking in the right port impossible.  Stelios tried everything, even trying to commander a vessel larger then the inflatable to take us to the right port, but the local greeks were not accommodating, so we ended up donkeying up the hill with our luggage!  Years from now that may be the strongest memory of the trip!  It was great.  Ikies was beautiful, Oia was surreal, amazing views.  If I were to move to an island I would probably pick Seifonos, but I really loved the feel and the squares in Follegrandos. If you want to chat over the phone we would be more than happy to.  Superb trip, amazing crew, spectacular islands.

From: Mike Cooney

Location: Florida, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Ce fut tout simplement fantastique

Cher Poseidon Charters... Nous sommes de retour au Québec. Dans nos bagages nous avons rapporté des souvenirs inoubliables. Ce fut tout simplement fantastique. Poros, Hydra, Antiparos, Paros et Santorini remportent la palme des sites que nous avons découverts. Le coucher à l'ancre entre Desperado et Antiparos, celui du moment marin le plus beau, le plus coloré et le plus paisible. Mme. Fotini fut une équipière des plus agréable, elle nous a fait découvrir les saveurs du pays, quel bonheur! Elle a partagé certains détails culinaires qui nous permettra de retrouver certaines saveurs à la maison, en attendant de les goûter à nouveau en Grèce. Et puis, Capitaine Atalos  a été élu par notre groupe: "Master of the sea". Il a su manoeuvré dans la petite marina d'Hydra pour s'affirmer comme le seul à ne pas nécessiter d'aide pour dénouer les ancres enchevêtrés. Et quel spectacle il a donné à Paros par temps venteux où, tel un gentil pirate, il s'est lancé à l'abordage du bateau des italiens pour les extirper de notre ancre et accoster leur bateau avec une maîtrise à couper le souffle. Cela lui a mérité une ovation des amateurs comme des connaisseurs. Je tiens à ajouter que ses compétences dépassent la navigation. Toujours calme, à l'écoute et généreux, nous aimions le revoir au petit matin. Fotini et Atalos se sont greffés à notre groupe comme si nous nous connaissions depuis toujours. Ils ont formé une paire exemplaire et je souhaite que d'autres Québécois auront le plaisir de partager la mer avec eux. Comme tu vois nous avons de merveilleux souvenirs. Nous avons été comblé par l'expérience. Encore une fois merci a Poseidon Charters pour nous avoir consacré temps et passion qui ont certainement contribué à m'inciter à me lancer dans cette aventure.

From: Les famille Fournier et Denis

Location: Montréal Quebec

Destination: Greece

Title: CNB 64, Marina ll

The entire charter experience was magical. The boat Marina II, was terrific; incredibly well built, very comfortable and FAST. Our captain, Costas, was a magician. He handled the boat beautifully and was very good about sharing the wheel with us. Maria, mate and cook, was unbelievable. Best food we had in Greece was served up by Maria on board. The weather couldn't have been better. Eight days of sunshine and moderate winds. All in all, the three couples have labeled the trip one of the best vacations we've ever had. We couldn't be happier. Thanks to Poseidon for all the good work.

From: Tony & Nancy Winch, Jim & Linda Mayer, and Mike & Ann Lyon


Destination: Turkey

Title: Turkish Gulet Charter, 5 star vessel Fortuna

The vessel was spectacular, the crew accommodating to all our request; food varieties, places to visit, change of itinerary. Poseidon International on a scale of 0-9 rated a 10! - outstanding service from a-z. From before we booked in finding the right vessel, to the preparation & itinerary planning, then the charter period itself, and all the way to the customer questionnaire.

From: Michael Rothschild & family

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Destination: Turkey

Title: Crewed charter, Turkey

First of all thanks for the pictures that we received this week. They are a nice reminder of the wonderful holiday we spent with Poseidon sailing the Turkish waters on our 63-foot ketch, 'Dragut'. The high expectations we had of the sailing trip were definitely fulfilled. You and Gary were excellent captain and crew. You took us to nice and unexpected places and you were both fun to be with. You could even handle our 6 kids on board, quite an achievement! We definitely will try to sail with you next year again. Maybe this time the Greek waters? We wish you the best until then! Best regards, Pauline, Marie-Jose, Erik and the kids

From: Erik Uis

Location: Holland

Destination: Greece

Title: Crewed yacht Rainbow II, 58ft power yacht

Hi Steve: Regarding our Greek Islands cruise, it was absolutely spectacular, definitely first class! I must admit I was slightly sceptical and not knowing what to expect and was absolutely delighted with the results!!! The crew was the best, Capt Kostas is a PRO and Popi and Tolis were superbly wonderful! Popi is the best cook in the world and we were pampered in every port! We understand that weather is out of everyone's control but despite that fact, everything was PERFECT!!

From: Jean Dorrell

Location: Florida, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Crewed yacht Moonlight

I can't express how much Moonlight, and our crew Dimitris and Mary, exceeded our expectations.  The winds all week were pretty strong so we had to take things day by day.  Still, we ended up visiting a total of 10 islands.  Dimitris was charming and so eager to please.  Mary was sweet and an extraordinary cook.  Some of our best meals were on the boat. We are here at Nostos now and they are taking good care of us too.  Thanks so much Poseidon for checking in with us and thanks so much for everything you did to make this trip extraordinary!!!!!

From: Susan Tate

Location: USA

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