Greece flotilla: 14-nights Greek flotilla

There can be many logistics involved when you choose to do a yacht charter or flotilla sailing holiday. Whether you choose to do a bareboat or a join the flotilla fun, this handy guide full of charter information should answer many of your questions. If not, then our sailing industry experts are here to help. 

Types of yacht




A catamaran has two hulls with cabins in the side hulls or pontoons. The hulls are joined together by a central large area in the middle, an exterior seated area at the back and in some cases netted trampoline areas at the front. Catamaran's are great for the fun social space but they don't sail as well and can be a little bouncy.   A monohull has one wide hull with cabins accessed from a main salon area below deck, the cabins tend to fill the front and the back of the space. Monohulls are made for great sailing and have a deep heavy keel under the water so are very stable even when healing over. 

Yacht charter costs explained

A yacht will have the basic charter rate fee but like hiring a car, there are additional mandatory costs. 

Refundable security deposit or damage waiver

All yachts require a security deposit, damage waiver payment or a combination of both to insure them while on charter. A refundable security deposit is authorized by credit card or left in cash upon arrival at the base. The amount is a deductable and any damage to the yacht will be deducted up to the total amount authorised which can be in the thousands.  A damage waiver is a non-refundable charge based on a much smaller day amount. It is charged even if no damages occur to the yacht, however it offers piece of mind that even if the yacht is a right off after damages, you will only incur that cost. Damage waiver payments can greatly reduce or eliminate the security deposit amount. Full insurance details will be provided with a quotation for any yacht.

End-cleaning or charter pack

This is a one off fee. In some instances it can be paid in advance and will have a mandatory starter pack added on which will include some basic supplies.


Is not included in yacht charter pricing. You will be given a yacht full of fuel and you will be expected to refuel upon arrival back at the base at the end of the charter. You can pay by credit card.


Fresh water is not included in a yacht charter pricing. Yacht water tanks will be full upon arrival but you will be expected to fill as you go along. You can return the yacht with empty tanks.

Transit Log

This is something charged in Croatia and Turkey and is normally paid with end cleaning either in advance or upon arrival at the base.

Tourist tax or cruising tax

This is a tax per person normally added in Croatia and Caribbean destinations. It is paid upon arrival at the base or in some instances paid in advance with the yacht price.

Optional extra costs


Some yachts include an outboard engine free of charge and for others there is an additional charge. You can expect to pay approximately 80 Euros per week in Europe. For Caribbean and other tropical destinations outboards tend to be included in the yacht price.

Skipper fees

Professional skipper fees are charged by the day and you will be expected to cover all meal costs for the skipper in addition to the daily fee. You can expect to pay around 150 Euros per day in Europe, 200 USD in the Caribbean and 240 USD in the Pacific. 

Flotilla fees

Joining a flotilla is a great idea if you enjoy and want to sail a yacht yourself but are a little unsure of the waters and the best things to see and do on land. We offer a flotilla in Greece and Croatia every other year.  The flotilla fees are added to the yacht charter fee - see more details below and at our flotilla pages.

One-way fees

In some destinations it is possible to pick up and drop off a yacht at different bases. There will be a one-way fee added to the yacht price. Yachts joining a flotilla may not be able to do a one way drop off.


Provisions are not included and all items additional to food also need to be purchased such as cleaning supplies and food condiments such as salt and pepper. In general, most marinas offer mini markets or larger supermarkets nearby. In some cases it is possible to pre-order some or all of your provisions. We will provide full provisioning details for your chosen location at the time of booking. 

Mooring and anchoring

Port fees are paid locally so not included in the charter rate. Mediterranean ports generally have yachts reverse and stern to the wharf or dock. This is known as Med mooring. There is limited anchoring off shore and few mooring balls (it is often too deep to anchor safely off shore). Some ports offer lazy lines for mooring.  In the Pacific, Caribbean and South East Asia mooring is generally by mooring ball or anchor. 

Joining a flotilla in Greece

We pride ourselves on our flotilla - the only Cycladic flotilla in Greece that we have led for over 25 years. The flotilla fee includes:

  • an expertly guided sailing tour led by lead yacht skipper and program director
  • provisioning advice throughout the tour
  • daily briefings on weather, course, swim stops and ports of call
  • VHF radio and visual contact
  • mooring and docking assistance at each port
  • shore hikes on our unique historic itinerary
  • a well-researched, gastronomic selection of local restaurants
  • social activities

Flotilla crew

Flotilla skippers or guides are responsible for leading the flotilla and ensuring your sailing vacation is fun, interesting and trouble free. They offer information about the destinations, technical support as well as help with docking procedures in harbors and anchorages. Flotilla skippers hold informative daily chart briefings, so flotilla guests can see where the lunch and swim stop options are and understand the nuances of the evening ports of call. They can also be reached for support by VHF radio while you are underway.

Flotilla hostess/program directors organize the social aspect of the flotilla and make sure everyone knows what is on the agenda each day. They may also help guests to provision, guide hikes ashore, organize the evening restaurants and help the skippers dock yachts in the afternoons. On larger flotilla lead vessels that accommodate cabin charter guests, program directors prepare and serve two meals per day.

Flotilla fees 7-nights

31-35ft monohull yacht: Euro 300
36-43ft monohull yacht: Euro 400
44+/catamaran: Euro 450

Flotilla fees 14-nights

31-35ft monohull yacht: Euro 500
36-43ft monohull yacht: Euro 650
44+/catamaran: Euro 800

The flotilla fee is a minimum fee and does not change if a yacht decides to leave the flotilla or only join for some of the itinerary. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Departure dates are subject to availability and discounts may change based upon the number of bookings received. A booking is not confirmed until a deposit payment is received and at that time no further discounts will be offered.

Not included in the cost of a yacht charter

  • skipper or crew fees
  • gratuities: for professional crew onboard or flotilla crew
  • flights and transfers
  • all land excursions, hotels, transport, car hire and meals
  • cancellation and medical insurance

Yacht inventory

What is included will vary per yacht but as a guide a charter yacht will include: dinghy/full cruising area charts and cruising guide or pilot book/navigational equipment (binoculars, hand compass and course plotting equipment)/initial full tank of water, fuel and cooking gas/VHF radio/autopilot/electric anchor windlass/wind instruments/furling or battened mainsail/furling genoa sail/bimini for cockpit shade (racing yachts have a boom awning)/transom/galley equipment (cooking and eating utensils)/standard safety equipment (navigational and first aid)/hot water/bed linen/FM radio/CD player/dodger/berthing fees at home port.

Some yachts may also include: GPS (plotter)/cabin fans/cabin reading lights/BBQ/outboard engine/snorkeling equipment/cockpit cushions/spray hood.

Sailing certification

To charter a yacht it is necessary to have experience and/or sailing certificates.

Mediterranean: to charter a yacht in the Mediterranean there must be at least one certified skipper and one experienced first mate on a charter yacht. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have a sailing license or a certificate from a recognized sailing school such as:

RYA: Royal Yachting Association / ASA: American Sailing Association / Intermediate Cruising Standard - Sail Canada / YA - Yachting Australia /ISPA - International Sail and Power Academy

The level of qualification required is a keelboat bareboat certification such as RYA day skipper, CYA Intermediate, ASA104 and you need to bring your original certificates with you. In addition to the above requirements you are required to have a VHF operator's license to charter a yacht in Croatia. Sailing resumes and powerboat operators card are not sufficient to rent a sailing yacht in the Med.

The more recognised and preferred certificate is the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) which is becoming the worldwide recognized standard with European governments and charter companies. You will need to have one of the above certificates or pass a practical exam and make an application to be issued an ICC certificate. The sailing schools listed above are able to provide the practical exam and the application for ICC. You can find out more about the ICC on the RYA's section of the ICC - International Certificate of Competence

Caribbean and the Pacific: currently you are not required to present any formal sailng certification to charter a yacht in the Caribbean or the Pacific. It is normal that you are required to complete a sailing resume only. Should it be felt that your experience is not sufficient then you may be asked to have a skipper onboard with you for the first day of your charter. 

South East Asia - Thailand: to charter a yacht in Thailand there must be at least one certified skipper. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have a sailing license or a certificate from a recognized sailing school such as:

RYA: Royal Yachting Association / ASA: American Sailing Association / Intermediate Cruising Standard - Sail Canada / YA - Yachting Australia /ISPA - International Sail and Power Academy

Pricing and invoicing

The minimum charter period is typically 7-nights in high season. In mid and low season less than 7-nights is possible. Our yacht fleet prices are shown in the currency of the charter destination. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. A booking is not confirmed until a deposit payment is received and at that time no further discounts will be offered.

As a North American company we convert to either USD or CAD for invoicing. Euro invoicing is available for European customers only. All website exchange rates are advisory and are intended to provide general currency rate. At time of invoicing latest exchange will be used.

Boarding location

Athens: Kalamaki Alimos Marina

Yacht charters start on a Saturday at 17:00 in Greece. We suggest that flotilla guests arrive between 14:00-15:00 and divide into provisioning and check-in teams.

Athens International airport is at Spata, a 45-60 minute taxi ride from the marina and central Athens. Saturday is best spent visiting Athens sites before coming to the marina and boarding. If you arrive early at the marina on boarding day, bags can be left but you will not officially be able to board until 17:00. If you arrive early, explore the marina, shop at the Marionopolis supermarket 1 block west of the marina on Poseidonos Blvd along the beach) or have a drink or light lunch at Skipper’s or Kitchen Bar

By taxi
Airport to downtown: Yellow taxis can be found lined up at the airport. Taxis take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get downtown based on traffic. It costs approximately 50-60 Euros one-way per taxi.  They are smaller European vehicles and only have room for three passengers and baggage. Drivers may charge a baggage fee that is approx. Euro 3. 
Downtown Athens to the Kalamaki Alimos Marina: It takes 15-20 minutes and costs approx. 20 Euros per car one-way. Do not get out of your taxi at the marina until you have identified your meeting point, as it is a big marina.

By bus
Airport to downtown: Bus number X95 travels from the airport every 30 minutes making 8 stops (including the Hilton) and then terminates downtown at Syntagma/Constitution Square. It is air-conditioned and costs approx. 5 Euros. Syntagma Square is a short distance to most hotels but a taxi may be advisable at this point. Plaka hotels are within walking distance from Syntagma if you do not have too much baggage. 
Airport to Kalamaki Alimos Marina: Bus number X96, runs every 30 minutes south from the airport to Piraeus along the coast passing by Alimos Kalamaki Marina and costs approx. 5 Euros. Ask the driver for the Edem Taverna stop. You want the west main entrance road where the Shell station and Edem restaurant is located. 

By tram
Downtown Athens to Kalamaki Athens Marina: Public transport by subway tramcar from central Athens hotels is easy and convenient. From Syntagma Sqr. (Athens centre) take the tram line to Alimos marina (EDEM stop). The metro runs every 30 minutes from 05:30 to 00:20 on a daily basis. The ticket costs approx 8 Euros per person. 

Alimos Kalimaki marina Athens Poseidon Charters


Additional expenses

Euros (€)
Hotel in Athens mid-range per night 90-120

Taxi one way Athens marina to/from airport


Athens airport express bus to Athens Marinas one way per person


Evening meals in restaurants per person


Entrance to Temple of Aphaia per person


Entrance to Kea museam


Entrance to Delos per person


Average bottle of wine


Large bottle of beer

Regular coffee 3.50
Small bottle of water 2

Visit to Santorini


- mid-range apartment per nightfor caldera view


- double hotel room per room per night for non-caldera view


- ferry to/from Santorini one way


- small car rental per day




Gratuity - suggested amounts


7-night cabin charter per couple staying in a cabin: gratuity per crew member (typically a skipper and hostess)


14-night cabin charter per couple staying in a cabin: gratuity per crew member (typically a skipper and hostess)


7-night flotilla yacht (sailing yourself): from the group aboard gratuity for the flotilla leader


14-night flotilla yacht (sailling yourself): from the group aboard gratuity for the flotilla leader



The best way to provision is upon arrival at the Marinopolis/Carrefour supermarket located diagonally west/left across Poseidonos Blvd. from the marina main entrance. Ice can be purchased at the super market of the Shell gas station at the corner of the marina main entrance road.  Other provisions can be picked up in the islands.

Evening meals

Evening meals are a cultural and gastronomic experience on our program. The wonderful selection of local restaurants on the itinerary, are traditional tavernas that have been chosen for their superb traditional or Greek fusion food, friendly atmosphere and local pricing of approximately 20 Euros per person. About 50% of the restaurants on our program do not accept credit card for payments at dinner. 

Restaurant customs

Appetizers and main dishes often arrive at the same time as Greeks are accustomed to many small meze dishes. It is customary to look into the display case and see what is fresh for the day.  Seafood such as calamari, octopus and swordfish is inexpensive but larger white meat fish like grouper and lobster is sold by weight and can be pricey (ask for the price/weight of the fish before ordering). Meals at our wonderful selection of local tavernas average around Euro 20–30/person but can be more depending on your order. There is always a service charge (approx 1 to 2 Euro per person) for sitting at a table in Greece, which includes bread and cutlery - but this service charge is not a tip. If good service is delivered then a minimum 10% tip is welcome. 

Flotilla crew gratuities

It is customary to tip flotilla leaders and crew for good service. Gratuity is at your discretion but a suggested amount can be Euro 150 per yacht with 2-4 people onboard or Euro 200 for a yacht with 4+ people onboard.

Sailing conditions

Greece is a great yacht charter destination for intermediate to experienced level sailors. The best time to sail is May through October. A sailing license/certificate is required for bareboat and flotilla yacht charters. If you are on a skippered bareboat or cabin charter, you do not require any experience or certification to sail with a skipper.

Sailing conditions

Saronic and Argolic Gulfs


This is the best area for a first time bareboat charter in Greece offering line of sight navigation and short passages. This area is protected by mainland Attica which limits strong winds and any larger seas.

Central Aegean:


The Cyclades are a more challenging area with longer open passages and potential for larger seas with stronger summer winds.

North and East Aegean: Sporades and Dodecanese

Both areas offer shorter passages and line of sight navigation but larger seas and stronger summer winds occur.



A good choice for a first time charter in Greece with shorter passages, line of sight navigation and calmer conditions.

Wind and sea

The seas in the Saronic Gulf, north and east Aegean are generally calm with Ostria or southwesterly winds in the spring, and Meltemi northerly winds in the summer. Generally there is 5-15mph of wind offering wonderful light air sailing conditions May through October, however stronger winds above 20mph are not uncommon throughout the season.

On the Ionian side winds tend to be lighter and from the northwest in the spring and potentially stronger from the north or northwest in the hot summer months.

A one-meter short chop is the typical wave height in the eastern Mediterranean, but three to five-meter swells can develop. Longer passages of 40-60 miles are relaxing in light winds but can be more challenging if the wind and seas come up. Tides are minimal in the Mediterranean ranging between 20-60cm.

Weather forecasts

The most accurate weather forecasts in Greek waters can be obtained by the internet at local island cafes. Log on to the following websites:

National Centre for Marine Research:    
Worldwide wind surfer localized conditions:
National Observatory


To allow for more yachts in the tiny Greek ports, sailors do Mediterranean Mooring by dropping anchor and backing stern-to the wharf in the harbors. Some harbors offer lazy lines - fixed underwater moorings with access lines on the wharf. There are no mooring balls and dropping anchor off shore is limited, as it is often too deep to anchor safely. There are very few organized marinas for charter yachts in Greece, instead you pay nominal fees to moor in municipal town harbors. Read more about Med Mooring on our yacht charter details pages

Greece operates under region A of the international navigational system - red right leaving.

Flotilla FAQ's

What certificates do I need to sail a yacht if I am on a flotilla in Greece?

To charter a yacht in the Mediterranean there must be at least one certified skipper and one experienced first mate on a charter yacht. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have a sailing license or a certificate from a recognized sailing school. Find out more on the flotilla information section. 

Where do I provision my yacht when I'm flotilla sailing?

Details on provisioning will be provided with your yacht charter contract. In some cases, you will be able to provision online. If you join us flotilla sailing in Greece our programme directors will show you where to buy your provisions on each island you sail to.

I want to do some sailing on my own is that possible as part of a flotilla?

Yes. The lead yacht is there to provide as much or as little assistance as you require when you are on a flotilla sailing holiday. If you wish to solo sail for one day and meet the flotilla later you can choose to do that.

Does my crew on flotilla with me have to be with the rest of the flotilla each night?

No. Flotilla sailing is a great social activity as well as a sailing holiday so you will probably find that you enjoy meeting up with the other yachts each evening to talk about your sailing stories from the day. If you want to eat aboard your flotilla yacht with just your own crew, you can choose to do that as often as you wish.

How do I get a weather forecast when I'm flotilla sailing?

If you are flotilla sailing in Greece with us, we will check the weather dailing and inform you of the weather conditions the night before.

Will there be charts or a cruising guide to the area aboard?

There are always current charts and cruising guides provided on charter boats.

Will I receive help on navigation when I'm on a flotilla

Each morning before departure there will be a full chart brieifing with the skipper and first mate of each flotilla sailing yacht. The lead flotilla yacht will be in VHF radio contact with your yacht throughout the day if you require that assistance.



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Title: Reviews



Destination: Greece

Title: Greek flotilla June 2016

It was a great vacation. We enjoyed the sailing, although the return to Athens was a lot more challenging with the Meltemei. We got along very well with the other crew. With the flotilla and guidance from Steve, it made the entrance to the ports and med mooring easier. Many thanks.   

From: Tommy Villeneuve

Location: Ontario, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek flotilla July 2015

This was our second trip in a row in Greece with Poseidon Charters and the vacation was truly like a dream.   I found the next two weeks the hardest, back to reality in Montreal!   Me and the kids enjoyed every single minute of the trip, had a really good time, felt super safe with our captain Harris as part of the flotilla.   Booking our apartment in Santorini, car pick up, car rental and of course the catamaran thru Poseidon was super easy and went exactly as planned.

Thanks again for everything!

From: Daniel Demers

Location: Quebec, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Flotilla in Greece June 2015

I think I speak on behalf of our entire family when I say that we had an extraordinary expérience. We are very grateful to have met Vagellis who we now consider as a friend. At all times, we felt he was there to make us happy and we were touched that he agreed to skipper at your request. Vagellis is a big part of why we loved the trip so much. He was always relaxed, even when the winds got a bit Scary for a dude like me. Honestly, we have only positive feedback: all documents were in order, the trip was as described on the site, if not better, the flottilla concept was great to socialze when we wanted to, the chosen Islands were
spectacular and the restaurant choices always excellent.
The only minor comment would be that the time we spent in the Athens marina  on the Sunday before leaving was perhaps too long. We could have shown up at the marina later in the afternoon (not a big issue at all).  

Merci pour tout, c'était vraiment mémorable. We have been highly recommending Poseidon since we got back.

From: Philippe Belanger

Location: Quebec, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Flotilla with Poseidon Charters July 2014

We found the Poseidon flotilla tucked away on Google submerged by the bigger players in the market. We were not disappointed. Correspondence with the office prior to the trip was excellent and any queries were easily dispelled. Poseidon offer a flotilla where the more experienced sailor can enjoy the benefits of company without feeling smothered by the Mother Hen approach. Distances covered are more challenging and the number of islands visited are greater than any other flotilla I know of. Combining in the evenings with the other boats was great with fanatastic restaurants sourced by the Lead Skipper, Steve. The flotilla has been travelling in this area for years which resulted in exciting excursions to see historic sites, lunch stops and most importantly good food in off the beaten track locations. Briefings were held on an informal basis and help was there for mooring if you needed it. The whole two weeks flew by. Not to be missed.

From: Adrian Clubbe

Location: UK

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek flotilla July 2014

We have been back in Montreal for a week now… wishing our trip to Greece could have lasted longer. On behalf of myself and the rest of the Margeo VII crew, we want to thank you and your team for a wonderful sailing week. Although we parted courses early in the week, we really appreciated your professionalism, your knowledge of the area as well as of its history. It was great to have a sailing coach and a tour guide, and a good one at both! I particularly appreciated your watchful eye and coaching while I was undertaking (with great apprehension!!!) my first Med moorings as well as the invaluable assistance received from Harris while docking in Poros, Hydra, Merichas and Loutra. Sharing a beer with Yanis and Harris while discussing the day’s challenges and tomorrow’s itinerary was priceless as well. Please thank them both for us. All in all, a great sailing trip that we will remember forever. Beatrice posted on YouTube a photo/video clip that you should appreciate, especially the end… We look forward to our next trip with you and your team.

From: Brian Cosgrove

Location: Montreal, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek flotilla in June 2014

My appreciations to all of the Poseidon crew for their hospitality, advice and directions to what I believe is the best selection of restaurants, churches, ruins on each of the islands which we visited. The extent of the archeological history on Delos was outstanding!

From: Mike Worthington

Location: Australia

Destination: Greece

Title: Flotilla in Greece June 2014

Would love to give you the following feedback: The booking process was easy. We got all the documents on arrival. No problems with the info, was sufficient and easily understood. I think you are doing a wonderful job and I wouldn’t know what you could improve! The trip was better then what we expected to be. Very helpful staff and all around a happy experience. The best part of the trip was Hydra, good company from the other 2 yachts and crew, quite good sailing condition, the 2 day break in Santorini and we enjoyed the excursions! One day we will sail with you again. It won’t be next year but we consider to participate in another flotilla in early summer 2016. Probably Croatia!

From: Lisa and Bob Von Felton

Location: Australia

Destination: Greece

Title: Flotilla in Greece June 2013

Thanks Poseidon for the fabulous sailing experience, we could not have done this without the expertise direction from Steven! He had patience with us while doing Med mooring and showed us fabulous restaurants. It was superb all round, loved the Greek islands, food, and people. Hope to return on another adventure with Poseidon. Top speed 9.88knots on Ealis!

From: Vandergrift group

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure flotilla June 2013

We returned over one week ago from our very amazing Greek Sailing Adventure to the Cyclades on a flotilla with Poseidon. It was the most enjoyable holiday and it was the team at Poseidon that made it run so smoothly. When we booked the flotilla my husband Gerry was very resistant as he has years and hours of sailing experience and thought he really did not need anyone telling him how to sail! He was the one to say after our first day Med mooring how fortunate we were having Steven assist us! Med mooring is a very different experience for North American sailors and we felt very fortunate to have Steven guide us into a narrow space and with such patience. You cannot put a price on the knowledge and experience he has sailing these islands for so many years. He is a hidden gem in the cruising world! We thoroughly enjoyed every restaurant recommended. We found the literature you sent to be very detailed with even the taxi instructions to the dock! There were no surprises along the way. We received everything and more! I have recommended this trip to many people since returning over a week ago...infact I gave the itinerary to the flight attendant on route home with Air Canada!

From: Gerry and Patty Vandergrift

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: 15-27 September 2012 Aegean flotilla

We wanted a cultural Greek sailing experience, and we really got it! Compared to previous sailing experiences, including the Ionian, this was fantastic. Temples, museums, hikes, gastronomy, PLUS sailing great distances we loved it and feel a sense of personal achievement as well.

From: James and Walda Oestreicher

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Saronic and Cyclades flotilla August 2012

I'm glad I trusted the feedback on Poseidon's hosting of a flotilla because after doing many with large operators we really appreciated the personal touch they brought to it. Steve's huge knowledge of Greece and the Greeks enriched the experience, and his endless patience guiding us into difficult moorings saved our bacon several times. Thanks!

From: Chris Thompson

Location: London, UK

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure flotilla June 2012

We would like to thank you so much for all that you did to make this an amazing holiday for us. You gave us so much information about each island and we think your choices of islands were wonderful. We will be sure to write good things on trip advisor! We will always remember our Greek Island holiday and the two people who made it so special. All the best and hope to see you sometime in Toronto.

From: Bob and Margaret Jenkins

Location: Toronot, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Lagoon 440 on flotilla June 2011

We had a great time and the support we received from the flotilla's lead ship made our holiday a delight. Steve the captain of the flotilla lead ship was a very professional sailor and gave us great advice about weather and local conditions. He was also a super help in making sure we had good spots to dock at each port. Our stress level was very low as the result of having such an experienced expert available to us for advice and assistance. Sharron our lead ship co-ordinator was outstanding, she made sure any shore activities were a fantastic success and helped us to find anything in the towns or villages that we might need - a lovely lady with a 'can do' attitude outstanding overall. I would recommend the flotilla service highly and all my crew would echo my sentiments.

From: Douglas Brown and friends

Location: Ontario Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: 2 Week Cyclades Flotilla July/August 2011

My family of 8 have just returned from the most fabulous sailing experience that we could have hoped for. We sailed with a competitor last year around the Aegean Sea, but from now on whenever possible will always choose Poseidon. Steve, 'a legend', as my 2 teenage kids would say and Sharron were the perfect hosts, always putting our needs and safety first. They were great with the kids on the flotilla and were always entertaining us with stories and being available at all times for ideas on places to go to, best restaurants to eat in and literally putting all our needs first. The journeys were carefully planned and we all felt as if we were in very safe hands which is a relief when children are onboard. It's the little personal touches that I think make a holiday and we were definitely spoilt. Sailing was also great, calmer in the first week but the competiveness definitely began to develop between the men in the second!! Living in the UK we had not come across Poseidon Charters as they are based in Canada but they definitely are a well kept secret and I would encourage the British to seriously consider booking as you will not be disappointed!

From: Zara Lavery and family

Location: Northern Ireland and England

Destination: Greece

Title: Wonderful Flotilla Trip in the Greek Isles June 2011

A group of friends and I were lucky enough to charter a boat and participate in a flotilla trip through the Greek Isles. We had 6 members of our crew with various amounts of sailing experience, but none in Greece. Having Sharron and Harris there to answer our questions and guide us through the various harbors was a huge help. Sharron was extremely helpful and knwledgable about all the islands we visited. I would defnitely consider another flotilla trip with Poseidon.

From: Celeste Hunt

Location: USA

Destination: Greece June 2010

Title: If you want to see the best sights, go with the experts at Poseidon Charters

If you want to see the best attractions the Cyclades has to offer, go with the experienced crew at Poseidon Charters. My experienced sailing crew and I usually like to make our own sail plan, but when we chartered a Lagoon 38' catamaran with Poseidon we decided to go with the flotilla they had scheduled at that time. I was skeptical at first, but we definitely had a much better trip than we would have had on our own. Steve and first mate Sharron were fun, knowledgeable, easy going, and always on top of everything. The flotilla plan was to sail from Athens for one week out to Ios/Santorini, and then one week back to Athens. We only had time to sail for one week to Ios and then take ferries to the other islands and back to Athens. First Steve arranged with the local charter company to upgrade us from a 38' catamaran with sleeping space for 8 to a 40' catamaran with sleeping space for 10, which made the trip very luxurious for us indeed. He made all the sail plans so we didn't have to worry about whether one of our sailing legs was too long, or the place we were going to wouldn't be that great. I can't express how invaluable this was, as it saved us lots of time planning and the possibility of wasting precious vacation time. The stops we made were magnificent and the recommendations they gave us for activities and restaurants were always excellent, and the treatment we got from the proprietors at these places was very hospitable and sincere. We made lasting friends with the other boats on the charter, and even after we returned our boat we stayed with them for a few more islands. I could tell you all the places we went and what we did, but you're better off just going with Steve and trusting that you're in good hands

From: Doug Jorgesen

Location: San Jose, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Rented a Beneteau 361 on flotilla

We sailed IRINI V, a newer ('99 I think) Beneteau 361. For the 2 of us it was a terrific boat, and could have easily accommodated another couple. The amenities were great as well - GPS, Autohelm, CD Player, Extra water tanks (400lt. total I think) extra fuel in 10 lt. cans, bimini, excellent dinghy (Zodiac) and more - really very nicely outfitted. The boat handled he Saronic gulf very well, and could have taken care of us on passage to the Cyclades, but we opted to do that via ferry. I'd recommend adding a stern rail mounted BBQ grill for more cooking options. I would charter IRINI V again in a heartbeat. Jan and I simply loved the boat. Jan and I split our 7 day charter by joining a flotilla led by Poseidon Charters for the first 4 days, then bareboating on our own the last 3 days. I can't say enough about the service and feeling of being part of the group that the flotilla experience provided. Having never sailed in the Med with it's unique challenges (and beauty!) the sense of security we had by being part of the flotilla was immensely valuable and gave us the confidence we needed to venture on our own for that last 3 days in the Aegean. I don't recall how many times we asked for Steve's help, from mooring on a wall, to freeing an anchor at Hydra, but it would have been much more difficult without his expert help. For anyone thinking about chartering in Greece, or any other waters with which they are not familiar, we strongly encourage joining a flotilla for at least part of the charter. By the way, the flexibility that Poseidon offers far exceeds any other charter company's ability to customize services to the degree we experienced. We looked at a number of competitors including The Moorings and Sunsail. Not one could match the total service program that Poseidon Charters did. We would definitely do the flotilla again - even if only for part of the charter. The camaraderie is wonderful and we made friends - something which is hard to place a money value upon. The Poseidon Team: Steve, Gary and Sharon were terrific. We really appreciated the hospitality that was extended to join the Aegean Dream crew for dinner on the boat at St. Nicholas bay after a fun evening barbecue. At all times, we felt the comfort of the flotilla support, making our charter nearly effortless (except Med mooring!) and worry free. Great job!! I wish we could do this every year, and we definitely plan on coming back.

From: George and Jan Stecyk

Location: Chicago, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Flotilla 2 weeks, Beneteau 473

We had an absolutely wonderful trip. As a flotilla boat we were on our own boat & schedule with our own crew yet had the fun and support of your team as well as getting to socialize with other like minded flotilla sailors. Great Job Poseidon! I have a CD with pictures from our sailing adventure that I would like to send you. Flottille 2 semaines en Grece Quel beau voyage mes amis et moi avons fait. La temperature etait a son meilleur. Nous avons passe 2 semaines de reve dans les Iles grecques.Nous avions loue un Beneteau 473, tres confortable et en parfait etat, et nous nous suivions en flottille de 4 bateaux. Le temps etait reparti de bonne facon, entre la voile,les visites et les bons repas. Nous avons beaucoup apprecie l' aide et les conseils des capitaines Steven Parry et George Konistis surtout pour les atterrissages. Nous avions meme l'avantage d'avoir toutes les instructions dans notre langue maternelle de la part du capitaine Parry qui s'exprime dans un francais impeccable. En un mot un des plus beaux voyages de ma vie! Un gros merci de ma part et de celle de mes amis.

From: Yvan Girard MD

Location: Quebec, Canada / Florida, USA

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