Early booking discounts

Early booking discounts

How was the start of your year? It was a very cold and snowy January here in Ottawa and we saw temperatures dip as low as -38C with wind factor.  According to the Met office, we had more recorded snow in January than we have seen in over a 100 years! We know our friends in the mid-West States are also having an equally bad winter and now the UK has just joined in the chill. On the other side of the planet, our Australian friends are at the opposite end of the spectrum with 38C at 6:30pm!

Planning a trip away always helps to get through a more challenging winter so we've decided to extend our early booking discount which was due to finish on 31st January. The offer will now run until after the LA Travel and Adventure show ending on Sunday 17th February 2019. 

Our cabin charter trips are sold out in September in Greece, but we do have a few cabins available in June and July. If you want to escape the cold winter sooner, then of course there is BVI, St Martin and Martinque with new offers too. 

See you at the LA at the Travel and Adventure show from 12th Feburay-19th February or hopefully this summer in Greece. For now...keep warm or stay cool!


Greek cabin charter
7-nights Athens to Ios
7-nights Ios to Athens
14-nights Athens to Athens

Tropical cabin charters
7-nights BVI
7-nights: BVI boarding St Martin
7-nights Martinique

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