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Sailing in Greece – a first for us after 25 years

At Poseidon Charters we love sailing…it’s who we are, it’s what we do best and we have been sharing Greece with hundreds of people every summer since the mid 90’s. Safety is always our paramount concern and respecting published forecasts is something we have to do to run our tours safely.Read More

Sharing a yacht in Greece with strangers

Whether you call it a cabin charter, shared yacht, sailing cruise or a sailing tour…it’s all the same thing when it boils down to it and that is that you are sharing a yacht with strangers! We welcomed Valerie Keast onboard earlier this summer and she has written a wonderful article of what her experience was like.Read More

An island full of pirates

Our Fall Greek flotilla departures resumed in full force this last week with a group of 68 from the States and Canada. We welcomed the Northern Lights Sailing club from Minnesota joining the flotilla in Greece following our two lead cabin charter boats.Read More

In our thoughts Greece

After sailing in Greece for over 25 years, we consider Greece to be our second home. We’ve all been watching the news in recent days regarding the terrible fires at Mati, east of Athens.Read More

Latest bareboat charter Greece specials

We’re now well into the sailing season in Greece but there are a few yachts left available. If you’ve not booked your sailing vacation to Greece this year yet, then take a look at some of the great offers to be had this summer.Read More

Cabin charter in Greece headed to Milos

Greetings from our cabin charter boat in Greece where, we’ve been busy sailing and touring the islands since the beginning of June. This week we visited a very old friend of ours – the island of Milos.  The weather has prevented us going for a few years but this trip the stars and wind aligned and we travelledRead More

Greece sailing vacations – share your stories

We’re pretty excited that our sailing vacations in Greece are well underway. Over the past two-weeks, we’ve had clients boarding hi-end luxury crewed yachts, experienced sailors chartering boats from many ports in Greece. Today we have just completed our first 2-week cabin charter sailing tour with customers from Canada, the United States and Australia. 

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Sailboat charter Greece last minute discounts

As the sailing season gets underway there are some great last minute discounts to be had. There’s a large selection of sailboat’s for charter from a mix of bases in Greece. If you’ve not booked your Greece sailing vacation yet for this year, one of these great boats could be yours at a big discount.  

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Cabin charter sailing tour last cabin specials

Our cabin charter sailing tours in Greece are just around the corner and we’re already gearing up ready to meet everyone. We’ve have one or two cabins left on a few dates so now is the time to pick up a last cabin special. 

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Catamaran charter Greece

When you book a luxury crewed catamaran charter in Greece from experience we know it will turn into one of the most memorable vacations you will ever take. With an unbelievably beautiful selection of islands from the cosmopolitan to the remote, every day you will experience something new and be guided and spoilt by your expert crew.Read More

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