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Early booking discounts
How was the start of your year? It was a very cold and snowy January here in Ottawa and we saw temperatures dip as low as -38C with wind factor. According to the Met office, we had more recorded snow in January than we have seen in over a 100 years! We know our friends in the mid-West States are also having an equally bad winter and now the UK has just joined in the chill. Read More
Happy Holidays

Thank you to everyone who sailed with us in 2018 and to those already booked for 2019. Our offices will be closed a little over the holiday period but we look forward to hearing from you in 2019.
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Sailing in Greece a family trip of a lifetime
Our cabin charter sailing trips in Greece are a unique mix of adventure, sailing and the finest gastronomy and due to that, 95% of the time departures are made up of a mix of couples and groups of older friends. Every now and again though, we do get a request from families with children who want to join. Read More
Boat and travel show schedule 2019

Every year we love to get out and about and meet new faces to talk about sailing in Greece, Croatia and Tahiti. Our presentations and seminars at these shows allow you to see what sailing in our top destinations is really like and gives you the chance to ask specific questions. We look forward to meeting you in 2019.

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Cabin charter Greece, Tahiti and Caribbean 2019 dates and rates

As soon as we start sailing in Greece, the season seems to be over – in this fast paced world we all live in, one year becomes the next very quickly! We’re pleased to confirm our 2019 schedule for our cabin charters sailing in Greece and we’re also excited to confirm both cabin charter boats. Read More

Sailing in Greece – a first for us after 25 years

At Poseidon Charters we love sailing…it’s who we are, it’s what we do best and we have been sharing Greece with hundreds of people every summer since the mid 90’s. Safety is always our paramount concern and respecting published forecasts is something we have to do to run our tours safely.Read More

Sharing a yacht in Greece with strangers

Whether you call it a cabin charter, shared yacht, sailing cruise or a sailing tour…it’s all the same thing when it boils down to it and that is that you are sharing a yacht with strangers! We welcomed Valerie Keast onboard earlier this summer and she has written a wonderful article of what her experience was like.Read More

An island full of pirates

Our Fall Greek flotilla departures resumed in full force this last week with a group of 68 from the States and Canada. We welcomed the Northern Lights Sailing club from Minnesota joining the flotilla in Greece following our two lead cabin charter boats.Read More

In our thoughts Greece

After sailing in Greece for over 25 years, we consider Greece to be our second home. We’ve all been watching the news in recent days regarding the terrible fires at Mati, east of Athens.Read More

Latest bareboat charter Greece specials

We’re now well into the sailing season in Greece but there are a few yachts left available. If you’ve not booked your sailing vacation to Greece this year yet, then take a look at some of the great offers to be had this summer.Read More

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