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Mix ancient Greek culture with luxury and the finest service and you have a fully crewed yacht charter in Greece. Aboard a sailing catamaran, power catamaran, motor sailor or motor yacht, a crewed yacht in Greece is a magical 5-star experience on a customised itinerary of historical sites, cosmopolitan islands and refined gastronomy. Let the crew take care of everything, unwind and dine like Kings with food prepared by excellent chefs. A luxury yacht charter in Greece is a charter fit for the Gods.


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Feature Yachts

Our selection of fully crewed luxury yachts for charter in Greece are a good range of size, layout and design. If they are not what you had in mind for your crewed yacht charter in Greece, let us know as we offer many options to suit specific charter needs.

The Itineraries

There’s so much to explore on a crewed yacht charter in Greece; why not try one of our suggested itineraries.

Discover the Greek Islands

Depending on your luxury yacht charter Greece itinerary, visit some of these stunning locations.

Boarding Locations
Athens Boarding Location
Athens: Kalamaki Alimos Marina

Athens International airport is at Spata, a 45-60 minute taxi ride from the marina and central Athens. Saturday is best spent visiting Athens sites before coming to the marina and boarding. If you arrive early at the marina on boarding day, bags can be left with your owner/operator but you will not officially be able to board until 17:00. If you arrive early, explore the marina, shop at the Marionopolis supermarket (1 block west of the marina on Poseidonos Blvd along the beach) or have a drink or light lunch at Skipper’s or Kitchen Bar.

By Taxi

Airport to downtown: Yellow taxis can be found lined up at the airport. Taxis take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get downtown based on traffic. It costs approximately 50-60 Euros one-way per taxi. They are smaller European vehicles and only have room for three passengers and baggage. Drivers may charge a baggage fee that is approx. Euro 3.

Downtown Athens to the Kalamaki Alimos Marina: It takes 15-20 minutes and costs approx. 20 Euros per car one-way. Do not get out of your taxi at the marina until you have identified your meeting point, as it is a big marina.

By bus

Airport to downtown: Bus number X95 travels from the airport every 30 minutes making 8 stops (including the Hilton) and then terminates downtown at Syntagma/Constitution Square. It is air-conditioned and costs approx. 5 Euros. Syntagma Square is a short distance to most hotels but a taxi may be advisable at this point. Plaka hotels are within walking distance from Syntagma if you do not have too much baggage.

Airport to Kalamaki Alimos Marina: Bus number X96, runs every 30 minutes south from the airport to Piraeus along the coast passing by Alimos Kalamaki Marina and costs approx. 5 Euros. Ask the driver for the Edem Taverna stop. You want the west main entrance road where the Shell station and Edem restaurant is located.

By tram

Downtown Athens to Kalamaki Athens Marina: Public transport by subway and tramcar from central Athens hotels is easy and convenient. From Syntagma Sqr. (Athens centre) take the Tram Line to Alimos marina (EDEM stop). The metro runs every 30 minutes from 05.30 to 00.20 on a daily basis. The ticket costs 8 Euro per person.


Lavrion Boarding Location

Lavrion is located on the southern part of Athens and has ferries to the Cyclades islands of Kea and Kythnos, and the Eastern-Aegean islands of Lemnos and Agios Efstratios. Lavrion is approximately 1 hour from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos international airport at Spata.

By taxi

Athens Airport to Lavrion: A taxi will normally take 30 minutes to go from Athens airport to Lavrion. There are taxi queues outside all airport gates. The taxi fare from Athens airport to the port of Lavrion is approximately 50 euros in day time and 70 euros in night time (24:00-05:00).
Downtown Athens to Lavrion: Taxis will normally take about 1.15 hours to go from Omonoia/ Syntagma to Lavrion. To get closer to Lavrion by public transport, you can take the tram from Syntagma or Faliro to Voula and then take a taxi. A taxi ride from Voula will take about 30 minutes. The taxi fare from Athens centre to the port of Lavrion is approximately 65 euros in day time and 80 euros in night time (24:00-05:00).

By bus

Athens Airport to Lavrion: Suburban (KTEL) buses leave from Athens airport usually every hour and go to Lavrion via Markopoulo, a town in the midway from airport to Lavrion. Passengers go to Markopoulo and from there they take the bus to Lavrion. Buses from Markopoulo to Lavrion are very frequent. The first bus departs from Athens airport to Lavrion at 06:30 am and the last bus at 22:00 pm. Ticket price is approximately 5 euros.
Downtown Athens to Lavrion: Suburban (KTEL) buses to Lavrion take about 2 hours to reach their destination. They leave from Pedion Areos, Athens centre. To go to Pedion Areos, take the green metro line to Victoria station and walk up Heiden street. Buses leave every 30-60 min. The first bus from Athens to Lavrion departs at 05:45 am and the last bus departs at 21:30 pm. Ticket price is approximately 5 euros.


Paros Boarding Location

Paroikia marina is approximately 15 km from the airport by taxi. Afros yachting look after all yacht check-ins at the marina. Afros yachting is next to "Marina Café on the first floor, see also the meeting point on the map. If you arrive early at the marina on boarding day, bags can be left with the owner/operator but you will not officially be able to board until 17:00. If you arrive early meet with the base staff then explore the shops and cafes. The main supermarket is located across the road from the marina. You may also have drinks or light lunch atMarina Café.Bags can be left with the base.

By air and ferry

You can fly daily from Athens to Santorini. www.aegeanair.com then take a ferry to Paros.

By ferry

There are daily boats from Pireaus, Athens. Ferry schedules and tickets to Paros. www.ticketsonline.gr.


Mykonos Boarding Location

The new port is in an area called Tourlos which is about 1.5km from Mykonos town (Chora). The new port is connected by taxi or bus to the main town. The taxi stand in the town is situated on the waterfront on the far right when looking at the sea. The main bus station is near the windmills on the top side of town. If you arrive early at the marina on boarding day, meet with your owner/operator base staff then, shop at the supermarket (small store located across the road from the marina) or alternatively, there is a larger supermarket 5km away form the marina - ask the operator to organise transport for you. Bags can be left with your owner/operator.

By air

There are daily flights out of Athens to Mykonos with www.aegeanair.com. It is a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport to Tourlos port.

By sea

There are daily boats from Pireaus, Athens. Ferry schedules and tickets to Mykonos. www.ticketsonline.gr. It is best to book in advance. The ferries typically arrive in Tourlos where the yachts are moored.