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Sharing a yacht is a new way to travel for many. We’ve got over 25 years experience in the cabin charter industry and our guide below should help explain the experience.

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The Cabin Charter Experience

A cabin charter is a sailing vacation where you charter a cabin on a sailing yacht rather than book the whole yacht. You are onboard with professional crew as well as other people from all over the world who have also booked just a cabin. You can be aboard a catamaran or a monohull dependent on which trip you choose.

Cabin charters are a great idea if you enjoy meeting new people; want to practice and learn new skills; wish to sail without the responsibility of chartering your own yacht and like the idea of some inclusive meals.

Booking a cabin charter with Poseidon Charters

We have a great selection of cabin charter destinations in the Med, Caribbean and the Pacific. Our knowledge of Greek, Croatian and French Polynesian waters means we can discuss the islands with you in detail prior to boarding. Meals are included on cabin charters, so we’ll also explain what the meals are like and which meals are included and excluded. All charter funds are 100% protected by our licensed and bonded charter agency.

Monohull or catamaran cabin charter

Each of the trips details if it is aboard a catamaran or monohull yacht. The Med typically offers monohulls as they are spacious and more stable yachts for the larger seas. The Caribbean and Pacific are typically aboard catamarans ranging from 47-62ft.

Charter periods

Cabin charters are offered as 4 nights, 7-nights or 15-nights. The number of nights is detailed on each cabin charter trip dates.

Cabin Charter Questions
Is a cabin charter for me?

A cabin charter sailing vacation is a great way to experience the culture of a country and see many coves, beaches and small harbours that larger vessels are unable to enter. A cabin charter is also a great way to make new friends - but it isn't for everyone. Factors to consider are your physical abilities and any medical conditions you may have and how well you enjoy the company of others, you are aboard a yacht which has smaller spaces than a large cruise ship.

How do I know which yacht I am on?

When you book a cabin charter, you are booking a cabin, not a specific yacht or crew. The price paid, includes a cabin on a yacht, meals and services of the crew. Information provided upon booking will detail the type of yacht, ie a monohull or a catamaran yacht and the approximate size of the yacht, ie 47-60ft catamaran. Some of the trips are aboard very large catamarans, if prior to departure, all the cabins do not get booked, then a smaller catamaran could be used in that size range. This will not affect the cabin type, meals, services or itinerary.

Can I choose my cabin?

No, cabins are allocated on a first come first served basis. If a specific cabin is offered and booked at a different price, then a particular cabin is pre-booked.

How physically fit do I have to be?

Cabin charters do not require you to have a high level of physical fitness and are suitable for any age. However, a moving boat requires you to be steady on your feet and relatively agile. Some cabin charters require that you are able to climb off and on the yacht by ladder into the sea for swimming and to access the shore by dinghy. This requires some strength and dexterity.

What are the yachts like?

All yachts used for cabin charters offer private cabins, washrooms, indoor and outdoor common areas and access to shore via means of gangplank or tender/dinghy. The yacht is your accommodation and mode of transport while on your trip. The yacht can be either a monohull or a catamaran. Some yachts are more luxurious than others dependent on the destination. Singles may have to share a washroom or pay a 50-75% single supplement. Please refer to individual cabin charter details for details of yacht.

Am I considered crew?

You will find two or three crew on every yacht. The crew consists of a skipper and a hostess or cook. The crew sleeps aboard the yacht in crew quarters. Skippers are experienced sailors and qualified to ensure your safety while aboard. They are happy to share their knowledge of the destinations and willing to help you hone your skills if you want to take a more active sailing role while aboard. Hostess' are responsible for provisioning and preparing wonderful meals aboard. Your hostess provides details of what there is to see and do on each island and in some cases will guide hikes ashore. In some instances they also manage the social aspect of your trip with sunset and happy hour activities and great restaurant reservations.

I want luxury, is a cabin charter a luxury vacation on a yacht?

Yachts used for cabin charters tend to have some creature comforts. They have private washrooms for each cabin but this can't be considered an en-suite bathroom that you would get in a hotel. The galley is basic and if the yacht is moving any meals produced will generally be cold light meals such as sandwiches or basic salads. To avoid any disappointment when booking a cabin charter, it is best to think of any type of cabin charter sailing vacation as an adventurous vacation rather than a high-end crewed yachting experience.

Do I have to get my own group together for a cabin charter?

No. You charter by the cabin, if you have a large enough group then you will have the yacht to yourself, but if there are just two of you then you will be with other cabin charter guests.

Is a cabin charter aboard a sailing yacht like a cruise ship holiday?

No. A cabin charter holiday on a sailing yacht differs from a cruise ship experience, as the number of passengers is between 8-12, while cruise ships may have thousands. Yacht cabins are generally smaller and more streamlined and storage space is more limited. Cabin charters are guided by a captain and a crew, so they are much more intimate cultural experiences than cruise ships.

I have never been aboard a yacht and can't sail will this be a problem?

No. Cabin charter holidays are relaxing adventure vacations where you can participate as much or as little as you want with the actual sailing. There are crew members aboard the yacht who are responsible for sailing the yacht, your safety and preparing meals as outlined in your particular trip.

Will I get seasick?

The larger yachts used for cabin charters are very stable and sail in conditions that do not upset the vast majority of guests. If you are more prone to car motion sickness, we recommend that you bring your normal medication with you. Skippers and crew aboard all charters offer numerous methods to help alleviate the feeling of motion sickness including starting with short sails, so guests get their sea legs the first few days, which makes all the difference.

I want to learn how to sail, will I be able to get involved?

Skippers on our cabin charters in Greece and Croatia are happy to share their knowledge and willing to help you hone your skills if you want to take a more active sailing role while aboard. Aboard the larger catamarans and Turkish gulets there is less opportunity to be actively involved due to the size of the vessels. It is important to note, that cabin charter holidays are not sailing courses. If you would like to have a more formal sailing experience then sailing courses are a great option.

Are cabin charters just for couples?

Skippers on our cabin charters in Greece and Croatia are happy to share their knowledge and willing to help you hone your skills if you want to take a more active sailing role while aboard. Aboard the larger catamarans and Turkish gulets there is less opportunity to be actively involved due to the size of the vessels. It is important to note, that cabin charter holidays are not sailing courses. If you would like to have a more formal sailing experience then sailing courses are a great option.

Will I pay a single supplement?

On some of our cabin charters single accommodation is available with no single supplement if you share a washroom. Where there are only double cabins aboard, you will pay a single supplement. Full details of single supplements are outlined with the dates and pricing for each cabin charter.

Is gratuity included?

No. Captains and crew will work very hard to ensure your trip is amazing. Gratuity is not included in the price of a cabin charter trip but it is very appreciated. Gratuity is totally at guest discretion, but a suggested amount for a couple on a 7-night cabin charter trip is Euro100-150 per crew member or USD150-200 per crew member.

Are there children on a cabin charter holiday?

Children are allowed aboard some of our cabin charters but not all. Please check with our office at the time of booking your trip.

Is there an age restriction for a cabin charter sailing holiday?

No. As long as you are physically active we do not put an upper age limit on our trips. If you are under 18, you will need to be escorted by a parent or guardian.

Will I be with people I don't know?

Yes, unless you are booking the entire yacht for your private group. Crew members aboard all cabin charters are experienced at creating a good group dynamic and creating a relaxed and fun environment for everyone to feel comfortable aboard. Cabin charters are a much more intimate experience than cruise ship holidays and you will leave having made new friends. Where possible, passengers with similar interests and of similar age will be grouped together.

Who are my traveling companions?

For privacy reasons we cannot provide you with the names of your traveling companions. However, in some cases we can let you know the ages and which country other cabin charter guests are from. Cabin charters appeal to a wide range of travellers, most of whom share an adventurous spirit and a desire to experience new destinations regardless of age.

What if another guest behaves inappropriately?

It is vitally important to us that all guests enjoy their time aboard. When booking a cabin charter, you are reserving a cabin aboard a yacht, not the whole yacht so there are a few guidelines that all guests are advised to follow. It is very rare but if a guest demonstrates inappropriate behaviour that goes against the guidelines provided and their behaviour is considered to disrespectful to any other guest, skipper or crew, the skipper reserves the right to terminate their trip and ask them to disembark immediately or at the next port without any applicable refund or recourse.

Can I bring alcohol aboard?

Each of the cabin charters vary with the alcohol they supply, some offer wine with dinner and others for welcome drinks only. You will find full details on individual trip include/exclude details and on your invoice.

What voltage is onboard the boat?

Generally, the power supply aboard yachts is 12V DC by cigarette adapter so an AC anywhere cigarette 12 volt inverter device is a handy thing to pack if you wish to charge at all times. Most yachts will have electrical sockets in the cabin for use when shore power or the generator is on. Generators will generate the destination voltage. It will be at the Captain's discretion as to when generators are turned on. Adapters and power converters (110~220) may be required for North American electronic devices. Many cameras and telephones are 110-220V compatible but check your device.

The best way to charge cell phones, ipads, electric razors and video camera batteries is in local cafes and restaurants on shore (a very common practice).

When connected to shore power or an onboard generator the following destination voltage can be supplied to electrical outlets:

The Med: Greece and Croatia Voltage 220V with 2-pin European plugs.

The Caribbean: British Virgin Islands and Martinique Voltage 110V with 2 flat pin North American plugs.

The Caribbean: St Martin Voltage 220V with 2-pin European plugs.

The Pacific: French PolynesiaVoltage both 110V with 2 flat pin North American plugs and 220V with 2-pin European plugs. It is wise to travel with a multi-adapator.

Can I use my CPAP device on a yacht?

Aboard yachts there is 12V all the time through the cigarette lighter plug – as you have in a car so an AC anywhere cigarette 12-volt inverter device is a must to bring. Not all CPAP machines are the same voltage however, so do your research to see if 12v will charge your particular model of CPAP machine.

For your own security we advise you travel with:

  • a separate re-chargeable battery for your CPAP for emergencies if power is not working.
  • bring a long extension 8-12feet with 12V cigarette plug connection – to plug at the navigation station.
  • for shore power on some nights, ensure you have the correct adaptor for local electrical outlets.
I require a special diet with this be accommodated?

It is important to let us know your individual circumstances so the crew can try to accommodate your request. In more remote charter destinations, it will not be possible to buy specialist foods but alternative options could be offered to you. In general, in both the tropics and Greece and Croatia, gluten or lactose free products are quite limited. We advise that you bring your own snack foods as these can be limited.

Are the crew medically trained?

No, the captain and hostess are onboard to sail the boat safely and deliver the trip. Any medical assistance will be provided by medical facilities onshore. Should you have allergies that may require the use of an epi-pen, you will need to bring your own and make the crew aware that you have this with you.

Can my medical situation or disability be accommodated aboard a yacht?

If you have a medical issue or disability which may affect your trip, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking giving full details. If we feel your health and safety or that of other guests could be in danger or we can't accommodate your particular needs aboard, we will let you know in prior to booking. In both the Tropics, Greece and Croatia is is important to understand that their may not be medical facilities on each island and a transfer may be required should a serious medical condition arise.

Will refrigeration be available for medicines?

Yes. There is refrigeration aboard all of our cabin charter yachts. Please request the use of this when boarding.

Can I do my own thing for dinner in the evening?

Many of our cabin charters include all inclusive meals and dinner tends to be included aboard. Cabin charters in the Mediterranean have dinner ashore at carefully selected local restaurants in order to try fantastic Mediterranean gastronomy which is an additional charge. If you do not wish to eat with the group at these restaurants, you can choose to explore and find your own restaurant.

Will I have internet access?

Most yachts do not have their own internet access. In most cases coffee shops and restaurants on shore have internet access and will provide you with an access code if you buy a coffee or meal.

What shall I pack?

All yachts have limited storage space so it is wise to travel light. Our comprehensive packing list will help with the essentials for traveling. You can find this under Greece destination information.

Can I bring a hairdryer?

Skippers will accommodate the use of generators for electrical sockets to be used where possible but this may not always be possible so it is not recommended to bring hairdryers or curling tongs.

What type of luggage is best to bring?

Quite often bags need to be stored underneath the mattress in cabins so duffle bags with wheels that fold flat are ideal.

Will there be a hot shower aboard?

Yes. All yachts used on our cabin charter sailing vacations will either have shore power, run the engine or generators to heat water. All washrooms have shower facilities. Fresh water showers are also available at the back of yachts for rinsing after swimming.

Do I need to bring linen and towels or a sleeping bag?

No. Yachts used for our cabin charters all have linen and towels provided.

Are beach towels included?

Beach towels are included on cabin charters in Tahiti, BVI and Martinique. Beach towels are not included on the Greek cabin charters but are not expensive to buy in local stores.

What food is included?

Each of our cabin charters varies slightly on what is included. You will find full details of what is included on the dates and pricing section of each trip and on your invoice.

Will there be ice on board?

Some of our cabin charter yachts have ice-makers onboard, on others ice can be purchased and stored in ice boxes. Ask your crew when you board if there are large quantities of ice always available.

How do the toilets flush on a sailing yacht?

Yachts will have either a standard marine head (manual pump handle attached to the pipes) or have a vacuum flush system (electric pump pressed by a button). Skippers will provide a briefing upon boarding to ensure that you know how to use the toilets correctly. Marine toilets only accept natural waste and anything else placed in the toilet will break the toilet.

Will there be air-conditioning on the yacht?

Some of the yachts do have air-conditioning; review the details of individual trips for more information. In European harbours in particular, generators are not allowed after 9pm so it is unlikely that air-conditioning will be ran after that time. In the Caribbean, air-conditioning tends to run on the yachts from 8am-10pm but is turned off after that time.

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