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Poseidon Charters is very proud that for over 25 years, we’ve been the operator of our unique Greek Island sailing tour by the cabin and flotilla. Over the past 10 years we developed our charters in Croatia, and in recent years, cabin and flotillas in French Polynesia on a bi-yearly basis.

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Our History

In the early 1990’s Captain Steven Parry, now one of the owners of Poseidon Charters, did the typical travel journey after leaving University and set off to backpack around Europe. The majority of Steven’s time was spent in Greece and while there, he took an unpaid job as crew on a yacht and that first summer saw 15 or so islands. After returning to Greece the next year and the year after that he finally realised that his career would be in the yachting industry rather than Communication Studies! After all the necessary commercial Captain courses, Steven then started the very first by the cabin charters in Greece and up until about 8 years ago, Posiedon Charters was still the only company offering these type of tours. Over 25 years later, at the company’s core is still a deep love for all things sailing, Greece, it’s islands and people. We operate our cabin charter and flotilla programs May through September in Greece. 

Our Offices

Our administrative office is in Canada’s capital Ottawa and is open year-round. Customer service is very important to us. We strive to ensure that you always have a positive experience from your initial contact, to your reservation, through to the actual sailing holiday. If contacting our office it is likely that you will speak to Sharron Ranby, Sharon Weiner or Steven Parry.

Our Promise

Poseidon Charters is a registered charter and travel agency specializing in yacht charters, and adventure sailing holidays. The travel industry in the province of Ontario, Canada is strictly regulated by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). Our TICO registration number is: 50023285. We are required by law to be licensed and bonded and keep clients funds in escrow or in trust accounts. We must renew our license and pay the required fees and taxes or face fines of $100,000 for offering travel services without a license.

For our customers this means that wherever you are located in the world, your trip is protected. In this risky economy, it is unwise to send large sums of money to any organization with no regulatory body governing how they operate or what they do with your funds.

We are a global company with happy repeat customers from all over the world. Our trips suit singles, couples, families, groups (corporate and training events) of all ages and sailing abilities. We often have guests celebrating special occasions such as honeymoons, anniversaries, family reunions or guests simply fulfilling their ‘bucket list!’ Our aim is to make sure you have a magical vacation and our mandate allows you to rest assured that your sailing holiday is protected.

Reserving through our office means:

  • You are guaranteed a high standard of personal service
  • You are offered a fantastic range of destinations and cruising options
  • You have access to hundreds of yachts – not just one fleet and you don’t pay any extra
  • You have lots of choice as we source the best yacht options from numerous operators at a destination
  • You can take advantage of our great discounted yacht fleets in several locations worldwide in some cases you will pay less than booking directly with an operator as we offer a repeat customer ‘cash back’ discount
  • You receive our personalized service not a call centre and you can contact us at anytime to discuss your specific trip requirements
  • You can take advantage of our vast, current, local knowledge of many destinations and our unique itineraries
  • We will never offer booking a yacht online as there are many logistics to understanding and personalizing your charter. Our goal is to offer the highest quality sailing vacations, in many desirable destinations, at very competitive rates. Our aim is to fully understand your particular charter requirements, respond promptly with the best current advice and pricing, and deliver a memorable trouble-free vacation

We are a company that:

  • Is passionate about sharing our experience and first hand knowledge of our unique sailing destinations welcomes the opportunity to meet you in Greece or Croatia and at boat and travel shows, yacht club seminars or dinner presentations
  • Wherever possible will match and better competitor price on a yacht charter of the same specification sources hundreds of available yachts and tours, choosing only the best operators and vessels and offering them at the best rates possible
  • Is concerned about eco tourism and the carbon footprint of our operations
  • Are constantly looking at ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible has generated thousands of satisfied customers

Why book with us?

You have lots of choice and it can be very hard to decide who to sail with we know that and it depends on what is most important to you. At times you may find a charter costing a little less than ours but are you 100% sure what you getting? You’ll find many adventure travel companies offering sailing tours and yacht charters but in many cases, you may speak to staff who have never been to the country they are offering and may not even sail. We only offer destinations where we have first hand sailing and travel knowledge and our personalized service, and longevity have allowed us to gain great standing in the yacht charter and travel market place. In addition to our own Greek island programs which we still proud to run ourselves, we also offer programs and charters by partners whom we know, trust and have represented for years. Working directly with trusted partners has not only enabled us to offer more choice to our customers but means we can guarantee the services offered.

Responsible Tourism

At Poseidon Charters we are concerned about the environmental footprint we create. Responsible travel is about respecting and benefiting local people, animals and the environment we visit.

Our staff aboard the Aegean and Croatian Adventure tours, make every effort to help the sea and marine environment in our destinations by doing the following:

  • beach, sea and harbor cleanups
  • recycling all plastic, glass, paper and metal aboard
  • limiting plastic water bottles by using filtered water
  • maximized sailing time without engine

We request that our partner operators be as environmentally conscious as possible.

Turtle rescue

There are only seven types of salt-water turtles on Earth. All species are endangered and two are found in Greece. Referred to as Caretta Caretta, the Logger Head and Green turtles are ancestral visitors to these waters. Each year Poseidon Charters' staff spot them on the surface and make sure they are okay. On some occasions, turtles are caught up in plastic bags and debris or hooked on swordfish long lines. On two occasions, Poseidon Charters' captains and crew have had to capture and safely release these enigmatic and beautiful creatures. We encourage all sailors worldwide to keep a watch for turtles and assist them whenever possible.

Greek cat and dog adoption

The Greek islands are known for their stray cats and dogs and we love them all! Each year tourists are welcomed by these friendly felines and slender canines, and we love to feed them as we sail from island to island, giving many of them names. The problem still exisits after we leave as winter in the Greek islands can be very difficult for hungry strays. Many of them die of starvation, mange or by municipal culling programs.

Poseidon Charters' staff encourages and will assist visitors to take animals home with them. All that an animal needs to travel is a portable plastic cage and a clean bill of health. A rabies shot and an animal passport can be arranged with one simple telephone call to a local Athens veterinarian.

Sailing Destinations