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Finding the perfect luxury charter yacht is exciting, but can be a little overwhelming with so many yachts to choose from. Our guide below should help.

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A Luxury Yacht Experience

A crewed luxury yacht is a once in a lifetime experience on a private luxury vessel which can be a sailing or power yacht. The highly trained professional live aboard crew offer the highest level of standards of service with attention to the smallest details. Crewed yachts are ideal for distinguished travelers who wish to travel aboard luxury yachts with the ability to go anywhere or corporate events and special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

Not sure of the difference between a luxury fully crewed yacht and a skippered yacht?

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Booking a yacht with Poseidon Charters

We offer a huge selection of yachts to ensure you have a great choice, advise on the best yacht as well as ensure you receive the latest up to date information about each yacht, it’s crew and services onboard. Our knowledge of Greek, Croatian, French Polynesian and Caribbean waters means we can discuss the islands with you in detail prior to boarding so you arrive with knowledge and itinerary ideas. All charter funds are 100% protected by our licensed and bonded charter agency.

Sail, motor sailor or power yacht

Private luxury crewed yachts come in all shapes and sizes and the sky is the limit in terms of budget. The key question to ask yourself is what type of experience do you want? Do you want a relaxing sail but in style? Or do do you want a powerful luxurious motor at speed experience? Once you have the answer to that then it narrows down the selection.

Sailing yacht: this can be monohull or catamaran yacht. Size: 50-175ft.

Motor sailor: Classic motor sailing vessels are traditional style boats. Size: 60-147ft.

Power yacht: Motor yachts offer the highest level of service and high cruising speeds. Size: 50-200ft.

Charter periods

The minimum charter period is typically 7-nights in high season. In mid and low season less than 7-nights is possible.


The number of crew depends on the size of the yacht and will in many cases include a trained chef.

Inventory of a luxury charter yacht

A full inventory and brochure will be provided for each individual yacht.

Private luxury yacht charter terms explained

Contract:  Whenever you charter a yacht, you will sign a charter contract. The contract will outline your terms and conditions of charter with the owner of the yacht. The contract is to be signed upon booking.

Advanced provisioning allowance (APA): Pricing for a private crewed yacht is for the vessel with the services of the crew. In addition to the yacht fee there is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance referred to as the APA amount. This pre-paid additional amount can be anything between 20-30% of the charter fee and is paid in advance with the charter fee. The APA covers the extras for the running costs of the charter such as fuel and food etc. If you are chartering a vessel that will use a lot of fuel, such as a power vessel with large engines, then expect your APA amount to be considerable and not less than an additional 30% of the charter fee. The APA will also cover costs of food and drink, mooring fees, water and electricity while onboard. The crew are accountable by receipt for all APA spend. All APA spend will be reconciled at the end of the trip and unused monies will be refunded or additional funds can be requested if funds are used up while on charter.

Value Added Tax (VAT): This is a European tax and is currently set at 12% of the charter fee. VAT is paid in advance with the charter fee.

Preference sheet:  The crew will want to make your charter the best it can be and they will not wish to bother you with these details while you are onboard. When you book a luxury yacht charter, you will be asked to complete a preference sheet.

When you complete a preference sheet, some of the things you will be asked to complete are:

Flight details: and hotels reserved pre and post your charter.

Transfers: Any transfers you require.

Passport details: You will be asked to complete names, passport details and date of births of everyone on the boat with you excluding the professional crew. This information is provided to the Port Authority as a legal document for souls onboard a boat.

Special occasions: crew love to make a trip special, so they like to hear of any special occasions while you are onboard so they can prepare for a surprise!

Food allergies: It is important for the crew to be aware of any intolerances and allergies such nuts, gluten free or celiac.

Food preferences: Crew list to know the sort of foods you enjoy so the preference sheet will ask questions such as:  Do you like simple fair or a hot breakfast? Do you prefer salads or a hot lunch? You will also need to provide details of any vegetarian, meat or vegan preferences.

Drink preferences: How many bottles of wine/champagne/beer do you require for the charter and what type, vintage etc?  A wine order list will be provided if you wish to select particular vintages or brands.

Itinerary: Do you have any special places you wish to visit and on what dates? Do you want to see as much as possible, or travel at a slower pace?

Health: Do you have any health conditions that require the taking of medications that the crew should be aware of?

Not included in the cost of charter or APA: The APA will cover many of the onboard costs of the charter, but will not cover: any meals taken off the yacht; hotels pre and post charter; flights to or from the yacht.

One-way fee: in some instances, you may choose to board your private yacht in one location and then end in another so you can see more. If the yacht is required to return to its original base, ie. if there is not another charter leaving from your end base then a one-way fee will be charged. The one-way fee will cover the cost of the fuel and crew to return the yacht to its original port.


The service provided by crew aboard a luxury private yacht is similar to that of a 5* hotel. Offering a gratuity is not mandatory but it is typically expected. An amount for guidance is 5-10% of the charter rate, so if your charter rate (excluding APA, VAT and one-way fees) is Euro 20,000 then the gratuity offered would be Euro 2,000. This is typically given to the Captain to be shared among the crew. In the case that a large amount of APA funds are left after all costs have been deducted, then gratuity can be taken out of the APA.

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