General FAQ's

Can I book online?

We pride ourselves on offering you a personalized service and 'tailor' make your trip from the many yachts and cabin cruises you see on our website. By talking to you and finding out your needs we can suggest the most suitable yacht and obtain the latest pricing from the many discounts available - an online one fits all system could not offer you this service. We are proud of our service committment and our advice is free! Our secure payment online will be live shortly. 

What will the weather be like?

On our destinations pages you can find general weather information for each of our destinations.

The Med
The Caribbean
The Pacfic

What is included in the price?

Yacht charters, luxury charters, cabin charters and flotillas are very different and what is included in the price of the trip is detailed on each specific type of sailing option. Upon booking your invoice will also have what is included and excluded shown.

What shall I pack for my trip aboard a sailing yacht or mini-cruise?

All yachts and cabins have limited storage space so it is best to travel with bags that can fold flat. Sport bags with wheels or a good quality backpack are best for storage purposes aboard. Our comprehensive packing list will help with the essentials for traveling. 

Which currency do I pay in?

For North American customers, payment can be made in USD $, CDN $, or will be converted to these currencies at current exchange rates at time of invoicing. For our customers in Europe, payment can be made in Euro by wire transfer.

What do I do about travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you have both cancellation and medical insurance when you travel. If you are from Canada, we can organize insurance for you at competitive prices.

Where can I get my visa?

For more information about required visas, call or visit the embassy or consulate of your intended travel destination.

I want to cancel my booking what do I need to do?

At the time of booking you will have been sent an invoice outlining the cancellation conditions of your trip. All cancellations need to be sent to us in writing by e-mail or fax. You can view our terms and conditions for more details.

How will you protect my personal information?

We take data protection very seriously and you can find full details by reading our privacy policy.

Is Poseidon Charters financially secure?

Yes. Poseidon Charters became a licensed travel agency in 1998 and has been a profitable company every year since. 

What happens to my money when I pay for my trip?

When Poseidon Charters receives payments for your trips funds are deposited into intrust accounts. In the unlikely event of Poseidon Charters ever going bankrupt, your money is safe and you would get it back in full if your trip could not be delivered. We are a licensed TICO travel Agency (Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and our clients are protected by the TICO indemnity fund in the case of an operator’s/service provider’s failure to deliver. 

Is Poseidon Charters regulated?

Yes. Poseidon Charters is a registered travel agency specializing in yacht charters, adventure sailing holidays and mini-cruise tours worldwide. The travel industry in the province of Ontario, Canada is strictly regulated by TICO. We are required by law to be licensed and keep client's funds in escro or intrust acccouts. We must renew our license each year and pay the required fees and taxes or face fines of $100,000 for offering travel services without a license. Our TICO registration number is: 50023285. 

Can I book my flight through Poseidon Charters?

No. We can recommend airlines and routes, but we do not book flights for any of our trips. Airlines offer the best rates by booking directly online. 

What emergency contact number do I leave behind at home?

We will always relay emergency messages to ground staff on any of our trips. You can therefore provide friends and family with our office number: (+1) 613 832 7245.

What funds do I need to bring with me?

It is safer to travel with an ATM card rather than lots of cash and the exchange rate is generally better than buying foreign currencies at home. Traveler's checks are rarely used now. Having $100-$200 cash is always good in an emergency and can be exchanged to local currency.

Do I need an international driver's license to hire a car in Greece?

If you hiring a car on the mainland then yes you do require an international driver's lience. Once in the islands this is usually not required. 

Need advice?
Our friendly team can help, call us on 1 888 372 7245 (Toll free North America)


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