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Sailing cabin charter Greece: 7-nights Athens to Ios


Destination: Greece

Title: Cabin charter Athens to Ios June 2017

I thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience but everything was so easy and affordable that we will definitely be back. The crew is outstanding, giving us access to restaurants and experiences we wouldn't know about otherwise. Steve, our captain, knows people on each island and gave us tips for what to do at each stop. We booked a one-week adventure and instantly wished we had done 2 weeks. It goes by fast! The boat we had is gorgeous and comfortable. Highly recommend! Do it now!

From: Janice Pollard

Location: MI, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing Greece by the cabin June 2016

It was my first time in Greece.  The trip was a unique and wonderful experience and was as advertised.  The Christianna is gorgeous!  I thoroughly enjoyed our brief exploration of the islands we went to, the swimming spots, the hikes, the people I met on land, and the tavernas where we ate.  All was intriguing!  Capt. Steven was ever vigilant for the safety of ship and passengers, was informative, and kept us laughing on a number of occasions.  He gave us an excellent safety briefing before leaving Athens and a lengthy briefing before leaving Ios for Santorini, as well as accompanying us to the ferry terminal to ensure we had the proper tickets for Santorini.  Steven also gave me recommendations re Athens which I appreciated.  Crew at the time, Nick B., was eager to help and polite.  I found the group I was with to be exceptionally warm.  We all got along very well.  I much appreciated the upgrade from the stern cabin to a cabin without a ladder!  Please put me on your mailing list for future adventures!  Thank you for making this trip such a successful experience!

From: Lucille Poole

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Cabin charter in Greece September 2015

This was a trip and adventure of a lifetime for me. I joined 7 other women on a 56' sailboat for the seven day cabin charter on the Aegean Sea trip. I really had no expectations, just hopeful that I could have some quality down-time and rejuvenating days at sea. I was given this and so much more. Our crew, led by a wonderful, patient and kind Greek skipper and the equally kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable first mate made for a fun, relaxed and memorable trip.  Because of their years of experience doing these trips, they could recommend places to visit and dine that were beautiful, historical, reasonable and delicious. The sailing was spectacular, and the islands chosen to visit were different enough to feel like you got a wonderful overview of the Cyclades. I cannot wait to take another trip and highly recommend that anyone thinking of doing a sailboat tour think only of Poseidon Charters.

From: Erika Embley

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Cabin charter Greece June 2014

We had a fabulous week aboard Christiana VIII! All the ports were amazing and we enjoyed the beautiful sailing days. Thanks for all the delicious meals and guide information. We have really enjoyed our 'baby moon' and have so many incredible memories. Thank your making our trip so specie! We hope to travel again soon in the future with Poseidon Charters!

From: Kimberly and Forrest Ruhge

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: A family holiday to Greece June 2014

This was our first trip to the Med and it exceeded our wildest expectations! We all like to camp but we've never lived on a boat…so that was a new experience! Our son, Jimi, loved sleeping in the hammock every night. The breakfast and lunches on board were delicious. The highlights for us were the Blue Lagoon, the dolphins, and swinging off the bow like Tarzan! Exploring each port was really interesting and we found lots of cool places under the direction of Captain Steve. We were also delightfully surprised by how social of an experience it was sailing with  the flotilla, we met wonderful people from all over! Happy sailing.

From: The family Gipple

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing aboard Christiana VII July 2014

What an amazing trip. Our week was a series of beautiful locations and great sailing. Alex enjoyed sleeping in the hammock on deck in the refreshing breezes, while I (Mom) enjoyed the relative quiet of the cabin. Our ship mates were all easy going and made for lively happy hour companions as we took our chances with bottles of Greek wine! The breakfasts and lunches were exceptional. Sharron must have been a chef in a previous life. The Greek yoghurt and honey made the perfect morning start and the lunches were healthy with each salad more delicious from the last, and the tuna caught by Captain Steve made the BBQ divine! The expertise of the crew was evident in the smooth sailing, and expert docking. I'll never forget the show at Hydra with boats stacked up! Thank you for a wonderful week. We can't wait to come back and sail with you again.

From: Lisa and Alex Krouse

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Cabin charter in Greece July 2014

When I stood watch and sailed into the passage between Athens and Poros I had tears in my eyes from joy and happiness. Thank you for helping me to fulfil a lifelong dream of sailing in Greece (and it's been a long life!!). Catching the tuna that fed 36 people was just a bonus! I was completely confident in Captain Steve's skills, and had no worries. Sharron you are unflappable, constantly calm and a wonderful sailing companion. Thank you both for your stories, skills and food!

From: Ivy and Jamie Nugent

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece September 2014

We had a wonderful week of real sailing. One can only be complimentary of Steve and his team. Everything done on the boat is explained including all safety precautions. Poseidon really go the extra mile and we would highly recommend them.

From: Pete and Fran Telle

Location: South Africa

Destination: Greece

Title: First time sailing September 2014

This was my first time sailing on the sea. I found it very exciting and we had a great time. New people on the boat were very interesting and we got on well. The captain and crew were very professional and informative about the Greek islands. The sailing experience was phenomenal! I would recommend this sailing experience to anyone who wants to visit Greece as a must!

From: Daniel and Colleen Joubert

Location: South Africa

Destination: Greece

Title: A week aboard Margarita 8-15 September 2012

Life has mysterious ways of bringing you friends. A last minute decision, a nice website, a couple of emails that drove us to a fantastic trip and new friends. The journey through the greek islands onboard amazing Margarita was an experience that we will never forget. Poros, Hydra, Kithnos and Kea are places that we'll always treasure. They all came to life through the great knowledge and experience of our new Poseidon friends. Margarita is an amazing boat, she took us gracefully and safely through our journey. Thank you.

From: Sonia, Andre, Gabi and Alex

Location: London, UK

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