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Sailing cabin charter Greece: 14-nights boarding Athens


Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing tour in Greece Sep 2016

Already 2 weeks have passed since we returned from our great sailing vacation in the Greek Islands. We finally feel back to normal, what ever that is. Thank you for making this sailing vacation a wonderful experience for us. Every Island was unique with its history and we learned a lot due to the great knowledge of Steven, our one of a kind Skipper, who returned us safely to port. We enjoyed the food in the islands as well as breakfast and lunch on board specially prepared by the very friendly Crew, Nikolas the "Galley Wizard" as well as the Skipper Steven. We also enjoyed meeting the interesting people on board, especially the first group on the outward bound segment of our voyage. We are very confident to recommend Poseidon Charter's to anyone.

From: John and Vreni Warwick

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Review of Greece sailing with Poseidon Charters 5* Aug 2014

Toward the end of my husband’s short-term overseas assignment, with summer 2014 near, he said this is it, last chance to pick anywhere you want to go. Without hesitation, I said “Greece!”, the number one place I had ever wanted to see, yet had not been and at 52, the bucket list loomed. We had not sailed in 5 years due to work demands, so he said to try and find some way we could charter a boat and rent a captain or something and sail the Aegean, see some islands. I am the google queen so was relieved to find Poseidon Charters; while they did offer flotillas, you could also just rent a private cabin and bathroom aboard the lead boat (unlike my husband, I was simply not up to the responsibility of renting a boat after such a long break). 

My choice was the itinerary that combined with a stay on Santorini, as that was a must-do for me; unfortunately, those were all booked. In fact, there was only one cabin for one week end of Aug/Sept that was still available, but without giving it another thot, we just booked it. Being from the US, I was very comfortable dealing with a Canadian company and paying in dollars; paperwork and payment was a snap. (Afterward, I was such a pain nagging Sharron with questions over the email, but she always promptly responded despite the time difference – as I still picture her, at an Oceanside restaurant on an exotic Greek isle, with her laptop taking care of biz late into the evening while the guests played).

The charter left out of Athens, so it was great to spend a couple days there and see the sites, then make our way to the marina Saturday for the sailing trip. They ran a couple different boats for the season and we were assigned to Margarita for that trip, which secretly thrilled us as living in Houston, margaritas are a staple. It was a beautiful older boat, like a great big version of our Catalina 36, with all the heavy woodwork. (It had of course been updated over the years, so I got some upgrade ideas for our boat). Two other couples were along, one younger one older, and I was shocked to learn neither had ever been on a sailboat before, but both quickly learned the ropes and were complete fans by the end of the trip. 

We had a scheduled itinerary per the booking. Each morning over breakfast, we were briefed on where we were going that day and options for exploring on our own; these people are soooo knowledgeable on Greece, I can no longer imagine visiting the islands any other way. It reminded me a lot of a Caribbean live-a-board, only sailing instead of diving (and the crew was much nicer, lol, leaving you feeling more like a friend or family than just a “customer”). The sailing itself could not have been better – we often enjoyed a broad reach among the islands, when the other folks would read, listen to music, or take turns manning the helm (I just wanted to relax and soak in the sun and the view), but we also had a couple blue water days healed over like out in the Gulf, only with the beautiful backdrop of the Greek isles. The non-sailing activities were too many and varied to discuss in detail, but typically following the briefing and the morning sail/passage, we would either drop anchor in tucked-away coves for lunch, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing in natural hot springs or hop ashore small islands along the way to visit historical sites. At various times in the afternoon, depending on that day’s schedule, we would dock at marinas on different islands for the remainder of the day, to explore the uniqueness each had to offer, always with a fabulous dinner at one of the many local establishments, and often with lovely views and sunsets. (Here I must give a special shoutout to Thomas; during our first dinner on an island my cell fone took a second story dive down a crack between two buildings and it was a goner. Next thing I knew, Thomas popped up in front of me with my still-working cell fone in hand.)

I truly cannot say enough great things about the trip, the crew, and the experience itself (or of course Greece and its people). Captain Steve was an incredibly skilled skipper, learned so much from him. For the first part of the week we had both Sharron and Thomas on crew, then Thomas, and it never ceased to amaze me how tirelessly they worked, always with a smile, to ensure that everyone had a good time, was well-fed and cared for, and the boat kept organized and immaculate. The food was so fantastic and plentiful that I was never hungry for dinner on the islands (but stuffed myself anyway).  

After the week, Steve had a cab waiting for us bright and early the last morning so we could hop over to Santorini for a couple days on land before heading home. Now it is just a memory and I have never stopped wishing I could have it all back and relive each minute, because surely I did not appreciate it enough at the time. Alas, we will enjoy our summer at home this year getting our boat recommissioned, but already thinking ahead to 2016 – that other itinerary is still calling me! The deck of life is but short; go sailing my friend, there is less time than you think….

From: Sherrie Faubion

Location: Texas

Destination: Greece

Title: Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary in Greece Sep 2014

Here to celebrate our 25th!! This trip met all our expectations. We experienced some great Mediterranean sailing and had the opportunity to do hands on sailing and learn Med Mooring from Steven and Sharron. The islands were fun, the people and food were terrific. We hope to come back one day…maybe on our 35th wedding anniversary. Thank you.

From: Karen and Andy Bygden

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Lovely vessel and grand skippers sailing in Greece Sep 2014

Time for reflection after two weeks of sailing the Greek islands, Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades. We have learned new and different methods of Med mooring, swam in beautiful crystal clear peaceful bays, stood watch and participated in the sailing of Christianna VIII. Lovely vessel, grand skippers. 1st week with Stephanos, second week with Steven and of course both weeks with the very multi-talented Sharron who is first mate, crew and cook. Around me, at this very moment we have a crew that is mostly sailors and we stand watch as a constant crew. Fun adventures ashore were combinations of tavernas, hiking to the top of the top and the end of the ends! Sailing is a melt of several different things and engages us physically, mentally and spiritually - and we once again shared all of these emotions on board Christianna. Our two weeks of cruising the Greek Islands with Poseidon will be treasured in our memory banks forever. To Captain Stephanos, Captain Steven and wonder woman Sharron, a hearty efharisto (thank you!) Also a great appreciation to our fellow crew and shipmates for allowing us to share new friendships.

From: Denny and Erica Jackson

Location: Hawaii, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Two weeks of magic sailing in Greece July 2014

Two weeks of magic! We loved it all, the sailing, the food, the scenery, the companionship and of course the noisy toilets!! I, as a city slicker and a non-sailor particularly appreciated all the gentle assistance in fitting in and easing myself into the Aegean Sea even though I'm not much of a swimmer. My favourite place - I can't say since there was something special about each place. Larry loved the sailing instruction and the chance to actually sail. Sharron was simply fabulous at handling every detail with a smile. One of our special memories is our Shirley Valentine moment on Mykonos! In all, a very special trip. Thanks for everything and for such special memories.

From: Larry and Diane Erhart

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing on a 60ft yacht in Greece June 2014

We had an amazing two weeks sailing the Aegean to celebrate 125 years of life…both of our 50th birthdays and 25th wedding anniversary! The detailed information and depth of knowledge that was shared brought Greece to life in an up close and personal way. The ports of call were interesting..ruins, shops, bakeries, restaurants and beautiful vistas. Thank you for the most relaxing vacation that we have had in years. Yammas…you are welcome in the 1000 islands anytime! 
Elizabeth and Joe kindly agreed to be filmed after their trip. See their video.

From: Joe and Elizabeth Dorrington

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece June 2014 aboard Margarita

We had a tremendous week on the Margarita. Our Captain (Angelos) and first mate (Thomas) were fantastic. Hydra was our favourite port. We met great people, ate delicious food and enjoyed the beauty of Greece. Thank you Poseidon Charters.

From: Michelle and Bill Erickson

Location: Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece cabin charter June 2014

About my adventure to Greece, I found the booking process to be very clear and the information given was quite relevant.  It was easy to follow.  The trip was delivered as promised and the other commentaries I had read on the website were very accurate.  The best part of the trip for me was the sailing.  Especially when we were on a broad reach and the boat was balanced.  Of course I liked almost every aspect of the trip and especially meeting and spending time with Sharron and Steve.  You are very easy to get along with and you find a good balance between being Captain and First Mate and making everyone feel comfortable.  I’ve recommended the trip to several of my sailing and non-sailing friends.  Everyone loves the pictures.  It was hard to return to work.   Looking forward to my next trip!!

From: Joe Worden

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing the Greek isles Sept 2013

Since the comments people shared on your website were what convinced me this was the trip for me, I thought it only appropriate that I do the same! My very first impression upon meeting the other guests was that we all shared the same desire for an adventure, and were all wildly enthusiastic about the trip in front of us. We all left the rat race behind and what we wanted from this trip was some time to calmly savor the beauty of the Mediterranean, to be on the water on a beautiful vessel and share this escape with like minded people.  No busy ports for us!  We wanted the inside skinny on where the regulars ate and drank, local characters and beaches untouched by cruise lines.  And Sharron and Steve delivered in spades! Their extensive knowledge of the islands geography, people and sea put us all at ease and entertained us.  And lets not forget Steve's relationship with many a stray cat colony or dog.  He knew them too! Somehow from the moment I found the Poseidon Charters site I knew it was the one, I could not have imagined a better group of people to share this experience with crew or guests and I hope we can all sail together again.

From: Sharon Waters

Location: Maryland, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing the Greek islands Sept 2013

Thank you Steven and Margarita (from Swiss family Robinson)! We had some great times - dolphins especially! You've sown a seed for future sailing in Rory no doubt! Thanks for the history and taking us off the beaten track. Loved the restaurants you chose (+ kittys), very exciting seas the last two days - think we definitely got our sea legs! Bridget, Steve, Oscar, Hattie and Rory

From: Steven Quigley

Location: Sussex, UK

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek islands sailing Sept 2013

What can we say but thank you so much for taking such good care of us. From the time we booked, making all the arrangements and everything going so smoothly (hotels, buses etc) to the many wonderful meals and cups of tea and coffee onboard! Thank you.

From: Ruth and Brian Vlaming

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek island sailing tour July 2013

An adventure in the Greek islands was what I wanted. I experienced wonderful sailing, swimming azure waters everyday, meeting wonderful people and tasting amazing greek cuisine. A perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday! Yamas!

From: Narelle MacDonald

Location: Sydney, Australia

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece Aegean Adventure July 2013

Absolutely fantastic time. Enjoyed the sailing, thanks for the helmsmanship instruction. Great food and good company. Looking forward to the next trip!

From: Julian Francis

Location: London, UK

Destination: Greece

Title: Greek islands sailing July 2013

I first became aware of Poseidon Charters when I met Sharron at the Ottawa Travel show.  At the time she was chatting with a couple that had sailed the Islands with Poseidon the year before.  They had nothing but good things to say and had thoroughly enjoyed their trip.  Having decided to actually commit to this adventure I can say only good things about Poseidon and Sharron in particular.  Right from the start she helped me organize everything and made it very easy.  We spent two nights in Athens then flew to Santorini and spent three nights there.  Sharron helped with all of that part as well. When we got to the boat we were greeted by Maggie.  She was in charge of cleaning the boat and keeping us fed.  She was great at both. Her meals were excellent.  The only issue was that my large son never quite had enough to eat and I think that perhaps the food budget for the week could be a little larger.  Mind you he does eat a lot and it was not an issue for the rest of my family! Shortly thereafter we met Angelo who was our skipper. He has sailed the Greek Islands for over 20 years and he knows them very, very well.  He is also an excellent sailor and makes sure that everyone on the boat is comfortable and safe.  Safety is job one and he does it extremely well.  We felt lucky to have him as our leader!  He chose the Islands that we visited very carefully depending on many variables.  We had a couple of fantastic sailing days on the open ocean with 25 knot winds, it was unbelievable. I would highly recommend Poseidon Charters.  They have been doing this for several years and they have it right.  Thank you for a great adventure that I will never forget!!

From: Peter Ingalls

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Cabin charter Aegean Adventure July 2013

Nothing short of STUNNINGLY FANTASTIC!!! The islands and the Greek people were absolutely amazing! We loved and enjoyed every aspect of it. The group of people on the boat were such a great match for us too. We had great sailing opportunities and I enjoyed my fill at the wheel!!  The food was amazing on and off the boat! Now this leads to the Skipper and Crew!!  They were both so absolutely responsible for our GREAT POSITIVE experience. Thank you...for all your help and suggestions, I appreciated prompt replies every time we contacted your office. We would definitely consider working with you in the future 'when' we consider another trip to Greece... and hope to thank you personally at the boat show in January 2014.

From: Bernard and Ursula Dickinson

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece June 2013

I tried to obtain as much information as possible online regarding Greece charters and your website was extremely helpful - I also looked for reviews - there were not many but seeing pictures and comments on Facebook/other social media also helped me to make a decision to contact you for more information. The best part of the trip was visiting Hydra, Milos, Paros; many excellent food recommendations (only 1 not-so-fantastic meal on pirate night but not a bad statistic for a 2-wk trip!!). Peter and I certainly had an enjoyable time and said he'd sail with Poseidon Charters again in the future (so would I). Peter appreciated that Steve made an effort to include him in sailing activities though Peter appeared to enjoy lounging around and reading books more! To me, knowing that unexpected things can happen on a sailboat, I thought Steve was very knowledgeable about managing issues safely, which was more important to me than getting from point A to B. Overall, I personally had a fantastic and very memorable trip. Thanks for a great trip :)

From: Stephanie Phan

Location: Georgia, United States

Destination: Greece

Title: Awesome experience sailing in Greece June 2013

Favorite island: Santorini. Favourite meal: Poros tied with Paros!. Favourite cats: Milos. Favourite bit of water: the dolphins! Was an awesome experience and definitely a memorable one. Sad that Beth and Gary couldn't join us for the second week of fun. I have definitely got a good feel for the Greek island, thanks for accommodating us - loved all the fantastic food - you were right we didn't get tired of Greek cuisine! Had a lot of fun and thanks for letting me take the helm!

From: Peter Taylor

Location: USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure two weeks 14 September 2012

Our sincere thanks for a wonderful holiday. Your attention to detail, Greek history, delicious cuisine combined with Greece's natural beauty made a great travel memory we will always remember! Thanks again...The "stinky power boaters"!

From: Arla and Brian Veniotte

Location: Ontario, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing in Greece aboard Margarita June 2012

First of all we wish to thank you for the terrific trip you provided. Andrea and I were very happy with the experience and have been describing your operation to all who wanted to hear about our vacation. The boat (Margarita) was great. Comfortable, stable in the heavy winds and seas we experienced. The itinerary was also excellent. One of the reasons we went with Poseidon was the larger area and number of islands covered. Most of the other companies didn't travel very far. The selection of islands was also wonderful. Santorini was amazing. I've added Ia to my list of perfect places in the world. The ability to participate in the crewing and steering of the boat was a big bonus for us as we aspire to sail on our own someday.We have recommended your company to our friends and hope to join you again for Croatia/Turkey in the not too distant future.

From: Andrea Lewis and Sean Cruz

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Greece sailing trip June 2012

Poseidon Charters was the way to go for a tour of the Greek Isles.  I’ve always dreamed of sailing in the Mediterranean Sea and mooring in the bays and ports. Eating grilled octopus and the fresh catch of the day.  This outfitter delivered flawlessly. I scoured the internet looking for the best fit for my wife and I.  This was to be our babymoon in early June of this year.  The website piqued my interest, but it was the conversation I had with Captain Parry that reeled me in.  You could tell that he has crafted and tweaked an itinerary over several decades to get this product where it is.  Everything on the phone sounds too good to be true, but when you get to the Greek Isles and see first hand, this captain knows what he’s talking about.  It was ever prevalent in the way he knew every harbor master, restaurateur, and local shop owner, no matter where we went.  His shipmate Sharron was outstanding as well.  She made a fantastic breakfast and lunch spread everyday and was a pleasure to be around.  Our tour had a flotilla boat with us and it actually increased the experience for me.  It added some pleasant sailing couples to our group and increased the learning experience from a sailing tactical standpoint.  Poseidon Charters gets an “A” and I would consider using them for a trip to Croatia in the future.  Thank you captain and crew for fulfilling one of our dreams.  Eric and Jessa from Colorado.  By the way our baby boy is doing great.

From: Eric and Jessa

Location: Colarado Springs, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure June 2012

Thank you so much for a most AMAZING two weeks! And really - AMAZING doesn't begin to describe the experience I had on this trip! Steve and Sharron were so amazing! From before the trip started, until the very end!!! I STRONGLY recommend joining Poseidon Charters (and Steve and Sharron) on any sailing adventure they may be hosting! Miss you guys!!! Yamas!!!

From: Karen Mallet

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure aboard Margarita June 2012

Thank you for an amazing time - best holiday ever. Andy is very happy with his medal and is looking to take up swinging full-time when we get home! We loved seeing all the islands, the 'plane' and all the food. Keep us posted on all the cats!

From: Andy and Alice Foot

Location: UK

Destination: Greece

Title: Fulfilled a dream...and can't wait to relive it...June 2011

We made a decision to fulfill a dream and sail the Greek Islands and we absolutely made the right decision when choosing to sail with Poseidon Charters. Our trip was much more than we could imagine with each day being like a new vacation, a new adventure, always full of excitement, laughter, stories, and great food. Your expertise and wealth of knowledge allowed us to truly experience Greece and it's beauty and food. Catching a 40 lb tuna off the back of Margarita was exciting and even more so, anchoring at our favourite place, Kleftiko Bay, and cooking the tuna on the beach in this remote area in the world - a place that truly takes your breath away. WOW... The opportunity to kayak through the caves and just relax on this remote anchorage was amazing. Your obvious passion for sailing, commitment to your guests enjoyment and safety and extensive experience sailing in Greece makes Poseidon Charters the #1 choice. For those still thinking or dreaming about sailing the Greek Islands....think no more - LIVE your DREAM. "Dream it, live it, do it..." Sharron and Steve, we can't thank you enough for helping make our experience all that it was and helping us to fulfill our dream.

From: Sharron Malott

Location: Ontario, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure Sept-Oct 2011

A trip of a lifetime, incredible experience. The trip was a dream on paper which manifested into so much more and in a word tremendous...tremendous laughs, food, sites, experiences and friendships. We also experienced tremendous wind and waves which, through the confidence and experience of our excellent crew, made it a sailing adventure that will never be forgotten. The itinerary flowed to create an totally unique mix of adventure, relaxing, dining, and more in settings you wouldn't find without Steve and Sharron's extensive knowledge of the area, it's people, & it's culture. Thanks to you both for an unforgettable time and hope to see you in Croatia in the near future.

From: James and Jacqueline Roberts

Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure cabin charter and flotilla Sept 2011

In some areas around the Aegean, the color of the water is so brilliant that it appears to emit a light of its own. Neon blue waters glow under a crystal blue sky a magical place! As sailors, my husband and I practiced using the Beaufort Scale of wind force, as is the local custom. We experienced beautiful weather! Under Captain Steve¹s guidance, we observed how the sea state changed over time and varied by location to estimate Beaufort wind speed. Arriving at the dock early provided the optimal conditions for Med Mooring our flotilla as well as the best 'happy hour' entertainment of all: front row seats to the competition for docking rights among the latecomer vessels. Ashore, we found fantastic archeological sites at every turn! We encountered the 5,000-year-old ruins of a city that make the classical temples we visited look relatively recent. Captain Steve was an absolute pleasure to sail with and, indeed, a man of many talents! We enjoyed the islands with the perfect mix of free time to explore on our own and shore excursions personally guided by Poseidon staff. It was easy to get by knowing only English (especially because Steve speaks Greek!). Our Poseidon charter was so awesome that I bought the Rosetta Stone software for learning Greek AFTER I returned home just to get ready for my next trip!

From: Cheryl and David Hurst

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Sailing cruise Aegean Adventure June 2010

The experience Poseidon provides is incredible and unique. It is a wonderful mixture of (ancient) history, architecture, language, cuisine and culture. The circuit from Athens, Hydra, Kleftiko Bay, Milos, Ios and on to Santorini (where you get off the boat for a couple of days and stay in a villa on an island that is nothing but mystical), and then heading back to Athens via Paros, Mykonos and Kea is absolutely enchanting. The opportunity to meet local folks in quaint villages on islands that were on major trade routes thousands of years ago is extraordinary to say the least. Doing all of this on a sailboat with the family functioning as the crew is beyond description. I should note Steve covers every detail (including fantastic culinary experiences in family owned tavernas) and each crew member can do as much or little as he or she wants, in terms of taking the helm, raising and lowering sails and assisting with mooring the boat at the piers in the village harbors. However, I must say Margarita is a great boat and it's a thrill to be at her helm on a tack to the next port. The Aegean Adventure with Captain Parry is a wonderful family experience that your kids will enjoy and then remember the rest of their lives. Our two daughters and son literally took thousands of photos and to this day, they frequently thank us for bringing the family together for such a memorable adventure with each other. Hiking up to the monastery on Hydra and climbing through the well-preserved ruins on Delos are opportunities to experience ancient history that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else.

From: Steve and Sharon Olson

Location: Illinois, USA

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure aboard yacht Dream

The only word I can think of to describe our charter trip experience through the Greek Islands is 'Awesome'. Even though we are not experienced sailors, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip and would go back and do it again tomorrow if we could. Obviously there are always small things a company can do to improve; however, this trip was absolutely tremendous. The accommodations aboard the yacht were quite satisfactory, clean, well maintained, etc. The itinerary was well thought out and provided us with an excellent overview of the Greek Islands and a good portion of Greek history. The selection of our fellow passengers only increased our enjoyment of the trip. The staff aboard the yacht (Program Director Johnny and Capt. George) made the trip just that much more enjoyable. I believe everyone aboard the yacht was totally impressed with Johnny and appreciated all his support. The foods that Johnny prepared (breakfasts and lunches) were five star quality. And then there is Captain George. There are no words to describe 'Big' George, except to say that for those of us aboard the Dream, George made the experience that much more enjoyable. A professional, a historian, funny, highly respected are only some of the words that could be used to describe him.

From: Terry & Penny Winters

Location: Toronto, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure aboard yacht Margarita

Thank you Steve for giving us a real taste of the Greek islands - our first experience of traveling in Greece. Each island was so uniquely different. While we had previous sailing experience we learned a lot from the two weeks we were aboard. You are very knowledgeable about the ports and points of interest on each island - especially the archaeological sites. Great adventures! It was super to meet so many nice people who were part of our Margarita experience as well as the members of the five flotilla boats. Our 'chef' Florence, was truly a gem!

From: Alastair and Beverley Robertson

Location: Ontario, Canada

Destination: Greece

Title: Aegean Adventure aboard yacht Margarita

Thank you Poseidon for adding this wonderful experience to our honeymoon in Greece. We'll always remember our fantastic swim stops at deserted little coves... and thanks to Sharron for finally introducing us to a proper cup of English tea! Thank you.

From: Nicole and Tim

Location: Boston, USA

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