Which charter option is right for you?

Yacht charter/bareboat

A yacht charter or bareboat charter means you rent your own monohull or catamaran yacht and sail without any professional crew onboard.  You are responsible for everything on the yacht including sailing, cooking, cleaning and the safety of the passengers onboard. Yacht charter is ideal for:

Groups of friends or family who want to explore and create their own itinerary
Sailors who have sailing experience and in most instances a sailing license.
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Skippered yacht charter

As a yacht charter but with a professional skipper onboard. Professional skippers offer much more than sailing the yacht, they are the host to the country you are sailing in and can provide the local knowledge enabling you to really experience the local culture and highlights of each destination. Chartering a yacht with a skipper is a great idea if you are:

A new or uncertified sailor planning your first yacht charter holiday with your group of friends or family
A certified or experienced sailor who would like a more relaxing charter experience with your group of friends or family
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Book a cabin

A cabin charter is a sailing vacation where you charter a cabin on a sailing yacht rather than book the whole yacht.  You are onboard  with professional crew as well as other people from all over the world who have also booked just a cabin. You can be aboard a catamaran or a monohull dependent on which trip you choose. Cabin charters are a great idea if you:

Enjoy meeting new people
Want to practice and learn new skills
Wish to sail without the responsibility of chartering your own yacht
Like the idea of some inclusive meals
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Luxury yachts

A crewed luxury yacht is a private vessel that can be sail or power with highly trained professional crew chartered for your group. Crewed yachts offer the highest level of luxury and standards of service with attention to the smallest details. Crewed yachts are ideal for:

Distinguished travellers who wish to travel aboard luxury yachts with the ability to go anywhere
Corporate events or special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.
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Flotilla charter

Charter your own yacht, but follow a lead yacht on a pre-determined itinerary. A flotilla is a sailing holiday aboard your own yacht, with the safety and local knowledge of a lead yacht crew - as well as a fun race each day! A flotilla is ideal if you: 

Seek an informative guided and safe vacation following a lead yacht
Prefer to charter your own yacht for your own private group
Have the required sailing certification or experience to charter your own yacht
Enjoy the safety and social camaraderie of sailing with a group of yachts
Happy to sail a planned itinerary 
Enjoy meeting like-minded sociable people while on holiday
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