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By the cabin sailing vacation BVI
By the cabin sailing vacation BVI

Cabin charter sailing vacations are available in many destinations around the world and the British Virgin Islands is one of the top spots to sit back and take in the scenery, nightlife and fabulous beaches. It is typically couples who book this type of trip as a getaway, but it was also just perfect for this family who wanted to sail with their children. 

"Just back from the BVI - it was a fantastic trip all around. My kids all did great, and of course loved every moment. Really appreciate your putting it together for us!"

A cabin charter is a sailing vacation where you book by the cabin. Meals are included and there are two professional crew onboard. A cabin charter is a great idea if you are a new or an uncertified sailor planning your first sailing holiday or an experienced sailor who would like a more relaxing charter experience. 


Published...26/09/2021. Author...Poseidon Charters.