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Catamaran vs Monohull
Catamaran vs Monohull

You've decided you want to go on your very first sailing vacation; how do you know what is going to be the best yacht for your first charter? Read our handy guide on the difference between the two main types of yachts available to help you choose either a catamaran or a monohull. 


Two hulls without a keel so able to be in shallow water.
Slightly boxy in design.
Tend to cost more per week to charter.
Many have trampolines at the bow for fun while sailing and star gazing at night.
Very stable less rolling (healing over) with natural buoyancy.
Spacious on deck.
Living space in the saloon.
Good speed when the wind is on the side or behind the boat.
Less feedback from the helm (wheel) so can cause issues in stronger conditions.
Great for families and entertaining.
Galley area more like a kitchen.
Cabins above the water line so good air-circulation.

One hull and a keel keeping the yacht upright.
Elegant traditional design.
More choice and less expensive.
Smoother cruising in choppy conditions.
Great performance when the wind is just off the bow - sailing upwind.
Cozy saloon space down below.
Responds quickly to the wind for the ultimate sailing experience.
Navigates well through narrow channels.
Quick response to changes at the wheel when action is needed.
Easier to dock as it takes up less space.
Galley area down below for food prep.
Cabins down below.

In our view there is no clear winner on which yacht is better; it really depends on what is right for you and the type of experience you would like. Ask yourself these questions...

  • How much hard-core sailing you (and your crew) intend to do? If you want a traditional sailing experience, then consider a monohull.
  • What is your budget? If funds are a little tight, you will have more selections with a monohull.
  • How much space you need? If you would like lots of social areas then consider a catamaran.
  • Do you want to anchor in shallow bays? A catamaran can go almost right up to the beach. 

Choose to sail yourself on a bareboat charter if you have a sailing license, or charter with a skipper for a more relaxing experience. 



Published...13 Sep 2022. Author...Poseidon Charters.