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Chartering a luxury crewed catamaran in greece
Chartering a luxury crewed catamaran in greece

If it's the first time taking a sailing vacation on a luxury crewed yacht in Greece, then you can't go wrong with a spacious catamaran. 

Designed by some of the best yacht manufacturers in the world, catamarans are like floating apartments designed to compete with a 5* hotel in terms of service and interior design. There are many options available, so it's a good idea when planning your trip to speak in depth about what your group requires for their valuable vacation time.

It sounds simple, but ensuring from the outset that you have the correct double or single cabin configuration is important, does everyone want their own washroom or are children happy to share? Is the food aboard the most important element to you? Are you comfortable sailing longer passages to see off the beaten track highlights of Greece? With over 30 years' experience sailing Greece, our expert sales team will ask these sort of questions to ensure you book the best boat for you. 

The itinerary is equally important and in July 2022 we had clients from Texas, United States sail aboard this stunning Samana 59 called Allure. They boarded in Santorini after spending a few magical days exploring this highlight of Greece, they then headed back to Athens on the yacht on a one way itinerary. The charter stopped off at Milos a magical overnight on any Greek yacht charter. 

In the client's own words.. "Absolutely wonderful experience, working with Poseidon Charters. A wealth of knowledge and helpful advice; the perfect vessel for our group; responsive and thorough in replying to inquiries" You can read the review from the Gish family on google reviews at this link

A luxury catamaran charter in Greece is a vacation you will never forget. Sailing on the newest, largest and most luxurious catamarans in Greece, you'll explore the Greek islands in style. Allow the crew take care of everything while you explore the best locations in Greece and enjoy life aboard while dining on the finest foods prepared by the excellent onboard chef.



Published...20 Aug 2022. Author...Poseidon Charters.