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End of season
End of season

We can’t believe it, but the 2017 Greek sailing season and our flotilla tours of the Aegean sea are over. Capt Steven Parry took a well-earned rest from guiding the flotilla and for the first time in 25 years, he didn’t lead the flotilla in September. We would like to sincerley thank Capt. Akis Papasarandis for guiding the tours. Akis has been a Captain with Poseidon for 3 years now but this was his first month as flotilla leader and we couldn’t be more pleased. Those who have sailed with Akis will know all about his calm, capable demeanor, his kindness and with his wonderful sense of humour and he is a great addition to our Greek team.  Working with Akis this September as the crew/cook aboard Christianna has been Denise Roukas. We would also like to thank Denise who treated the cabin charter guests like they were being brought into her home. She welcomed everyone warmly and created excellent healthy Greek cuisine aboard along with iced cappuccinos as the month had spells of hot windless weather!

As September comes to an end, we would finally like to thank all our 2017 clients for booking with us. There is a lot of competition out there and we appreciate you trusting us with your valuable vacation time. In your feedback, you’ve told us you loved the longer, odyssey-like, passages between the islands in dead calm waters, as well as sailing in hard to wind tacking. You’ve delighted at afternoons spent at wonderful swim stops with evenings in fascinating harbours as well as secluded coves. You’ve dined on the finest Greek gastronomy and looked up at the stars on unforgettable beach BBQs. The warm gracious Greek hospitality we’re told repeatedly was unforgettable as was sailing beautiful Christianna Vlll – at 60ft, the largest and most luxurious yacht in her class in Greek waters.  Of course, you’ve also given us feedback where we can improve and we appreciate that too!

We look foward to 2018 where our cabin charter and flotilla program in Greece resumes on 2nd June 2018.  Prior to this, we look forward to organising your next charter in a relaxing tropical destination…French Polynesia is our hot tip for you!

Kαλό χειμώνα (Kaló cheimóna) – a phrase used a lot at the end of the season in Greece and it means, good winter.