Greece flotilla: 14-nights Greek flotilla

Flotilla FAQ's

What certificates do I need to sail a yacht if I am on a flotilla in Greece?

To charter a yacht in the Mediterranean there must be at least one certified skipper and one experienced first mate on a charter yacht. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have a sailing license or a certificate from a recognized sailing school. Find out more on the flotilla information section. 

Where do I provision my yacht when I'm flotilla sailing?

Details on provisioning will be provided with your yacht charter contract. In some cases, you will be able to provision online. If you join us flotilla sailing in Greece our programme directors will show you where to buy your provisions on each island you sail to.

I want to do some sailing on my own is that possible as part of a flotilla?

Yes. The lead yacht is there to provide as much or as little assistance as you require when you are on a flotilla sailing holiday. If you wish to solo sail for one day and meet the flotilla later you can choose to do that.

Does my crew on flotilla with me have to be with the rest of the flotilla each night?

No. Flotilla sailing is a great social activity as well as a sailing holiday so you will probably find that you enjoy meeting up with the other yachts each evening to talk about your sailing stories from the day. If you want to eat aboard your flotilla yacht with just your own crew, you can choose to do that as often as you wish.

How do I get a weather forecast when I'm flotilla sailing?

If you are flotilla sailing in Greece with us, we will check the weather dailing and inform you of the weather conditions the night before.

Will there be charts or a cruising guide to the area aboard?

There are always current charts and cruising guides provided on charter boats.

Will I receive help on navigation when I'm on a flotilla

Each morning before departure there will be a full chart brieifing with the skipper and first mate of each flotilla sailing yacht. The lead flotilla yacht will be in VHF radio contact with your yacht throughout the day if you require that assistance.

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