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Greece sailing vacations – share your stories
Greece sailing vacations – share your stories

We’re pretty excited that our sailing vacations in Greece are well underway. Over the past two-weeks, we’ve had clients boarding hi-end luxury crewed yachts, experienced sailors chartering boats from many ports in Greece. Today we have just completed our first 2-week cabin charter sailing tour with customers from Canada, the United States and Australia. 

We’d love to see your pics while you sailing the wine dark Aegean Sea…you can tag us in various ways!

  • Facebook: put the location in your pictures and include @poseidoncharters in your post.
  • Instagram: snapped your perfect sail trim…post it and use the hashtag #poseidoncharters
  • Twitter: tweet your wow moment with @poseidoncharter (no ‘s’ on this one!).

Happy sailing everyone!