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Greece yacht charter flotilla
Greece yacht charter flotilla

We no longer run our flotilla on a regular basis, but when a group of five friends wanted to sail together they formed their own flotilla and we provided the yachts, captains and hostesses for them. 

Last September a group of friends from a Massachusetts yacht club contacted us to request a flotilla in June 2024. After 30 years' experience running our flotilla in Greece we were the ideal partner to help them create this trip. Each group of friends wanted their own yacht and we were delighted to find the best yachts, skippers and hostesses for each of them, dependent on what each wanted in terms of size of boat, crew and cabins. We reserved a mix of monohulls and catamarans for the group and our close partner in Greece lead the group to co-ordinate briefings on weather and the itinerary for the day. Some of the boats reserved a hostess so who prepared breakfast and lunch each day and others sailed themselves with no professional crew. In the evenings, excellent local tavernas were reserved and they even enjoyed a wonderful beach BBQ ending with a night under the stars on anchor. 

Travelling with friends around the Greek islands is a truly memorable travel experience and we are happy to have been able to facilitate this vacation. Thank you for booking with us Duxbury gang!