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How much does it cost to rent a yacht?
How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

Sailing vacations or yacht charter holidays used to only be a thing for the rich and famous. These days, anyone can rent a yacht and experience the wonders of sailing in worldwide destinations.


Yachting is the perfect way to escape, allowing down time away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but if you’ve never done it before, then understanding how the costs work can be a little challenging. There is no simple answer as to how much it costs to rent a yacht as the world is your oyster in terms of the different types of boat.The first thing to decide is do you want to have a boat with sails or a power boat? If you want the peace and quiet of sailing, enjoying the journey as much as the destination then a sailing yacht could be for you. If you want to sail, you have the choice of either a catamaran (a yacht with two hulls) or a monohull (a yacht with one large hull). If you want to enjoy the high end luxury of a power boat and it’s about the speed of getting to the next destination then a power boat could be for you. The size of yachts and age of the yacht also affects the price of any boat. Bare in mind that you can charter a boat from as little as Euro 1,500 up to Euro 900,000 per week so the scope is very large and there is something for all budgets.


Typically, yacht charters are 7-nights but in low season, and in some destinations it may be possible to rent for 3-5 days also.


Each season has a peak and off season so before you book any flights, look at the seasonal changes of boat prices as this may help you decide when to go as it can make a big difference. You can read about the weather in each of our destinations to help you decide.


On many larger yachts, crew come as part of the costs of the boat. On smaller yachts you have the choice, or you can sail yourself if you have an approved license. Crew pricing varies from destination to destination but a good guide is approx. USD250 per day for a Captain and slightly less for a hostess or cook.


Gratuity for hired crew is not included in the charter fee. It is not mandatory but expected. The suggested amount to give depends on the type of charter.


This is one of the largest extra fees to pay in destination. On a large motor boat this can be as much as 40% of the charter fee. For sailing boats it is typically a few hundred Euros/USD.


The price of a boat does not include insurance. This can be a deductible damage waiver which is fully refundable if the boat is returned undamaged or for peace of mind a non-refundable which no matter what happens you don’t pay anything extra.


Each evening, depending on your destination you may go into a marina or stay on anchor. Mooring fees vary greatly in each destination.


At the end of the charter the base will clean the yacht ready for its next charter. The cost for this is typically paid upon arrival at the start of the charter.


You can order your provisions in advance in many destinations or purchase them upon arrival. On luxury yachts, the crew will purchase provisions and the cost of provisions is deducted out of an advance provision allowance.

Published 15 Jan 2020. Author…Poseidon Charters