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Know your olives while sailing in Greece
Know your olives while sailing in Greece

Do you lead the pack or charm with your finesse? Our handy olive guide will not only get you ready for enjoying them while sailing in Greece, you’ll also recognize yourself in them!

The Adventurers are fun-loving, pleasure seekers, optimistic by default and never despond easily. They nurture numerous ideas and look for stimulation for their bubbling nature. If you think you are the Adventurous type then you are the green Halkidiki Olive. These large, oval, pale green, slightly bitter olives are harvested while they are still young. Their size makes it easy to stuff their succulent bodies with dried tomatoes, almonds, feta, red peppers, blue cheese, or pickled garlic, among others. Similarly to your ever changing adventurous nature, these olives absorb the flavour from the food they are stuffed with and delight with a mixture of relishes!

The Caregivers are generous, enthusiastic people-lovers. They are sensitive to other’s needs and are always there to help. They nourish others’ best qualities and never skimp expressing their appreciation and encouragement. If you relate to the Caregiver’s personality, then you are the Small Creten green olive. Despite their delicate, tiny size these olives are packed with oil with some of the highest content of polyphenol out there. Its beneficial effects on the immune system are subtle care for the human heart and blood pressure while adding lavish flavour to every meal – the traits of a true caregiver!

The Individualists strive to express their uniqueness and creativity. They appreciate the beauty around them and experience deep emotional connection with the world. They are affectionate, warm, and easily bored due to their complexity. If you recognize yourself in the Individualists then you are the Nafplion Olive, the rarest olive to find outside of Greece. Hand-picked and then naturally cured, these scrumptious olives amaze with their firm and crunchy texture and nutty, smokey flavour. They are peculiar representatives of their plant family and possess that distinct, unforgettable finesse of their presence like the Individualists do!

The Achievers are those success-oriented, driven, and overall excelling in everything among us. They have charm and confidence, and for that they often serve as role-models who never settle for the average. Are you the Achiever type? Well, then you are the most famous and welcomed on every table Kalamata olive. The best known among its peers, this olive delivers it all. It brings a congruence of visual aesthetics and gastronomical character. Its shiny, silky dark-purple almond-shape body envelops a rich fruity, sour-bitterly tinted flavour. Kalamata readily heads every list of appetizers as the Achievers lead their followers!

The Idealists use their moral compass and conscience to navigate through life. They maintain high standards for themselves and for others. Their overpowering responsibility, dedication, and self-discipline make them stand out. If idealism is your power then you are the Throuba olive. These olives stay on the tree until they ripen. They are the only olive that can be eaten directly from the plant and despite the wrinkled look, their fleshy body offers a long-lasting bittersweetness. Being true to their nature, like the Idealists, Throubas are rarely used for oil-production but instead add prime quality to every meal just as Idealists are!

Published 03 Jan 2020. Author…Antoniya Nemtserova