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Meanwhile in Greece!

With everything that is happening in Greece at the minute, it is easy to forget that we have trips that are taking place. It’s easy to forget not because it’s unimportant, but more because everything is still the same and people are saiilng, shopping, and eating wonderful food in the restaurants. This trip has to be called the ‘2015 family flotilla week’ with Poseidon Charters! It was a large departure from Athens and included families from Calgary, Canada with a 12 and 8 year old; a family from Montreal with 3 kids; 8,12 and 14. A family from California with 2 teenage boys and a double family on a large catamaran from Long Island New York with relatives coming from Rome! There was also a family coming from Australia meeting relatives from Bahrain! Great fun was had by all as the boats set sail from Athens and kids hiked up to see the Classical temple of Aphaia before cooling off in Aegean sea!. Hydra offered more swimming, donkey rides and kids had fun paddling the dinghies! We were sad to lose a couple of people from our lead cabin charter yacht who decided to leave for personal and medical issues but we hope that they sail with us again in the future on a different trip. As with the democratic vote in Greece this week, the group took a vote on the choice of islands, and decided to skip Mykonos this trip and headed for the beauty of Syros on their way back to Athens. 

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