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Our top 3 sailing destinations for 2020
Our top 3 sailing destinations for 2020

It’s a tough choice as there are so many places to sail in the world, but we think you’re hard pushed to beat 3 of what we consider to be the best places on earth to sail.



Aside from the creamy feta goat cheese, Kalamata olives and sun dried tomatoes, part of the renaissance of Greek cuisine, Greece also boasts 4500 islands and 5 different cruising regions! Islands, ports, bays and anchorages are abundant and in the summer months so too are the winds. Sailing from Athens, June through September, Meltemi winds in the Cycladic islands can be challenging, but there is nothing more rewarding than arriving at a distant shore under sail! For fair weather sailors, the beauty of having numerous sailing regions is that there is always the calmer alternative of sailing the Saronic Gulf islands. Both the Cyclades and the Saronic islands are accessed from Athens marinas, and both offer the same warm Greek hospitality in port – as well as the creamy feta goat cheese, Kalamata olives and sun dried tomatoes!
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Green, white and blue is the best way to describe these forested, ancient limestone islands set in a deep cobalt sea. Yet, Croatia has so much more on offer when cruising some of the 1180 islands and coastline. Remarkable medieval cathedrals and fortifications, impromptu concerts in town squares, exquisite Mediterranean food and starkly remote anchorages. It has been described as the BVI of Europe, with islands close together making for easy passages, but Croatia is a thousand times removed when it comes to stimulating the senses! Picture Venetian cobblestone laneways full of boutiques, 5-star marinas, gourmet dining and off the beaten track roman villages lost under the Adriatic stars. So captivating a destination, it is dangerously addictive.
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Not one but five archipelagos spread over an area the size of Europe makes up French Polynesia. Four mountainous volcanic islands are covered with lush tropical rain forest, rivers and jagged peaks while 180 large atolls and hundreds of smaller atolls, the likes of Gilligan’s island, speckle a glimmering ocean. So much to see, so much to do, so much to sail. From Raiatea sailing the Society islands is a must, just as the HMS Bounty did so many years ago in Hollywood fame. The islands beckon with warm trade winds, vibrantly rich lagoons and beautiful welcoming locals. In a week see Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, and famous Bora Bora or spend ten days and soak up more of the South Pacific sun. Nowhere else on earth do sailors find peaceful open ocean crossings, incredible island topography, pink sandy beaches and such teeming colourful marine life for snorkeling and diving.
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Published 15 Jan 2020. Author…Poseidon Charters