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Sailing in French Polynesia during a world-wide pandemic
Sailing in French Polynesia during a world-wide pandemic

The face of travel has changed for us all, and while travel restrictions are now on the increase again, in July and August we did see a slight return to travel for a while.

In late July we were excited to confirm a cabin charter booking to French Polynesia. The charter was for a wonderful family, who had decided pre-Covid to have 2020 as their year of travel. Needless to say, their plans were altered immeasurably, but we are so happy that one element still continued and that was their trip to French Polynesia.  The family chartered from Raiatea on 1st August for a 7-night cabin charter sailing trip around the Society islands and they have kindly sent us their review of the trip. We would like to thank them for trusting us with their booking being one of just a few charters departing this year.

All guests aboard the yacht had to wear masks when mixing in public areas on the boat and daily sanitization of the social areas of the boat was carried out during charter.  

"By far this was the most value for money spent on any vacation. There is truly no other way to experience the French Polynesian Islands than by boat. Big cruise ships with lots of people are a thing of the past for my family. Smaller boats given a more personal experience that cannot be beat.

We are already thinking about our next sailing trip!" 

A cabin charter is a sailing vacation on a yacht you book by the cabin. You will book with people you don't know if you don't book all the cabins. Meals are included and its a great way to sail a yacht without all the overheads of booking the whole yacht yourself.  Book your cabin charter to paradise experience today!


Published...22/09/2020. Author...Poseidon Charters.