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Sailing in Greece a family trip of a lifetime
Our cabin charter sailing trips in Greece are a unique mix of adventure, sailing and the finest gastronomy and due to that, 95% of the time departures are made up of a mix of couples and groups of older friends. Every now and again though, we do get a request from families with children who want to join. As long as everyone onboard is ok with children, then we welcome these requests and seeing Greece through the eyes of children is always a magical experience not only for the parents, but everyone else onboard and the crew.Last summer we welcomed the Gallaghers onboard with us and they loved the experience so much they allowed us to ask them a few questions about their experience. If you’re thinking of sailing in Greece with younger children, remember you don’t have to sail the way the Gallaghers did. You can also charter your own boat and follow us on flotilla – we’ll also provide a skipper to help show the kids somthing about sailing. Chartering your own boat on flotilla gives you the autonomy of your own yacht, but the fun of the group when we get to the next island each day.
Choosing the perfect luxury yacht in Greece

You’ve decided you want to go on a luxury yacht in Greece to explore the mythological Greek islands, but how do you choose between a motor yacht, sailing catamaran or motor catamaran. There’s an overwhelming choice of boats, but essentially there are only three types popular today. Read More

COVID-19 and travelling to Greece in 2020
It’s been 7-weeks since the COVID-19 lockdown began here in Canada. It’s fair to say, it has been a challenging time for travellers, Poseidon Charters, our partners, operators and everyone connected to travel. Read More
Travel update Coronavirus
We write to reassure guests that we are monitoring the spread of Coronavirus Covid19 closely and will do our best to answer any of your concerns pre-travel.Read More
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