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Sailing in Greece beach BBQ

The adventure started this week with 5 yachts and guests coming from California, Australia, Canada and UK. There was lead yacht Christianna with her crew from Windsor Ontario, the second lead yacht Poseidon with folks from UK, Chicago and California. Joining the flotilla we had 3 yachts,  with crews from Queensland Australia, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The flotilla motor sailed through Aegina, Poros and Hydra with very hot and still weather, finally finding some relief from the heat swimming at Kythnos. Arriving at the sand bar we enjoyed a huge BBQ for 24 people. On the menu was grilled lamb, chicken, juicy Hydra sausage and kalamari stuffed with tomatoes and feta cheese. A wonderful time was had by all ashore while the food was expertly grilled by Capt. Satefanos and Capt. Steve. Once the meal was eaten ‘buffet style’ aboard the rafted yachts, 2 bonfires and 20 tea lights lit up the beach from one end to the other. A few late night guests made it to the hot tub for some milky-way gazing and an after dinner nite-cap! Another unforgettable night experienced under the Aegean stars!!

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