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Sailing in Greece…let the season begin

Finally, the 2017 season is underway, as we left Athens yesterday on a windless passage to Poros. Our first day included a lunch stop for a hike to the temple of Aphaia in Aegina. Later in the day we arrived for an overnight in the Poros channel where we enjoyed a delicious dinner of fresh fish and lamb kleftiko at Garden Taverna. Looking stunning as always, Christianna VIII has welcomed aboard cabin charter guests from Canada and the States.  Following on flotilla with us are two monohulls and a 44ft catamaran, again with guests from the States and Canada. As the sun sets behind the hills, we’re now camped out in Hydra for the night after a few guests took a hike up to the spectacular monastery. Our Floridian crew aboard the catamaran Georgina, are proving they can take good care of themselves after docking the yacht perfectly in Hydra…not the easiest port on our itinerary! 

let the season begin

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