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Sailing in Greece…week 2

As the two-week flotilla circuit makes its way back to Athens, the 3-yacht flotilla group took a democratic Greek vote on Syros vs Mykonos and after visiting ancient Delos to see the sites they decided on a calm sea to Syros. Guests were greeted by port master Thanasis with his matching red port shirt and shoes, big smile and sky blue eyes! Syros offers yachtsmen electricity, water and wonderful showers. The island has a rejuvenated waterfront and now has a fabulous modern boardwalk and port facilities. Back on lead flotilla yacht Christianna, our two Lion King guests celebrated an anniversary over a delicious stir fry lunch served by the crew on a beautiful ceramic platter. The surprise for them at the end of the meal was to turn the empty platter over. They were very touched to see that guests and crew had signed the back for the couple to take home as a memento of cherished memories of their Greek Island sailing tour and their new-found friends. 

See the pics so far this season. Remember you can now follow us on instagram and share your best sailing pics at #poseidoncharters.

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