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Sailing in Greece: Welcome to Yiannis 65, a wreck dive and pancake bay

After 23 years sailing in Greece we’ve always said that no two trips are the same and it certainly proved that way for this trip. September proved popular for us, so we added a second cabin charter yacht to join Margarita, namely Yiannis 65 a beautiful Hanse 54. Heavy winds on day two changed our Hydra course and took both Margarita and Yiannis 65 to delightful Ermioni and as the winds continued we also had to extend our stay in Adamas port on the island of Milos. Having that extra time in Milos gave us a free day to explore more at Sarakiniko where some of the crew swam to a wreck in the next bay…an absolute highlight of the trip and a first for Poseidon. On our way to Ios we stopped at a stunning bay, where just under the waterline, pure white, perfectly smooth boulders of all sizes could be found. Years of waves crashing into this bay had caused the rocks to roll over each other making them perfectly smooth and ideal for gifts back home! Both yachts stopped in the bay and Margarita’s crew welcomed everyone aboard for a cappuccino and pancakes! We said goodbye to the Yiannis crew in Ios and Margarita continued on her last trip back to Athens with two new crew, Gavin and Laura from Canada, joining us for a leg of their European honeymoon. Taking in Skinoussa, Paros, Mykonos, Delos and Kea we ended our season in Skippers Bar on a high with a ‘special crew award’ being given to Darlene for great services to Margarita’s galley – thanks again Darlene!

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