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The view on a catamaran charter in greece
The view on a catamaran charter in greece

It's a tough decision where to look when the view from your catamaran is as good inside as out! 

We've been in the Greek yacht charter industry for over 30 years and in that time have seen a lot of companies and yachts come and go. When we first started as a charter company back in the early 1990's, it was all about monohull yachts and how fast the boat could go under sail! In in the last 10 years we've seen catamarans flood the market and in 2023, 85% of our bookings are aboard catamarans - the question is why the change? 

In short, we think the market has changed. 20 years ago, the only people who took a yacht charter holiday were sailors wanting to charter in a destination they had not sailed before or the very rich who could afford a luxury yacht. As more people became interested in taking a yachting vacation, there was a gap in the market for non-sailors who wanted a boat that was created to have fun aboard, a boat that offered spacious social areas, large sunbathing spots and room for crew to cater to meals and the sailing. 

Getting a group together for a sailing holiday could not be easier these days as there are so many boats to choose from to enjoy a catamaran charter in Greece. There is something for all budgets whether it be a 50ft catamaran with just a skipper added or a stunning Alegria 67 like S/Y Alexandra that is a fully crewed yacht with jacuzzi on deck and three full-time crew. 

View 50ft skippered catamaran

View S/Y Alexandra 67ft full crewed catamaran

Want to know what the view is like from a catamaran charter in Greece... sit back and take in the view aboard S/Y Alexandra II.