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Tie the knot this Valentine’s Day
Tie the knot this Valentine’s Day

We’ve all heard the phrase tie the knot when speaking about marriage, but the origins of this phrase date back to Celtic times.

The phrase ‘tie the knot’ comes from an ancient Celtic wedding tradition – the handfasting ceremony. The tradition dates back to the medieval era and is part of the matrimonial service of tying knots of cloth around the couple’s hands. The knot symbolizes, as the name suggests, true love and it’s a decorative knot made out of two intertwined overhand knots. It’s more of a pretty knot than a useful one so its not so good for sailors as it jams under pressure and can also become slack when left but we like. Why not have a go with our how to tie a love knot.


Create an overhand knot in line A. Tuck the working end of the Line B through the centre of line A’s knot. Create a crossing turn in Line B by placing its working end over its standing end.



Tuck Line B’s working end through its crossing turn back to front, making a second overhand knot.



Dress the knot by pulling the ends in opposite directions

You can find more knot tips at our youtube channel.

Published 13 Feb 2020. Author…Poseidon Charters