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Top 3 beach stops when sailing the British Virgin Islands
Top 3 beach stops when sailing the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are a splendid handful of hilly islands, surrounded by coral reef lagoons and landlocked harbours.

If you plan on sailing the British Virgin Islands, you’ve chosen a marvelous destination! The laid-back atmosphere of BVI which has preserved its authentic Caribbean lifestyle, works like a magnet for anyone seeking utter relaxation! There is nothing more fulfilling than giving yourself a tranquil day on a sun-kissed sandy beach against the placid waters with the people you cherish the most. With so many beaches to choose from, here’s our top 3 beaches to visit while sailing the British Virgin Islands.


This secluded beach should be a mandatory stop! It’s ranked as one of the world’s best beaches with its miles of unspoiled sands and smooth waters! Loblolly is located on the North West coast of Anegada and offers over nine miles of uncrowded soft sand stretch, brimmed by tropical shrubbery and seagrapes. The turquoise lagoon provides an excellent opportunity for snorkeling and swimming, although the shallow waters are a lovely spot for simply lounging and having fun. The access to the beach is provided by the few public roads on the island, and the safest way to find it is by following the signs to the Big Bamboo Bar which is located right on the beach. This is the only bar on the entire stretch which helps to keep the crowds away and the atmosphere quiet and restful.


Another hidden gem of the British Virgin Islands, Smuggler’s Cove is a marvellous, uninhabited beach that provides the simplest enjoyment and the purest experience like laying on the pearly sands and swimming in the mellow waters while having not much but the ocean horizon to savour. Smuggler’s Cove is free and daily accessible by unpaved but passable road, located at the western-most end of Tortola. The beach offers incredible snorkeling experience made more adventurous by the wealth of colourful fish inhabiting the waters and the sea turtle sightings. There is only one operating bar/snack shack on the beach, Nigel’s which is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Similarly, to Loblolly Bay Beach, Smuggler’s Cove is a serene place to indulge in self-reflection and ultimate reprieve when sailing the British Virgin Islands on a cabin charter or skippered yacht charter.


Unlike the aforementioned beaches, White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is a beach buzzing with activity, with the softest sand, and the gleaming aquamarine waters. It must be on your itinerary when sailing the British Virgin Islands. The delightful view of sloppy hills and cheerful groups of people add to the poetic atmosphere of this place. The beach is located at Great Harbour and the island’s bars such as the world famous Soggy Dollar bar, guarantee a party vibe throughout the day and night providing entertainment to party-seekers of all ages. Although the majority of visitors come by yacht charter boat, it is possible to reach the beach by a series of taxis from the ferry port. White Bay beach is a place to relax by the day and enjoy a buoyant crowd in the nights thus touching the best of both worlds and achieving complete satisfaction!

Published 05 Mar 2020. Author…Antoniya Nemtserova