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Top 3 Croatian anchorages
Top 3 Croatian anchorages

You’ve arrived in Croatia, settled in on the yacht but which Croatian anchorages will give you the best dinner spot or night under the stars? Our Top 3 Croatian anchorages might help you decide.



Topping the list of wonderful Croatian anchorages to spend a night in the Adriatic is the old Roman spring cove of Vrulje. This tiny community reminiscing of an even smaller Popeye village, is a rustic seasonal community made up of 3 restaurants, a shop and some attached summer houses nestled around a cove where there has been a flow of fresh water coming up through the ground waters for centuries. In ancient times this flow of water was a life sustaining resource now it is pleasantly refreshing as the cool fresh water flows on top of the warmer salt water as it exits the cove making for a cool swim in hot summer months. Konoba Robinson restaurant provides docking on a series of mooring balls out in the small bay and offers room for 3-4 yachts on their concrete jetty. Konoba Ante has a similar jetty. Once docked, this special place offers swimming, snorkeling and the tiny fishing community to explore. The real highlight is bringing a bottle of wine up the nearby hill for sunset. The divine view of all 118 Kornati islands, dotting the shimmering sea, gave the Dalmatian dog it’s name! At dusk generators kick on and this tiny, enchanting village springs to life. The smell of hickory barbeque pits heating up permeates the night air and visitors to this secret Kornati haven are greeted as old friends to a range of delicious seafood including Tuna steaks and Sea Bream as well as fine fillet Mignon steaks brought on the provision ship. A starry night at Vrulje Bay is something a sailor will never forget and will only long to return to with friends!


Entering the delta of the Krka river and taking pictures of the astonishing St.Nicholas fort, built right in the river, is only the beginning of a wondrous day venturing up the Krka river. Who could imagine leaving the salty Adriatic sea in the morning and winding your way up to what appears to be the Colorado river into lakes, then snaking through forested canyons all the way to the charming town of Skradin. The choice is to drop anchor into the muddy bottom or dock at the ACI marina. Our preference is to enjoy a fresh water swim in the river and relish in the peace of being on anchor. The only visitors are the glutinous signets and parental swans that encircle the boat demanding crackers, corn flakes or bread! Ashore the little town of Skradin has everything a yachtsman needs; a super market, numerous restaurants, a few café bars, a bank, pharmacy, hotel, historic sites and more. The best local restaurant is Bonaca Konoba, which is featured in the Moore Guide to Adriatic Cuisine and offers a great selection local grilled meats and huge range of seafood including the delicious Krka river eel BBQ’d to perfection on a kebab skewer! Skradin is a little heaven on earth, but the highlight is visiting the Krka Falls the next day. A short National Park boat ride brings you to a spectacular series of rivers and streams that converge to form Krka falls -a mini Niagara! A divine hike winds through forested trails, meanders over wooden docks past old mills and streams full of fingerlings, only to end back at the falls for a swim and a cool drink in the beer gardens! Another magical day at a top Croatian anchorage!


Forgotten in time and seldom visited by summer charterers, enchanting Lastovo island is a perfect place to unwind and revitalize on a sailing holiday. The tiny entrance of Zaklopatica is easy to miss as it is only about 10 metres across, but once inside there is no wave or wind and sailors are beckoned by calls from numerous Konoba restaurants to tie up – the best of which is Konoba Agusta Insula at the far end. Lazy lines are provided and require some getting used to, as you back in without anchor and need to rush the mooring line, given from shore, up to support your bow. Once secured to the rustic wooden dock, this Konoba offers modern showers, wifi, great swimming and snorkelling right around the dock -in what is a protected marine park. There is also a very lovely gazebo sitting area with comfortable whicker armchairs, coffee tables and sofas for lounging with a panoramic view of the pristine cove. Under the dock is a seafood live-well, full of Spiny and Rock Lobster, Red Snapper and Sea Bream. The idea is to choose your dinner in the late afternoon then let the chef do his magic. The fish are gutted on the dock while snow-white herring gulls bob around awaiting a snack. Once the hickory charcoal is fanned and popping, fish and lobster are grilled to perfection for an unforgettable meal paired with local Dalmatian Pinot Grigio. Octopus salad is another unique Adriatic offering along with a choice of meat dishes from Lastovo and the mainland. After dinner count the stars back at the gazebo while enjoying a cocktail. This magical night is followed by a good night’s rest and a morning hike to the seemingly forgotten greystone village of Zaklopatica. An energizing twenty-minute hike allows for a cappuccino overlooking a tiny hidden valley and the timeless town. Secret Lastovo is a gem and is well worth heading off the beaten track to experience a top Croatian anchorage.

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Published 03 Feb 2020. Author…Poseidon Charters