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Top 3 romantic Polynesian dreams
Top 3 romantic Polynesian dreams

French Polynesia is visited by fewer tourists in a year than Hawaii in a single day. This fact alone assures you an intimate experience. After a Tahitian sailing vacation, stay a few extra days at one of the 118 islands and be sure not to miss our Top 3 recommendations.


About a thirty-minute flight separates Tahiti from a quietly nested piece of land called Huahine or “The Garden isle” known for its luscious foliage and its fertile soil. It may be just 30 minutes by air but a person is transported to a world devoid of the modern life hustle. The island stays a step away from the globalized world offering an unspoiled way of existence to its visitors. The handful of land is surrounded by a brilliant-blue lagoon and its white-sand beaches with their untainted and unobtrusive setting invite couples to enjoy a truly romantic escape. There are only eight traditional villages spread out across the lush island greenery which maintain old but unforced simplicity. The island is a home to the oldest marae sites (traditional temples) in French Polynesia. There are only a few conventional hotels, but you can pitch a tent at Huahine campground, rent a room from the friendly locals or stay at Relais Mahana. Huahine is a magical place where lovebirds can immerse in their love stories utterly uninterrupted by unwelcome clamour!


Next stop on your romantic Tahitian sailing vacation should be Raiatea or the “Faraway Heaven ” along with its sister island Taha which share the serene waters of the same lagoon, surrounded by a continuous coral reef. Raiatea keeps alive the sacred spirit of ancient gods through its many archeological sites like marae Taputapuatea where tourists can touch the surviving tangible rudiments of an olden spiritual reality. Raiatea gives the amazing opportunity for change of scenery switching the deep blue of the big water with the lavish flora of its hiking trails. The island is an explosion of natural beauty offering mountain peaks soaring to the spectacular height of 1,017m (3,337 ft.) at Mount Tefatoaiti, the relaxing plateau of Mount Temehani where visitors can witness the delicate grace of the tiare apetahi flower which is so rare that grows nowhere else in the world, and the breathtaking views to rivers carving their way through the isle. Raiatea makes an incredible addition to any romantic getaway with its natural world and our recommendation for accommodation is the Hotel Raiatea Lodge.


What is a retreat to French Polynesia without visiting the idyllic Bora Bora island which in Tahitian is pronounced pora-pora? One of the most glorified of all, Bora Bora offers the ultimate honeymoon destination or simply an escape for people in love. Visitors can find a plethora of luxurious resorts such as Le Meridien where they may taste the tropical paradise with view to intense blue waters and dreamy puffs of clouds elegantly accommodated in water bungalows. The time stops when you stay in Bora Bora because time is not of the essence there. It’s a place of utter relaxation and self-indulgence. Activities which add to the extraordinary experience are hiking to Mount Pahia, scuba diving, visiting Marotetini royal Marae, and of course, delicious food at world famous Bloody Mary’s. Bora Bora is a place of youthfulness waiting for the next love story to instill its scent into the lagoon!

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Published 12 Feb 2020. Author…Antoniya Nemtserova