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Our Top 5 Greek Islands
Our Top 5 Greek Islands

We never tire of our favourite destination of Greece and after sailing the islands for over 25 years we certainly have our favourite ports of call to share with you!

If you’ve dreamt of an enchanting experience of a slow lifestyle amid a symphony of white, red hues and golden yellows, this is the place for you. On the island famous for many donkeys and no cars, you can master your people-watching skills to perfection all undisturbed drinking a cocktail of choice at a sunny cafe. Wander through a network of narrow lanes and trails that lead to numerous pebble beaches; galleries, shops and ancient monasteries. The unadulterated serenity of life on this island is its most precious commodity and it is generously offered to you with love should you venture there.

The island of Aphrodite offers a plethora of marvellous experiences both for body and soul. Spend a day at the beaches of Milos and their turquoise waters, golden sands, and delicate pebbles would instantaneously quench anyone’s longing for long overdue peacefulness. Visit the rainbow-coloured village of Klima or the Sarakiniko volcanic site and you will find yourself time-traveling to times of prophets, pirates, and goddesses walking these lands. Watch a sunset from the Village of Appolonia to realise you’ve never truly seen a sunset. Taste the rich local cuisine and experience a burst of gustatory discoveries. Just visit Milos.

Known as the legendary home of Homer, Ios is entwined in history and mythology which feed imaginations of tourists and locals alike. Ios offers an abundance of activities for all ages and likings. To the young(-at-heart) party-seekers the island delivers an explosive nightlife. To the passionate nature lovers Ios offers many outdoor thrills like diving and windsurfing, hiking or paddle-boating. For the leisure lovers simply enjoying the sun on any of the 30 stunning beaches, swizzle in hand is the ultimate relaxation trick. This tiny body of land, with its 42 sq. miles of concentrated beauty, guarantees a 24/7 entertainment for everyone!

Imagine a world stripped of all the clutter of modern life; a world whitewashed with horse-hair brush, and otherwise left untouched. Well, this place exists. It is called Schinoussa and it welcomes you with its simplicity and modesty. On barely 3 sq. miles of soil, this miniature dreamland has packed fifteen spectacular beaches to choose from. Stop at Schinoussa, spend a day on the beach, and experience the unworldly feeling of coalescence with nature! Then follow the savoury smell of cooked fava beans, on a dirt road to the Chora and indulge in a fantastic dinner created by a renowned Athens trained chef. Taste the purifying power of Schinoussa!

One of the most cosmopolitan and architecturally distinct islands, Syros is known as the Queen of Cyclades. It is a lively, multifaceted place. Its capital Hermoupolis (“City of Hermes”) is one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean, greeting visitors by its fascinating building style. The island exudes mixture of ancient and 19th century culture felt through the island’s museums and archeological sites. Apollo Theatre considered the island’s emblem is a magnificent piece of cultural heritage which hosts performances year-round. Visit Syros and explore a land of living history!

Published 03 Dec 2019. Author…Antoniya Nemtserova