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US Virgin Islands Yacht Show
US Virgin Islands Yacht Show

Summer may be over in the Med for 2022, but in the Virgin Islands it's summer all year round especially at the US Virgin Islands Yacht Show!

We're proud to announce we have just been accepted to join the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association. This means we now have a whole new group of yachts we'd love to share with you down in the US and British Virgin Islands. 

From Saturday 12th November to Tuesday 15th November, we'll be attending the US Virgin Islands Yacht Show, touring the best yachts available for fully crewed charters in the islands as well as meeting the crew of each boat. Day one and we've already met a group of wonderful, professional crew and many stunning yachts. 

If 2023 is the year you want to have your first tropical charter, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Email us to find out more.