Fully Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters

A crewed yacht is a private vessel with crew that live aboard. Crewed yachts offer the highest level of luxury and standards of service with attention to the smallest details. 

The number of crew depends on the size of the yacht and will in many cases include a trained chef. We speciliase in Greece, but the larger boats can travel to most European ports. Crewed yachts are ideal for

  • distinguished travellers who wish to travel aboard luxury yachts with the ability to go anywhere
  • two people for an unforgettable honeymoon
  • small groups of people for corporate events
  • families for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries

Types of yacht

Private luxury crewed yachts come in all shapes and sizes and the sky is the limit in terms of budget. The key question to ask yourself is what type of experience do you want? Do you want a slower relaxing sail but in style experience or a powerful luxurious motor at speed experience?  Once you have the answer to that then it narrows down the selection. 






Sailing yachts can be monohull or catamaran yachts. Size: 50-175ft.   Classic motor sailing vessels are traditional style boats. Size: 60-147ft.   Motor yachts offer the highest level of service and high cruising speeds.  Size: 50-150ft 

Private luxury yacht charter costs explained

It can be confusing the first time you charter a luxury private crewed yacht as there are lots of terms and costs associated with hiring your own boat. A private yacht will have the basic charter rate fee but there are additional mandatory costs payable prior to boarding and throughout the trip. 

Advanced provisioning allowance (APA)

Pricing for a private crewed yacht is for the vessel with the services of the crew. In addition to the yacht fee there is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance referred to as the APA amount. This additional amount can be anything between 20-30% of the charter fee and is paid in advance with the charter fee.  The APA covers the extras for the running costs of the charter such as fuel and food etc.  If you are chartering a vessel that will use a lot of fuel, such as a power vessel with large engines, then expect your APA amount to be considerable and not less than an additional 30% of the charter fee. The APA will also cover costs of food and drink, mooring fees, water and electricity while onboard. The crew are accountable by receipt for all APA spend. All APA spend will be reconciled at the end of the trip and unused monies will be refunded or additional funds can be requsted if funds are used up while on charter. 

Most costs of a charter will be covered by the APA but the following are not:

  • any meals taken off the yacht
  • gratuity if no APA funds left remaining
  • hotels pre and post charter
  • flights

Value Added Tax (VAT)

This is a European tax and is currently set at 12% of the charter fee. VAT is paid in advance with the charter fee.

One-way fee

In some instances, you may choose to board your private yacht in one location and then end in another so you can see more. If the yacht is required to return to its original base ie if there is not another charter leaving from your end base then a one-way fee will be charged. The one-way fee will cover the cost of the fuel and crew to return the yacht to its original port. 


The service provided by crew aboard a luxury private yacht is similar to that of a 5* hotel. Offering a gratuity is not mandatory but it is typically expected. An amount for guidance is 10% of the charter rate, so if your charter rate (excluding APA, VAT and one-way fees) is Euro 20,000 then the gratuity offered would be Euro 2,000. This is typically given to the Captain and to be shared among the crew. In the case that a large amount of APA funds are left after all costs have been deducted, then gratuity can be taken out of the APA.

Pricing and invoicing

Yacht fleet prices are shown in the currency of the charter destination. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. A booking is not confirmed until a deposit payment is received and at that time no further discounts will be offered.

As a North American company we convert to either USD or CAD for invoicing. Euro invoicing is available for European customers only. All website exchange rates are advisory and are intended to provide general currency rate. At time of invoicing latest exchange will be used.

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